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Fans and lovers of Baseball would always want to get the kit of their favourite clubs and a baseball hat is part of the kit. Some buy the hats without checking them up at the store but go home and find them quite bigger or smaller. In this article, you will be told how to avoid this kind of situation so that you do not end up spending money anyhow. Let us know about “Do Baseball Hats Come In Sizes?”

Do Baseball Hats Come In Sizes?

Do baseball hats come in sizes? Yes, all baseball hats come in different sizes to fit every person who’s going to buy them. People are of different sizes whether slim, fat or medium, so it wouldn’t make sense if there’s only one size of hat available to be worn.

Different Baseball Hat Sizes

There are three different categories of Baseball Hat Sizes and they are given below.

  1. Adjustable Cap Size: In this field, there are small or medium sizes that range from 6 ½ – 7 ¼. There are also large or extra-large sizes that range from 7-8. These are the sizes you can find under the adjustable cap sizes.
  2. Pro Stretch Cap Size: In this category, there are small sizes that range from 6 ½ – 6 ¾, also medium sizes that range from 6 ⅞ – 7 ⅛. There are also large sizes ranging from 7 ¼ – 7 ½, then extra large sizes ranging from 7 ⅝ – 7 ⅞. These are the sizes you can find under the pro stretch cap sizes.
  3. Fitted Cap Size: this involves inches sizes. The sizes you can find in this category are; 20 ⅞, 6 ⅝, 21 ¼”, 6 ¾, 21 ⅝”, 6 ⅞, 22”, 7, 22 ⅔”, 7 ⅛, 22 ¾”, 7 ¼, 23 ⅛”, 7 ⅜, 23 ½”, 7 ½, 23 ⅞”, 7 ⅝, 24 ¼”, 7 ¾, 24 ⅝”, 7 ⅞, 25, and 8. These are the sizes you can find under the fitted cap sizes.

How To Measure Baseball Hat Sizes Properly?

First of all, you need to know what a proper fit is. A proper fit means a very comfortable suited size to the person wearing the hat. It is very crucial that the hat you are wearing gives you a high fashion presence and also protects you during a very sunny day.  You will want a hat that suits you very well and does not get blown away by the wind. However, if your hat seems to be too suited or tight, then it will prove to be uncomfortable for you and if the hat is very loose, it may get blown away or not protect very well under a scorchy sun.

Now, you can measure hat sizes in some ways. 

The simplest way to measure your head when getting a hat is by holding a piece of string and measuring around your head where the cap will balance. Normally, it implies that you would hold the string for about ⅛ inch up above your forehead and ears. Be sure that you do not pull the string very tight or hold it very loose manner because if you do, you will not create the perfect fit. Afterwards, hold your fingers at the meeting point on your head, and drop the string very close to a tape measure. So if the result shows that your measurement is between sizes, then you can go ahead and choose the next largest of sizes.

Where Can I Buy Baseball Hats?

Places, where you can buy Baseball hats, are given below. You can get Baseball hats from: 

  • the official Major League Baseball Shop (MLB Shop) online and offline 
  • Amazon 
  • Dick’s 
  • Walmart 
  • Konga 
  • League-Legacy 
  • ride509 
  • Jumia 
  • Target 
  • Hats Store World 
  • Inklar, and other online operating stores. 

You can find one close to you and buy a hat also. Most Baseball hat sellers operate a delivery bases system. So you will just order and your package will be brought to your doorstep.


To conclude, be careful not to buy hats that do not fit you perfectly as you now know there are many sizes. If you have to take a measurement, take one, for it so better to do that initially than spend or wasting money buying hats that are not your size. Places, where you can get your Baseball that, have been identified in this article and there is a host of other online operating stores that sell Baseball hats. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1 . How much do baseball hats cost?

The price of a Baseball hat should be around $20. It all depends on the type and design of the hat. A very simple baseball hat should cost a maximum of $5 but may cost about $30-40 for hats with designs.

2 . Should I size my baseball hat down or up?

Do not size down because it can result in a very tight and uncomfortable hat, make sure you size up because your hat can always be sized back down with Hat Tape for sizing.

Do Baseball Hats Come In Sizes? -Know More

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