Does MoneyLion Accept Prepaid Cards?

The finance world continues to evolve, which results in the emergence of digital solutions to banking, payments, savings, loans and investment. Today there are cutting-edge online financial institutions such as MoneyLion, which provides all these digital solutions. From the many users of MoneyLion arises the question- does MoneyLion accept prepaid cards? Let’s find out. Yes, MoneyLion accepts prepaid cards for a good number of financial operations. 

Does MoneyLion Accept Prepaid Cards?

Can I Fund my MoneyLion Account With A Prepaid Card?

Yes. The Green Dot reloadable prepaid card is one of the most effective for this operation. MoneyLion allows you to link external accounts and cards to your MoneyLion account. However, funding your MoneyLion (RoarMoney) account with this external card will attract some charges.

MoneyLion charges a 2.5% fee when using external cards for funding. 

Other ways of funding your RoarMoney account include.

Direct Deposits

For this method, you need your MoneyLion(RoarMoney) account and routing numbers. Follow the outlined steps to access your account and routing numbers.

  • Open your MoneyLion app and log into your account. 
  • Find the Account tab and click on More
  • Select RoarMoney menu
  • Click on Account and Routing numbers
  • You now have the information you need for the direct deposit

Transfer From Linked and Unlinked Bank Accounts

The linked bank accounts are those you have connected to your MoneyLion(RoarMoney) account. This means that you can access their information from the MoneyLion app.

To link other accounts to MoneyLion, follow these steps

  • Log in to your MoneyLion app to access your RoarMoney account
  • Click Transfer
  • Click Add Account
  • Input the credentials as displayed on the screen
  • The account is linked.

To transfer from the linked account, click on the linked account, and the funds will be transferred.

For unlinked accounts, you will need to extract your MoneyLion(RoarMoney) account and routing numbers. 

  • Log in to the bank account from where you want to transfer
  • Input the RoarMoney routing and account number
  • The transfer is successful 

APR Instacash

The APR Instacash is a unique model by MoneyLion. 

  • Log in to your MoneyLion app
  • Navigate to the Account tab
  • Click Instacash
  • Click Request
  • Input amount
  • Click Get Cash Now
  • Click Confirm
  • Click RoarMoney account
  • Click Get My Cash

How to Pay Using Prepaid Cards at MoneyLion (Online and Offline)?

Your first step is to link the prepaid card to your MoneyLion account. Once linked, you can transfer money from your MoneyLion account into the card. The idea with the prepaid card is that you can only make purchases or transactions worth the amount you have loaded on the card from your MoneyLion account. 

To pay online, you need to input the credentials of your prepaid card as directed by the biller. On the other hand, paying offline require you to take the card physically to where you want to make a purchase, and they will swipe the card or input it into their system.

Does MoneyLion Have A Debit Card?

Yes. There is the MoneyLion Debit MasterCard. Every individual that opens a RoarMoney account with MoneyLion is entitled to a MoneyLion Debit Mastercard. There is both the physical debit card and the virtual debit card.

The physical debit card is shipped to your location, while you can request and get the virtual debit card in five minutes. 

Is the MoneyLion Debit Card Different From A Prepaid Card?

The MoneyLion debit is different from a prepaid card. The prepaid card is an external card issued by any prepaid card service provider such as America Express, Visa, etc. On the other hand, the MoneyLion debit card is issued by MoneyLion once you open a MoneyLion account.

What are the Steps Involved in Getting my MoneyLion Virtual Debit Card?

MoneyLion created the virtual debit card for your ease and optimised banking experience. So the whole idea and process behind getting this card are simple. Here are the steps below.

Download the MoneyLion Application

This is where it all begins. You must have a RoarMoney account before you can get a virtual card. Then you must first download the MoneyLion mobile application from either the play store for Android or App store for iOS. 

Create Your MoneyLion Account

You can do this by signing up on the mobile app. Fill in the credentials as instructed. For those already with an account, log in to your existing account instead. 

Upon creating the RoarMoney account, your virtual debit card will be ready. 

For those already with a RoarMoney account, you already have a virtual account but may not know how to access it. Not to worry, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to the Finance tab in your MoneyLion app. Then click the tab
  • Click on your RoarMoney account
  • Click on your Virtual card, and it will display all its details.


MoneyLion offers digital banking and financial solutions for your premium experience. As a result, they support a wide range of outlets and financial elements such as prepaid cards. You can enjoy seamless operations with your cards and other benefits MoneyLion offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use the MoneyLion Debit Card Outside The United States?

Yes. The MoneyLion debit card will work for you in and outside the United States, provided they are units that accept Mastercard debit cards.

How Long Does it Take to Get Money From MoneyLion?

It takes a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 48hours to receive money from MoneyLion. 

How Do I Withdraw From My MoneyLion Account?

Withdrawing from MoneyLion isn’t an uphill task. Follow the simple steps below.

  • Log in to your MoneyLion app
  • Navigate to the Account tab
  • Click Transfer
  • Upon clicking Transfer, you will be asked to select the RoarMoney account from which you wish to withdraw. 
  • Select the destination bank and input the account
  • Input the amount you want to transfer 
  • Select Continue
Does MoneyLion Accept Prepaid Cards?

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