Does Zoosk Accept Prepaid Cards?

Imagine a social media platform that is developed to give you an amazing online dating experience that has already been integrated with some social media tools to engage you with personalized notifications, flashy features, open-ended conversations, and romance at your disposal. As a diverse online dating app and site, Zoosk possesses a smart matchmaking tool that creates common grounds and also identifies personal compatibility. Similar to other online dating platforms, Zoosk accept a variety of payment types for its subscriptions like prepaid cards but it depends on the standard payment method in your location and the device you use to access the platform. These Payments methods include debit card, credit card, PayPal, SEPA or Direct debit, android, and IOS app payments through the Google play store and Apple App Store.

Does Zoosk Accept Prepaid Cards?

What Is Zoosk?

Launched in Fremont, California in December 2007, by co-founders Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh. Zoosk provides an online dating service via its application and website in over 80 countries worldwide and is available in 25 different languages.

Zoosk uses algorithms and big data recommendations to help users find suitable partners as its behavioral matchmaking engine learns from users’ clicks, messages, and other activities to help produce more accurate matches. 

Payment Methods Accepted At Zoosk

Covering your membership cost on Zoosk is pretty easy thanks to a secure, safe, and well-integrated payment model. You can make use of any credit or debit or prepaid cards on Zoosk. Methods you can use to pay on Zoosk are; 

  • Discover 
  • MasterCard 
  • Visa
  • Paypal
  • American Express 
  • Direct debit
  • SEPA

How To Pay On Zoosk

Similar to other online data platforms, Zoosk has made its subscription process very seamless with options that vary. Zoosk offers four subscription options for twelve months, six months, three months, and one month depending on which is suitable for you to use. It is important to note that depending on the plan you purchase and payment type, your subscription will either renew automatically or expire at the end of your subscription period. There are two ways to subscribe to Zoosk and these are; 

1. Web Or Mobile Browser
  • Login to
  • Tap on the menu (3 dots) at the top of your left screen
  • Choose “subscribe now” or “subscribe” on the left navigation 
  • Follow the instructions and choose a subscription plan and enter your payment details. 
2. Android Or Ios App
  • Login to the Zoosk app
  • Tap on the menu (3 dots) at the top of your left screen
  • Choose “subscribe now”
  • Follow the instructions and choose a subscription plan and confirm your payment.

Advantages Of Zoosk Subscription

Although you can have access to creating a Zoosk free account, There are a lot of features attached to the paid version which include the ability to use the chat function and chat live with members or send messages to anyone you want, you can also take advantage of the Smartpick matching technology which automatically matches you with suitable partners. 


As an online dating platform that offers you a safe, easy and fun way to begin searching for love, Zoosk currently has over 30 million active users worldwide looking for dates, friendships, and relationships. With these, Zoosk then combines online dating and social networks to create a platform that really has something for everyone. 

While it is hard to put a price on finding love online, you must be wondering things like “how much does Zoosk cost” or “is Zoosk free” making it very important that you need to ensure that what you’re using is affordable and you’re not just wasting your money all in the name of looking for love or friendship. 

  1. Can I Cancel My Subscription To Zoosk?

It is quite normal for you to not be satisfied with the services from Zoosk and you may want to cancel your subscription. The only way for you to cancel your subscription at Zoosk is to reach out to them via email at and they will cancel your subscription.

  1. How Do I Cancel My Zoosk Subscription On The Ios App?

Apple has a requirement for all its users who have a Zoosk subscription to manage their subscription service through their Apple ID. Once you cancel on IOS, your subscription will expire when your billing cycle ends. Although your settings in the Zoosk app may display that your subscription status is renewing until it expires and this is because Apple doesn’t send Zoosk any notification regarding cancellation until your paid period expires. 

  1. Is My Prepaid Card Information Safe When Subscribing To Zoosk?

You don’t have to worry about your prepaid cards details, or your personal information on the Zoosk will accept platform because the data will only be used when beginning a refund request from your side so they would know what bank information to use. 

Does Zoosk Accept Prepaid Cards?

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