Does Missguided Take After-Pay? -Know More About It

Before we talk about the payment methods of Missguided LLC, we will first discuss the company’s role. It is a private trading retail company of clothing, working in the United Kingdom. It was founded by Nitin Passi, a British businessman with a net worth of £250 million. The headquarters of this organization is in Trafford Park, United Kingdom. At first, they are retailers of women’s wear, especially women whose age ranges from 16 to 35. But in the year 2017, the company launched its very first menswear brand, named Mennace. The company manufactures various clothing accessories including women’s bridal wear and bridesmaid dresses, a denim collection, men’s wear, nightwear dresses, and also a premium collection named Peace and Love. Let us know about “Does Missguided Take After-Pay?”

Does Missguided Take After-Pay?

As we have already discussed the company’s whereabouts, now we will move toward their After-Pay payment methods whether they accept After-Pay payment services or not. So, After-Pay is a buy now, pay later service that is used for transferring payments in weekly installments. The key benefit of this buy now and pay later service is that you don’t have to pay any interest even if you are paying after weeks. This service has been working under the bane of the company After-pay Limited, whose headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia. Currently, After Pay is not working all over the world but only in several countries.  

Now, the question is does Missguided LLC accept After-pay as one of the payment transfer methods? The replication to this query is yes because this company does take After-pay as one of the modes of payment transfer. 

Does Missguided LLC Take After-pay?

So, we have known that Missguided LLC does accept After-pay as one of its payment transfer modes. But we have to figure out how After-Pay works in this particular company. After-Pay has its policy, and many brands use their standard policy for their company, but several brands have modified the policy according to their rules and regulations. But Missguided LLC is using the After-Pay standard policy for their company. According to the policy, one has to give 25% of the actual payment to the company at the time of purchase. And the rest of the money will be delivered to the company in weekly installments.

How To Order With After-Pay From Missguided LLC :

Nowadays, all the fashion brand owners have made everything easier for all their customers. And in this comfort zone, for every single person who is short of money and needs to buy something, the After-Pay payment transfer method is the most beneficial for all shoppers. Missguided LLC has also provided this particular service to its customers. You can use the After-Pay payment method online, as well as in the retail stores of Missguided LLC. So, let’s see how to use this service in the retail stores of Missguided LLC.

Use Of After-Pay In Missguided LLC Retail Store:

If you’re strapped for money, and you want to buy something from the retail store of Missguided LLC, then you need not worry because you can purchase your item from the company by using an After-Pay card. Let’s go through the procedure through which you can use your After-Pay card while shopping from the retail store of Missguided LLC.

  • To begin with the process, you must have installed an After-Pay application on your phone or iPhone whatever you have. After this, you have to attach the After-Pay card with Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, or whatever means of payment you have on your phone. 
  • Then, you need to shop naturally at the departmental stores of Missguided LLC. After you are done with the shopping, you need to tell your accountant that you have to pay with the After-Pay services.
  • He/she will help you with the payment process by giving you the barcode scanner where you have to pay with your After-Pay application by tapping on the button “Card”.
  • At that time, you need to pay your very installment by giving 25% of the actual amount to the accountant. 
  • The rest of the balance will be due to you and you must pay your remaining balance in the next three installments that will come after every two weeks. 
  • If in any case, you are not able to send your installments, then you need to pay the late fee to the company. Remember that the company is interest-free, and you are paying the late fee to the company, not any interest charges.

Use Of After-Pay In Missguided LLC Online Store:

We are living in a time when you can purchase everything from the comfort of your home. And you can also use After-Pay services from the ease of your home. You can purchase anything online from Missguided LLC by using the below-given process:

  • To begin the process, firstly you have to go to their official website or application and shop naturally as you always do.
  • Secondly, at the time of checkout, you must consider After-Pay as your payment option. When you choose, you will get only 25% of the amount to pay as the first installment. 
  • Then, you will get your shipped item at your doorsteps by only paying 25% of the actual amount. But the remaining amount is due to you. And you have to pay that amount in the next three installments.


We concluded that Missguided LLC does accept After-Pay. Anyone who wants to purchase something from Missguided LLC, and is short of money, then they can use After-Pay as a payment transfer service either from the retail stores or online. You can purchase anything by giving 25% of the actual amount to the company.

Does Missguided Take After-Pay? -Know More About It

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