What Channel is KOCE on the Spectrum?

Koch is a TV channel which is under the television station, PBS and licensed to Huntington Beach, California, United States. This channel is mainly owned by the public media group of Southern California which is a member of PBS. This channel was first aired on November 20, 1972. Let us know ‘What channel is KOCE on the Spectrum?’.

What channel is KOCE on the Spectrum?

The public Broadcasting service is an NGO-based company One of the leading Broadcasting stations in educational programs. According to reports 80% of households watch the programs of this broadcasting station.

KOCE was the primary PBS station in 2011 and it is the most viewed channel of PBS. The popularity of PBS is mainly due to this channel in Broadcasting stations.

If you want to access KOCE on the spectrum then this is the perfect article for you and we will tell you how you can access KOCE on Spectrum TV. 

KOCE channel on Spectrum

This station first aired on November 20, 1972, and it was also licensed as the first television station in Orange County. Initially, they aired four hours of programs in a day and after that, they scheduled several programs.

With different programs on PBS, KOCE also broadcasts programs which are focused on the groups of Orange County such as the Real Orange program. KOCE is very popular for educational TV programs and different types of documentaries which they cover on their channel.

Mainly every household in the USA has a subscription to this channel.

What channel is KOCE on Spectrum?

Spectrum TV is mainly popular because they provide HD quality services to watch different programs. Viewers of spectrum TV can also take different packages to cover the educational and social content on their TV.

KOCE channel also ensures that their viewers get quality content on the platform and if they are educational shows, viewers, then they will never get disappointed through the channel.

The Channel number of this also differs from state to state in the USA. Below we mention all the states in which this channel is aired and the channel number in which you can access it on spectrum TV.

LocationChannel No
New York13
Los Angeles6

What type of programs can I watch on KOCE?

  • My Mother and Other Strangers

The story of the show takes you to a small village in Northern Ireland during the period of World War 2. It is about the story of a family and their neighbours. Their life got disrupted when the US Army landed on their village with their force. They cover the whole story of how things happened during that period.

  • Masterpiece

This show is a blend of classic literature and contemporary writers. It is the oldest prime-time drama that is running in United States households. After this show’s launch, there are several versions of this title launched in the USA.  If you are a viewer who loves to watch history then this is the perfect show for you. 

  • The Child in Time

This show is based on one of the famous novels by Lan McEwan. This is a drama in which different actors are Produced and the whole show revolves around love which is being explored unseen.

  • The Trouble with Maggie Cole

It is a British comedy-drama show which is directed by Ben Gregor. This is a series-based drama show which is based on a village and revolves around the villagers. It is the village Place show and depicts how things happened in a village and you will enjoy this series.

  • We’ll Meet Again with Ann Curry

This show focused on individuals who are victims of tragic events and have drastic experiences in their life. It is an interview-based show in which people experience the world war, Vietnam War and different tragedies.

How can I access KOCE without a channel number?

  • Through Apps menu

Spectrum TV provides an option to launch using the apps Menu option in their TV:

  1. You need to press the menu button which is on your remote and it will open the spectrum menu on the TV screen.
  2. On the screen, you will get several APPs and from them, you need to select the KOCE icon.
  3. If you select the KOCE icon, then KOCE gets highlighted on the screen.
  • Through Guide and Mini-Guide

If you want to launch KOCE from the guide or mini-guide which is available on the spectrum, You need to navigate through the channels option and on that guide, KOCE will appear.

Then you simply need to click OK on your remote to select KOCE and start streaming 1000 programs through KOCE.

  • Through My Library

If you want to access KOCE through my library, you need to add this to your favourite channels list.

The Favorite list option, helps you to access this channel with just one click without any effort.


PBS and KOCE are one of the favourite and leading channels in educational programs and most households preferred these channels for educational content.

KOCE was the primary PBS station in 2011 and it is the most viewed channel of PBS. The popularity of PBS is mainly due to this channel in Broadcasting stations

With the help of spectrum streaming TV, you can easily access the KOCE channel in one click. We also mention the other ways through which you can easily access this channel if not know the channel number.

  • What is the PBS station in LA?

PBS and KOCE is available on channel number 50 which is licensed to Huntington Beach, California, United States.

  • How much do I have to pay for KOCE?

If you want a subscription to this channel, then you need to pay for the package of $44.99/month for 12 months which includes more than 120 channels to watch on your TV.

  • Can I use downloaded apps on spectrum TV?

You can easily use downloaded apps on your spectrum TV by downloading them online and easily installing them.

  • Can I access Spectrum on my mobile?

You can easily access spectrum TV on your mobile device and it will allow you to watch live TV and on-demand content without any other charges using your mobile device.

What Channel is KOCE on the Spectrum?

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