Does IMVU Accept Prepaid Cards?

Imvu just like the real world is a place where buying selling and connecting happens, and as you know, to buy stuff in the real world, there are several ways to pay. There is the option of using a debit card, credit card, gift card, prepaid card, bank transfer, or physical cash. The same thing applies to payment on Imvu; all of these are out in place to ensure that ease in usage and user satisfaction is reached. However, you need to find out what payment options are available on Imvu to save you the stress of going back and forth during the payment process. Let us see ‘Does IMVU Accept Prepaid Cards?’

Does IMVU Accept Prepaid Cards?

Does Imvu Accept Prepaid Cards? 

Technically, Yes, Imvu accepts prepaid cards. We say technically because Imvu only accepts Prepaid Visa Gift Cards. Imvu will not accept any other prepaid card outside of the gift cards. Furthermore, these prepaid gift cards are sold on Imvu, and to buy them, or any other item, you must have a credit or debit card. So while it is possible to use prepaid cards on  Imvu, you cannot do that independently without having a credit card. This is because you will need a credit or debit card to buy the accepted prepaid card you need from Imvu. From there on, you can begin using the prepaid card for your purchase and payments. 

How To Purchase And Use A Prepaid Card on Imvu ?

We have established that you can use prepaid cards on Imvu, well at least those you purchased from the platform. The question is “how do I purchase and use the prepaid card? Purchasing the prepaid card is as easy, depending on which platform you’re buying the card from. The process is however the same. 

Simply select a card value, select your payment option, then purchase the card. You will receive an email not later than 3 to 5 minutes after purchase, with your prepaid gift card in it. To use the prepaid card for a purchase on Imvu, take the following steps: 

Step 1: Visit the official Imvu website at and input your login details in the available login boxes. 

Step 2: Select whatever it is you wish to buy. If you wish to buy credits, click on the credits bar, select buy credits, select a preferred package, or upgrade your previous one, then click continue. 

Step 3: A dialogue box displaying diverse payment methods available to you will be selected. Select the payment option which you prefer. For this article, select, Prepaid gift card. 

Step 4: Input the details of the card you received via email. This is otherwise called billing information. 

Step 5: confirm the information and you’re done.

What you can buy Using the Prepaid Card on Imvu?

While it is possible to use prepaid cards on Imvu for purchases and payments, the extent to such usage is however limited. With a prepaid card, there are only a handful of things you can purchase on Imvu. 

The following are things you can pay for using your prepaid gift card on Imvu: 


New Avatars

Other Payment Methods on Imvu

If prepaid gift cards prove to be limiting or less effective for your exploration of the Imvu platform, you may consider other payment options with little or no limitations. You can make payments on Imvu using any of the following options: 

Credit Cards 

Debit Cards


We want to mention here that Prepaid Cards are not the same as Debit Cards. A lot of times, these two are used interchangeably however, there is a striking difference between both payment methods. While debit cards are issued by a financial bank, prepaid cards, on the other hand, are devoid of any banking sector. Prepaid cards unlike debit cards are not linked to any bank account and by implication, are free from bank networks. So please do not confuse one for the other. 


It digital advancement, purchasing items online has never been this simple. Platforms are making the payment process easier and easier by the day. Imvu is not an exception as they have made available multiple payment options for user convenience, one of which is prepaid cards. If you ever have to use it, you must make sure that you have this option available to you and that the card is loaded. Lastly, ensure to double-check if you can use prepaid cards to pay for what you intend buying as there are certain limitations attached to prepaid usage on Imvu. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. My transaction has bounced severally when I pay with a prepaid card on Imvu, why? 

There are several reasons why your transactions may be canceled or terminated when using your prepaid card. It could be because the card is out of money, or it cannot be used to purchase that which you’re trying to purchase with it. You might need to contact Imvu’s support center. 

2. How long does it take to get my Imvu Prepaid card ready for use? 

It takes 3-5 minutes to get your card after requesting it. See the related paragraph above for more information. 

3. How much is a prepaid card worth?

This depends solely on the value of the card you’re looking to purchase. 

Does IMVU Accept Prepaid Cards?

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