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Insider’s Guide: 24 Hours in The Richmond District

Forget the clouds and good ole’ Karl, the Richmond district has become a secret haven for philanthropy to thrive. Hiding in a thick layer of fog, we’re here to show you the best of the best. Enjoy some of Bob Cut’s favorite spots to eat, shop, and be—while you’re at it, say hi to Karl […]

Where To Find Tasteful Vintage Lingerie in San Francisco

For the lady who loves to lounge in timeless lingerie, here’s your guide to finding and fitting the perfect lace for your body. Everything from time portals to tasteful classics, the ladies of Bob Cut rounded up their favorite vintage lingerie shops and pop-ups to get your senses percolated. Did we miss your favorite store […]

The Big To-Do: An Editor’s Guide To Oakland + More!

Oh Oakland. We love you so. From your haven of inspiring fashion boutiques to the calming oasis’ that keeps us coming back — you’re a knockout. If you’ve needed a starting point on new (& old) classics to your Oakland experience, let us suggest a few things. Ali Golden // 482 49th Street Serving as […]

Labor Day Weekend Reminder: You Can Get Drunk In A Cab

If you plan to party this Labor Day weekend and we mean, party hard. Here’s a quick little reminder for those who just love to be a little more impaired. That’s right, as the Examiner reminds us, it’s completely legal to drink alcohol in the backseat of cab. Say hello to your new best friend: […]

Apartment Therapy: Inside Briana Kranz’s Boho Lake Merritt Apartment

Briana Kranz in her Lake Merritt home, photography by Anthony Rogers A block away from the lake and a walk from the farmer’s markets, Briana Kranz’s cute boho apartment speaks leaps and bounds to her whimsical design aesthetic and personal brand. I would describe my space as airy and bright; a big reason I fell […]

Off The Menu: Project Juice To Debut In The Castro December 1st

// 506 Castro St, Castro, Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photos via Project Juice — Need more foodie enrichment? Subscribe to our newsletter for all the best coverage.

How To Have A Successful Friendsgiving From One Millennial To Another

1. Liven Up Your Spread And what do we mean by this? Normally, a traditional Thanksgiving includes Turkey, stuffing, and cranberries but how about this — do a mixture of cooking and take outfrom your fave local restaurants. While you have your gold crusted turkey, pair it with a platter of sushi and edamame or […]

Seldom Seen Celebrates One Year In Hayes Valley And Champagne Was Indeed Popped

Remember when you turned one? Well, that’s going a bit far back but time does really fly and a year seems to come in a flash. As owners of Seldom Seen, Natasha and Daniel celebrate their one year in style. The two welcomed in friends and family alike to share in the excitement of the […]

A Greener Alamo Square Park To Open In Late Winter

wrote this week to offer a schedule update and information. As many saw, the fenced park had been re-renovated over the course of 6 months which made residents in the area even more frustrated that they couldn’t enjoy their sunny days on the lawn. "Completion of the lawn installation is a major project milestone that […]

Would You Confess Your Inner Thoughts — The Wall Of Empathy Hits The Mission

<img src=" Levee, started his “Subway Therapy” wall last Wednesday, providing Post-Its for strangers to leave notes to each other and a message that simply said “Express Yourself” in a long underground tunnel that connects the Sixth and Seventh Avenue stations at 14th Street in Manhattan. According to ABC News, more than 1500 notes have […]

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