Does Eneba Accept Prepaid Cards?

Have you wondered why people find it a lot easier to pay with prepaid cards? Could it be because of the ease of payment it offers, or the safety that they enjoy? Well, for whatever reason, there is a continually growing need to shop on platforms that accept prepaid cards. So read further to find out if Eneba accepts prepaid cards.

Does Eneba Accept Prepaid Cards?

Does Eneba Accept Prepaid cards?

Yes, Eneba does accept prepaid cards. Eneba tries to ensure that customers making payments, can complete their transactions as conveniently and easily as possible. So when your bank credit or debit card doesn’t seem to be functioning, you can make payments with a prepaid card on Eneba. 

It is worth mentioning that Eneba will not accept all prepaid cards. Eneba only accepts prepaid cards that require the personal and/or financial info of the user. This is to ensure safety in transactions and curb all financial fraudulent activities. So when using a prepaid card, the payment platform for the prepaid card must require that the user inputs his/her personal and financial details.

Prepaid Card(s) Accepted by Eneba

There is but only one way to pay with prepaid cards on Eneba and it’s simply through “Paysafecard”. Paysafecard is the only prepaid option accepted by Eneba because the two companies have a partnership that allows the redirection of Eneba users seeking to make payments on the platform. Outside the Paysafecard prepaid payment option, Eneba users can only use other payment options made available by Eneba. 

How To Use Prepaid Cards To Make Payments On Eneba?

If you have been following the gist from the beginning, you must have realized already that Eneba only accepts prepaid cards from Paysafecard. The reason for this as we mentioned earlier is that usually prepaid cards do not ask for the personal information of the user when making payments and this may open the doors of Eneba to fraudulent activities involving payment. This is why one prepaid platform – Paysafecard was made available to meet the needs of prepaid card users. 

Now that we are on the same page, we want to share with you a quick guide on how to make payment on Eneba using the Paysafecard prepaid option. After you must have started and completed your registration with Paysafecard, that’s if you do not have an existing account with them, you need to make sure that you have enough money on the card. Once this is done, the following steps can be taken to make payments on the Eneba portal. 

Step 1: From the list of products, select one or more items you intend to buy and add them to the cart. 

Step 2: Check out the items by confirming that the prices and items in your cart are those you have selected, in your desired quantity and specifications. 

Step 3: After confirming the item(s), an option will be displayed requesting that you select a payment option. Select Paysafecard as your desired means of payment and click continue. 

Step 4: By clicking continue, you’ll be redirected to the Paysafecard platform. Input your login details. It is a 16-digit security pin given to you after registration. 

Step 5: Confirm the purchase, input the passcode, and proceed.

Bare in mind that this payment method is not available to users all over. Although users in most countries have access to Paysafecard prepaid payment method, there is a likelihood that you may not be permitted to use this payment method from certain countries. We have put together the countries where Paysafecard can be used. So just in case, you don’t see prepaid cards on the list of payment options available to you, it means Eneba does not accept prepaid cards. All you need to do is use a different payment method. 

Other Payment Methods Accepted by Eneba

If for any reason you’re not able to use a prepaid card on Eneba, do not panic. The following options are available to you for payment purposes: 

Debit Cards

Credit Cards


While these are not the only options available, they are the options available worldwide. So if you want to find out about more payment options, a list of available payment options will be displayed on your screen after adding items to your cart. You can do a quick scan of the options and select the most convenient. 


Eneba is an online store to purchase all genres of digital games. This 2018-founded digital game store accepts different payment methods to ensure that customers interact with its goods and services in the most convenient ways possible. So yes, if you have a prepaid card issued by Paysafecard card or any other card accepted by the shopping platform, you’re all set and done for a good game-shopping experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does Eneba accept prepaid in my country?

Several Eneba country stores accept prepaid cards, which usually are prepaid cards from Paysafecard. If you do not find this option when you want to make a payment, it means prepaid cards are not accepted in your country. You may try other options or have someone in another country, make the purchase for you. See the related paragraph above for more information. 

2. Does Eneba accept gift cards payment? 

Yes, they do. However, some specific gift cards may be rejected. Always look at the list of payment options during checkout, and select the most convenient one available to you. 

3. Do I need to provide my personal information when I’m paying on Eneba with my Paysafecard? 

No, you don’t need to provide any of those. Paysafecard provides you with a 16-digit code when you register. This is all you need to make payments on Eneba. 

Does Eneba Accept Prepaid Cards?

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