What Happens If You Cash A Fake Check At Walmart Beware?

Walmart is one of the world’s largest multinational corporations in America. Walmart is running its retail stores all over America very successfully. Walmart’s customers are increasing daily; it receives payment from the customers through their debit and credit cards, and they can also pay through checks and money orders. Let us know “What Happens If You Cash A Fake Check At Walmart Beware?”

What Happens If You Cash A Fake Check At Walmart Beware?

What Happens If You Cash A Fake Check At Walmart Beware?

No, it is impossible to cash a fake check at Walmart. Walmart has a highly trained cashier staff and electronic systems that easily trace a phoney check. Its holders have to face serious consequences.

Let’s dive into details on how Walmart reduces the chances of fraudulent payments and what happens to customers who use fake checks for payment.

Making Payments Through Fake Checks:

The customer needs to understand why it is impossible to cash a fake check at Walmart for two major reasons:

1. Walmart’s stores have electronic machines that efficiently check the reliability of money checks which makes a 0% chance of cashing the fake check. 

2. For payment through a money check every Walmart uses a facial recognition ID to scan the authenticity. Walmart’s security systems can easily recognize any fake document. 

Let’s understand what a fake check is:

A Fake Check:

A fake check is a copy of a real one. Each money check contains a unique number that shows its authenticity but a fake money check do not conatin that unique number. Fake money checks are usually attached to accounts that are not fraudulent.

These checks are of two types:

  1. Fake business checks:

They are professional-looking checks used for payments.

  1. Fake cashier’s checks:

They are badly crafted and are easily detectable.

How Walmart Detects Fake Checks?

Walmart has highly trained cashiers, they have been well-trained for such types of scenarios to reduce the risk of fraudulent payments. They use two methods to detect such fake checks:

  1. Walmart only cashes those checks that have the personal name of the holder. To make sure they check valid forms of photo ID such as a passport or driving license of the check holders. They also look for the following details:
  • Origin of the check
  • Amounts of check
  • Safety Features
  • Bank Phone Number
  1. Walmart uses electronic systems of Tele Check and Certegy to detect fake checks. In many instances, these systems detects fake check on the spot.

What Consequences Will Occur If You Cash A Fake Check?

If someone uses a fake check for the payment and is caught red-handed, he has to pay the whole amount from his pocket. If someone is caught by the Walmart staff doing such an act he has been informed that he will pay the amount. He can be be arrested by the police as well.

Whether someone doing this act of cashing a fake check intentionally or not he will have to go to jail.

Cashing Of A Fake Check Mistakenly:

If someone mistakenly or unfortunately cashes a fake check he has to pay back the full amount with an additional fee if he is requested for an overdraft.

Beware next time, as it may put him into jail and he may be lost his credit score.

A scenario On What Happens If You Cash A Fake Check At Walmart Beware?

Walmart has a team of qualified and trained cashiers to handle such a situation. Walmart’s staff will check it according to the following steps:

1. If a cashier received the type of check he will thoroughly go from it and examine it carefully.

2. If the cashier feels something is wrong with the check they inform their management, even if it turns out nothing.

3. If the ID of the fake check holder does not matches he will be caught instantly.

4. If he successfully goes through the ID check, the cashier will verify the account number.

5. If they feel something is suspicious, they call the management and AP. (Asset Protection Officers)

6. If the check bounce because of no money in the account of the check holder will be caught and handed over to AP and then to Police.


Walmart is the name of a well-organized and efficient corporation. Walmart works so efficiently that it is impossible to do fraudulent activity with the corporation. If someone is caught with a fake check he will have to face the penalties and pay the full amount. Beware before doing any such type of activity with Walmart.

Frequently Ask Questions
  1. What is the limit of the check amount for Walmart cash?

Walmart had a limit of $5000, but from January to April it has increased the limit by $7500.

  1. What can a customer use at Walmart for verification of ID?

A customer can use the following things for verification including driver’s license, Military ID, Tribal ID, State ID, and US passport.

What Happens If You Cash A Fake Check At Walmart Beware?

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