Used Amazon Vans For Sale

If you are looking to purchase an Amazon delivery van for carrier business purposes or any other purpose, you may be thinking about how to buy used Amazon delivery vans. In this guide, we are going to have a deep conversation regarding this topic. Stay tuned to learn more about the options available to you for purchasing used Amazon delivery vehicles. Let us know if used Amazon vans are for sale or not.

Used Amazon Vans For Sale

Does Amazon sell used vans in 2023?

Although Amazon does not sell used vans, the company provides an opportunity for drivers to lease the vans through the delivery service partner program. This program allows carriers to make Amazon deliveries and earn up to $300K while benefiting from Amazon’s maintenance coverage and access to business growth tools in 2023. For more information on accessing used Amazon vans or programs that do not require them, continue reading for useful facts.

Does Amazon Sell Used Delivery Vans?

Currently, Amazon does not offer the sale of its previously owned delivery vans. Nonetheless, individuals who wish to utilize Amazon vans for delivery services have the option to lease them through Amazon’s lease program. In addition, the Delivery Service Partner program provides carriers with the opportunity to lease Amazon vans and utilize them for deliveries.

Look for brokers who can sell that car van

For those interested in purchasing a retired Amazon van, two options are available that may yield the best results. Firstly, local auctions may offer used Amazon vans. Alternatively, a vehicle broker may be contacted to locate one. Amazon does not technically own its vans, as they are owned by the delivery service partners. Therefore, it is the partners who would sell the vans. If a van becomes too worn out, the partner may retire it and auction or sell it privately. If local auctions do not have any available, a vehicle broker can be helpful as they have more contacts to locate one for sale.

Why does Amazon not sell its vans?

Amazon does not sell its delivery vans as they are technically owned by delivery service partners who have invested in creating their fleets. The vans are customized to partner-specific operations, making them less attractive to buyers outside the network. Amazon invests heavily in maintenance and repair, ensuring that its vans have a long lifespan and are retired only when no longer efficient. Finding a used Amazon van for sale is challenging due to limited availability. Options include attending local auctions or working with a vehicle broker.

Is leasing the amazon vans a better option?

Leasing delivery vans from Amazon can be a smart decision for various reasons. With the option to lease a large fleet of up to 40 Amazon delivery vans, the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program provides many benefits to help make your business successful. These include access to a dedicated business coach, vehicle insurance, employee uniforms and other tools to ensure efficient business operations.

The application process is straightforward, with three simple steps to begin. Firstly, visit the DSP website to check if your location is currently accepting new applications. Secondly, watch a 7-minute application webinar and download the Resume and Application Tips guide before submitting your application. Once approved, DSPs can earn profits as high as $300K annually.

In addition to high earning potential, Amazon handles all vehicle maintenance, ensuring that DSPs can avoid surprises and minimize downtime. This allows business owners to focus on expanding their operations and improving customer satisfaction without worrying about vehicle maintenance issues.

What key factors should carriers consider when seeking to lease a pre-owned Amazon van?

When contemplating leasing a used van, there are several crucial factors that carriers must consider. Firstly, it is vital to determine whether the van’s size is adequate to accommodate the intended cargo. This consideration is essential to ensure that the transportation process is efficient, cost-effective, and safe.

Another significant factor to consider is whether the van is equipped with air conditioning. Certain products require a specific temperature-controlled environment during shipping, and without air conditioning, the van may not meet these requirements, potentially compromising the product’s quality.

The range of the van is also a crucial consideration. Carriers must ascertain how far the van can travel on a full tank of gas to determine whether it is suitable for the intended distance of travel. This is important to ensure that the van’s fuel efficiency aligns with the carrier’s business objectives.


Purchasing a used Amazon delivery van can be challenging, as Amazon does not sell its vans directly. However, interested buyers can explore options such as attending local auctions or contacting vehicle brokers.

Alternatively, leasing a van through Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner program can provide numerous benefits, including access to business growth tools and maintenance coverage. When considering a pre-owned Amazon van, carriers should prioritize factors such as size, air conditioning, and range to ensure that the van is suitable for their business needs.

Used Amazon Vans For Sale

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