What is the Difference Between Target and Super Target?

If you’re a Target shopper, you’re probably wondering what a Super Target is and how it differs from a regular Target store. Target has turned several of its stores into “Super Target,” with over 1900 locations across the U.S. This is a move designed to meet the needs of its clients. There are Super Target locations spanning many states in the US, with the biggest one being in Hoover, Alabama. Its stores have been open since 1995, as of 2015, they lost their “Super” designation and have been rebranded as only Target.

What is the Difference Between Target and Super Target?

Target has offered fresh food in its shops, including fruits, vegetables, deli goods, and meat. A Super Target is a larger-than-average Target location that offers more services and goods for patrons, including groceries, more meat products, and amenities like banking and health clinics.

Super Target, its Drive, and its Stores

A Super Target, as the title indicates, is a larger version of a regular one. It offers more square footage and carry a greater selection of merchandise. Aside from this, It provides amenities such as on-site bakeries, grocery sections, and deli counters to improve the shopping experience of its consumers.

According to multiple accounts, there’re 239 locations in the U.S. This accounts for a little over a quarter of all Target stores in the United States. With that said, it’s important to keep in mind that most its locations have facilities and products that you won’t find in a standard Target store.

Target vs. Super Target

For starters, there’s the issue of scale. Unlike a regular Target store, a Super Target is much larger. Furthermore, when approximated to the latter, the former shows a wider variety of products. In addition, Super Target has expanded traditional Target categories such as food.

The amenities they provide are another important difference between the two. It provides a variety of services to their clients, including deli counters with a variety of meat options. In addition, compared to ordinary Target stores, these locations have more merchandise on hand, even though the products aren’t necessarily different from those sold at regular Target stores.

What Distinguishes Target from Super Target?

Size and Location

The primary distinction is that Super Target locations are bigger than ordinary Target locations and provide a wider range of goods and services. The typical Target store is 130,000 square feet in size. The average Super Target, in contrast, is about 175,000 square feet, though some are significantly bigger. 


Super Targets were created to provide a wider variety of food items, such as organic produce, deli and fresh meats, and bakery goods. In addition, It include extra services like banking, florists, photo labs, picture studios, extended pharmacy services, health clinics, and larger dining sections with establishments like Starbucks and Target Cafe. Because its locations are bigger than standard Target locations, they have more space to stock a wider range of general retail items, giving customers more alternatives.

Sizes of Target And Super Target

As stated, Super Target stores derive their name from their size, which is always larger than conventional Target stores, and their product. Regular Target stores are 130,000 square feet in size, Super Target stores are always 175,000 square feet or larger.

Furthermore, you may see two entrance doors when visiting a store–a characteristic that makes them more accessible to expected higher human traffic.

What is the location of both?

The gigantic Super Target is in Hoover, Alabama. It measures roughly 191,000 square feet (about 4.5 acres). 

The world’s largest Target store is in Annapolis, Maryland. It transits 204,000 square feet, more than twice the size of a regular Target place. Wicker Park, Chicago, is home to the world’s tiniest Target shop. The small-format Target is 12,800 square feet, 16 times smaller than the largest.

What benefits are there to shopping at Target?

Here are some of the advantages of purchasing at Target:

  • You can do a rain check on the things you want to purchase.
  • There is a return policy in place with them.
  • When you utilize reusable bags, you get discounts.
  • After you’ve registered with Target, you’ll receive a 10% discount on any registry leftovers.
  • Its prices are lower than those of its rivals.
  • Every week, Target lets you use field coupons.
  • Look and ask for things given away for free, such as food & cosmetics.
  • If you are a frequent shopper, you may be eligible for free money with each transaction.


Target has offered fresh food in its shops, including fruits, vegetables, deli goods, and meat. For their innumerable clientele, Super Target locations also delivered photo studios & banks. Furthermore, the stores contained health facilities where customers could purchase medications and receive therapy. These stores were the only venues where, aside from food, you could find all of your Target favorites in huge quantities until regular Target stores implemented all of the above-mentioned characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Are the Most Popular Locations for Target?

According to data, California will have the most Target stores in the United States by 2021. It ranked first with 307 stores, followed by Texas with 153 and Florida with 126.

  1. Is the “Super Target” brand still in use?

While many Target locations still feature the Super Target logo and branding, the company has rebranded all of its stores. As a result, they’re all “Target” with no differentiating characteristics. Its stores are no longer being developed. Instead, they will continue to expand under the Target brand.

  1. What Can You Envision finding in Super Targets?

It carries a wide picking of options. Furthermore, these stores have delis to provide clients with a broad range of meats and on-site bakeries to provide fresh pastries. The most noteworthy characteristic of these establishments is the variety of meat options.

What is the Difference Between Target and Super Target?

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