Restoration Hardware Outdoor Furniture Warranty

Are you one of those people who want to make their outdoor space functional and more comfortable? If yes, then you’ve landed in the right place. Investing in outdoor furniture never disappoints anyone. Who doesn’t want a space for themselves mainly restricted to gardening or even reading a book while enjoying a sunset on your favorite couch?  Let us know about “Restoration Hardware Outdoor Furniture Warranty”

Restoration Hardware Outdoor Furniture Warranty

Restoration Hardware Outdoor Furniture Warranty

Summer is the season for catching up on friends over a glass of your favorite juice. To make such events more memorable, you surely need good furniture to make every memory of yours worthwhile. Restoration Hardware is a furniture brand found in the states and Canada. 

The luxury furniture providers not only provide their customers with outdoor furniture items, but also textiles, decor, outdoor furniture, and furniture for people of different age groups. 

Few Outdoor furnitures from Restoration Hardware

Here are a few of the outdoor furniture items from Restoration Hardware shop that are worth mentioning along with their warranties: 

1. Coffee Table 

A french contemporary coffee table is made of lighter wood to withstand harsh weather conditions. The coffee table is suitable for the larger outdoor area space as its size is not that of the regular coffee table. The double layer of the table makes it easy to store stuff in the second layer like your shes or even magazines. Its durability also makes it worth buying. 


These table tops have a limited lifetime warranty. If the table top gets damaged, the staff will replace it, and all other structural failures have a warranty under conditions. A similar color or style to the tabletop is also offered if it gets damaged. 

2. All Weather Wicker 

All weather wicker is comparatively durable as its material is rust-proof like steel or even aluminum. You can keep these pieces of furniture outside for quite a long period, but try not to keep them outside in winter as water causes the furniture to expand and get destroyed shortly. 


There is a limited lifetime warranty on all-weather wicker frames starting from the date of delivery to the date you find any defects or any other structural failures. The limited warranty is of 5 years. The staff can also replace the furniture within the duration. However, if the original color or style is not available, they will provide you with the available one. 

3. Outdoor Upholstered Frames 

The outdoor upholstered furniture frames contain outdoor performance fabric which allows the absorbance of moisture and makes the frames breathable. The padding present in these frames prevents mold growth by allowing excess water to escape. 


These frames also have a limited warranty under normal use and conditions. However, if the original style and size are present, repairs are made to them, and other similar sizes or styles are provided. 

4. Metal Frames 

The aluminum metal frames have an inner wall that is thicker than the standard issued by the industry. This thick wall makes the aluminum frames resistant to breakage. It is the ultimate choice for shoppers looking for durability over style. 


There is a limited lifetime warranty on these metal frames starting from the date of delivery till the date you find any fault, given that the product was used under normal conditions. The 15 years warranty is provided against peeling Frames are repaired in their original size and color if available. 

5. Composite Table Tops 

Composite table tops are the multiple layers put in opposite directions to one another. Each layer is then pressed with a strong resin. As a result, a super strong structure is achieved. sure add a style to any outdoor space they are put in. They are usually used in food services on a commercial scale. 


There is a limited lifetime warranty starting from the date of delivery to the day structural failures are found like a cracked table top. They will be changed or repaired with the original color, style, or size if available, otherwise, a similar one would be provided. 

6. Cushion Inserts 

They are waterproof and fit the description of ideal outdoor furniture. They have a polyester filling that makes them fluffy and super soft. They also have a medium density which is just perfect to resist all the weather conditions. 


They have a limited 1-year warranty from the date they are delivered to the date any fault is found. The replacement will be in original material and style if available, otherwise, similar cushion inserts will be provided. 


Now We Have learnt “Restoration Hardware Outdoor Furniture Warranty”, Outdoor furniture is the best type of furniture because it doesn’t need special attention and go a long way. But it is still important to go through the warranty of each outdoor furniture item before you buy it. 


What Are the Limitations of Restoration Hardware Outdoor Furniture in Terms of Warranty?

Restoration Hardware does not cover any warranty for outdoor furniture after:

  • Accidental damage
  • Normal wear
  • Tear
  • Misuse
  • Commercial use
  • Weathering
  • Staining
  • Discoloration

What is Meant by the Lifetime Warranty of the Outdoor Furniture?

The term “lifetime” means 30 years. The delivery of the majority of the items is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. 

How Can I Contact the Restoration Hardware Customer Services? 

They can be contacted at 800-762-1005 or (209) 834-1044. 

What Is Restoration Hardware Outdoor Furniture Warranty ?

This policy states that if they find out that the material of the item that they have delivered has a defect, they will not only repair it but also repair it free of charge. The item will be reshipped and redelivered the way the original item was delivered. 

What Does the Return Policy of Restoration Hardware States? 

Unfortunately, Restoration Hardware does not accept the return of large items. 

How Is Restoration Hardware Customer Service?

The customer service here is too good to be true. They make sure that the buyers are guided throughout the process and are satisfied with their purchase. 

Restoration Hardware Outdoor Furniture Warranty

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