Is CuriosityStream Free With Amazon Prime?

Let us find out ‘Is CuriosityStream Free With Amazon Prime?’ in this article. Keep reading.

Is CuriosityStream Free With Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime 

Those who have Amazon Prime, get access to reluctant services that are either not available or are really expensive for other Amazon customers. Amazon Prime is such a program that requires a subscription to watch your favorite genre and the subscription costs money and is available in many nations.

Deliveries of goods on the same day, the next day, or the day after are only a few of the services provided. There are many streaming services for television shows, music, movies, e-books, games, and groceries. As of April 2021 data, there were more than 200 million subscribers to prime all around the world, according to Amazon.


The CuriosityStream, often known by the name of Curiosity Channel, is an American media organization and subscription-based video streaming service that provides content on many different documentaries in the form of movies, TV series, and other media. John S. Hendricks, the man behind the Discovery Channel, introduced it in 2015. It was estimated to have 20 million subscribers from all around the world according to 2021 across its direct and bundled services.

Among the unusual movies and TV shows that CuriosityStream creates are The History of Home, Miniverse, Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Locations, David Attenborough’s Light on Earth, and Deep Time History. Also, it features material from the BBC and NHK.

Amazon does not provide a CuriosityStream without any subscription 

No, Amazon Prime does not provide/grant free access to CuriosityStream. Adding CuriosityStream to your Amazon subscription and paying monthly or annually will let the subscribers to see all of the content, even though some of its content is free for Prime members. Four plans are available that one can subscribe to on CuriosityStream and take the advantage of all the documentaries. These plans are mentioned below – 

Monthly plans include two plans one is the Standard Plan available in HD  which is available for US dollar $2.99 each month and the second plan which is a Premium (4K) plan, costlier than the standard plan available in HD, is available for US dollar $9.99 each month. 

Annual plans                                                                                                                                             Annual plans itself include two plans one of which is the Standard and the other is the Premium one. The Standard annual plan in HD costs US dollars $19.99 every month and the premium (4K) annual plan costs US dollars $69.99 each month. 

Considering the following subscription plans for Amazon Prime-

The cost of prime video membership is US dollar $8.99 each month. You must pay $14.99 per month and $139 annually to become an Amazon Prime member. Another set of payments of $7.49 for each month and $69 annually for students.

Hence, similar to other streaming services you cannot access CuriosityStream without paying a fee. It cannot be added to your Amazon account as an add-on until it is purchased.

No free trial is proposed for of the plan even if you order the service directly from its website or applications. You will enjoy a seven-day free trial, though, if you sign up for CuriosityStream through a channel on Amazon Prime Video, the Roku Channel, or another OTT platform. Before the trial period expires, you can discontinue it and avoid paying.

Steps to add CuriosityStream to Amazon Prime

CuriosityStream can be added to your account of Amazon prime by following the short instructions: – 

The very first step to follow is to go to the Amazon store on your device and there you have to look for the CuriosityStream, the second that you have to follow is that you are needed to download the program for free and install it on devices of your choice to view it on.

A further step is – after downloading the app to your device, you may join one of its subscription plans and access thousands of documentaries for a fair fee. You can also buy CuriosityStream as an add-on for only $2.99 monthly if you have an Amazon Prime Video membership. Any of your Fire TV Sticks can be used to watch it.

Is It Worth It to Subscribe to CuriosityStream?

Very valuable. The standard subscription plan for CuriosityStream costs $2.99 monthly and $19.99 annually. As a result, it is the most affordable choice of action provided by streaming providers. By 2022, there will be roughly 23 million subscribers to CuriosityStream, which will host thousands of titles. Every week, new documentaries are added, and there are a lot of award-winning ones on the list as well.

Despite the fact that this streaming service is limited to documentaries must be kept in mind. You should look for another streaming service if you rarely or never watch documentaries. Even so, if you watch documentaries on a daily basis, this one has it all. Furthermore, it supports a large variety of devices and allows you to brook content to several devices right away. Documentaries are attainable all over the map and on every device.


We learn how to add CuriosityStream to our Amazon Prime accounts and that it is not free with Amazon. Also, we learn that with Amazon, none of the streaming services are free; even the channels must be added as additional channels. In the end, we decide whether CuriosityStream is worthwhile. If you watch documentaries very often, then it is worthwhile; if not, it is not. It is the judgment of the user, ultimately what matters.

Is CuriosityStream Free With Amazon Prime?

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