Is Audible Free With Amazon Prime?

In an age where digital content consumption is on the rise, audiobooks have become popular for those seeking a convenient and immersive reading experience. Audible, a subsidiary of Amazon is a leading provider of audiobooks, podcasts, and original content. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime offers its members a wide array of services, including free shipping, streaming of movies and TV shows, and music streaming. Given the close affiliation between Audible and Amazon, it’s natural to wonder whether Audible is free with Amazon Prime. In this article, we’ll explore the relationship between these two services, and determine whether Prime members can access Audible’s vast library of audiobooks for free.

Is Audible Free With Amazon Prime?

Is Audible Free With Amazon Prime?

Despite being owned by Amazon, Audible is not technically free with Amazon Prime. However, Prime members can take advantage of certain benefits that make using Audible a more enticing option. For example, Prime members can access a rotating selection of audiobooks each month, as well as a selection of Audible Originals.

These titles are available for free through the Audible app and can be listened to on any device. Additionally, Prime members can enjoy discounted subscription rates to Audible, making it a more affordable option for those who frequently listen to audiobooks. While Audible isn’t free with Amazon Prime, the benefits provided to Prime members make it a valuable service to consider for audiobook enthusiasts.

It’s worth noting that while Audible may not be free with Amazon Prime, the two services work together seamlessly. Users can easily link their Audible account to their Amazon account, which makes it easy to purchase and listen to audiobooks from within the Amazon ecosystem. 

How to Use Audible with Amazon Prime?: A Guide for Audiobook Enthusiasts

If you’re an Amazon Prime member looking to take advantage of Audible’s audiobook library, you can follow a few simple steps.

  • First, you’ll need to create an Audible account if you don’t already have one. You can do this by visiting the Audible website and signing up for a free trial. 
  • Once you have an Audible account, you can link it to your Amazon account. This will allow you to access any audiobooks you purchase from within the Amazon website or app. 
  • If you want to access the rotating selection of free audiobooks each month, you’ll need to download the Audible app to your device. From there, you can browse the available titles and choose the ones you want to download. 
  • These titles will be added to your Audible library and can be listened to on any device with the Audible app installed.

It’s worth noting that some titles may not be available to Prime members, even within the free monthly selection. However, with thousands of audiobooks and other content to choose from, there’s still plenty to keep you entertained.

Audible subscription plans:

Since Audible is technically not free with Amazon prime, you may consider subscribing to Audible for your audiobook needs. Here is a brief description of available subscription plans available for you:

  1. Gold Monthly Membership: For $14.95 per month, you get one credit per month that can be redeemed for any title in Audible’s library. You also get access to exclusive sales and discounts, as well as members-only podcasts and programs.
  1. Platinum Monthly Membership: For $22.95 per month, you get all the benefits of the Gold membership, plus two credits per month instead of one.
  2. Annual Memberships: If you prefer to pay for your upfront, Audible offers two annual membership plans: Gold Annual ($149.50 per year) and Platinum Annual ($229.50 per year). These plans give you the same benefits as their monthly counterparts, but at a discounted rate.
  3. Audible Plus: Audible Plus is a new subscription plan that was launched in 2020. For $7.95 per month, you get unlimited access to a rotating selection of Audible Originals, podcasts, and other audio content. Unlike the other plans, Audible Plus does not include credits that can be redeemed for specific titles.

Audible Alternatives: Where to Find Audiobooks Without Amazon Prime?

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member or simply prefer to use a different service, there are plenty of alternatives to Audible for accessing audiobooks.

  • Scribd: A subscription service that offers unlimited access to audiobooks, ebooks, and other digital content for a flat monthly fee.
  • A subscription service and a la carte purchasing option that supports independent bookstores and offers a wide selection of audiobooks.
  • Kobo: A global ebook retailer that offers a subscription service and à la carte purchasing options for audiobooks.
  • Public library digital lending programs: Many public libraries offer digital lending services for audiobooks, which can be accessed through apps like OverDrive or Hoopla.
  • Audiobook publishers’ storefronts: Some audiobook publishers offer their digital storefronts, such as or Downpour, which can be a good option for those who prefer to buy individual titles rather than subscribe to a service.

Whether you’re a diehard Audible fan or prefer to explore other options, there are plenty of ways to access audiobooks in today’s digital age. Amazon Prime members can take advantage of the many benefits of Audible, including access to a rotating selection of free audiobooks each month.

But for those who don’t have Prime or prefer a different approach, services like Scribd,, and public library digital lending programs can offer a more affordable and flexible alternative. Whatever your preference, audiobooks are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a great story or learn something new, all while enjoying the convenience of a digital format.

  1. Can I listen to Audible content on multiple devices?

Ans. Yes, you can listen to Audible content on multiple devices, as long as they are associated with the same Amazon account. You can also switch between devices while listening, and your progress will be synced across all devices.

Is Audible Free With Amazon Prime?

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