Insider’s Guide: 24 Hours in The Richmond District

Forget the clouds and good ole’ Karl, the Richmond district has become a secret haven for philanthropy to thrive. Hiding in a thick layer of fog, we’re here to show you the best of the best. Enjoy some of Bob Cut’s favorite spots to eat, shop, and be—while you’re at it, say hi to Karl for us.

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Meet this local coffee shop that can brew some of the strongest espresso’s this side of Masonic. Often showcasing local art, sculpture, and events — the team over at Richfield makes sure that they utilize every inch of their snug location. If you haven’t been, you’ll hopefully get to meet the owner, Eugene Kim, who often mans the stations behind the grind. // 195 5th Ave, Inner Richmond,

Photo via Sarah Jampel/Bon AppetitPhoto via Sarah Jampel/Bon Appetit

Photo via Sarah Jampel/Bon Appetit

Marla’s Bakery

This rustic chic spot located on Balboa (who were also featured in our Bay Bites 2016: Desserts) makes a mean chocolate fudge brownie that seriously needs a side of milk to even enjoy at it’s fullest. Mixing an open floor plan and even a backyard terrace, relaxing on an (occasional) sunny day makes Marla’s Bakery all the more sweeter. // 3619 Balboa St, Outer Richmond,

Photo courtesy of Anthony Rogers/Bob Cut MagPhoto courtesy of Anthony Rogers/Bob Cut Mag

Photo courtesy of Anthony Rogers/Bob Cut Mag


Found beyond the fog in the Outer Richmond’s up and coming shopping district, Cassava has mastered the art of a Japanese breakfast (brunch…). founders Kris Toliao and Yuka Ioroi make sure that their dishes are served with the upmost elegance that is both approachable and oh-so-chic. If you haven’t been, a great starter is their famed “Japanese Breakfast” which shows the traditions of a Nippon-style palette. // 3519 Balboa St, Outer Richmond,

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Photo via Pinterest

Four Star Theatre

Owned by the Lee Neighborhood Theater group, Four Star Theatre has remained as an essential staple in the neighborhood. Showing everything for indie films to major flicks, the theater never strays from it’s highly curated selection on roster. Coined, “a family owned tradition since 1964”, the group also owns three other indie movie theaters around San Francisco as well. Check out what’s coming up and plan your trip. // 2200 Clement St, Outer Richmond,

The Golden Hour Vintage

Who’s ready for boho, dreamy, timeless, and the later? The Golden Hour Vintage curates a fine taste of apparel, accessories, and much more—for the San Franciscan who doesn’t mind being stuck in the past. As their team would put it, “globally sourced vintage for the contemporary closet.” You won’t find the same thing twice. // 147 Clement St, Inner Richmond,

Photo via LocalwisePhoto via Localwise

Photo via Localwise

Richmond Republic Draught House

Richmond Republic Draught House is the spot where, after a long work week, you’ll find yourself gorging on their weekly mac’n’cheese selection while wolfing down one or three of their craft import beers. Though be warned, the spot does get busy around dinner time so waiting may happen. And for our non-mac’n’cheese fans, RRDH also has rotating taco and wing specials. Who’s hungry? // 642 Clement St, Inner Richmond,

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Kinship Salon

One of the chicest spots in SF to get your hair refreshed—Kinship Salon cultivates culture and warmth with their diverse team. One of their most popular services, the Botanical Therapy Treatment, helps promotes the scalps ability to produce healthier, stronger follicles while delivering moisture to the rest of the strands on your head. Looking to get refreshed? Look no further. // 253 Clement St, Inner Richmond,

Photo via TimeOut SFPhoto via TimeOut SF

Photo via TimeOut SF


What blew up seemingly overnight, caught the hearts of many Outer Richmond residents and beyond with their bakery and cafe inspired by Asian traditions accented by contemporary Californian American tastes. Known for their delicious and Instagram-worthy Kaya toasts, Breadbelly keeps on top of their seasonal ingredients so you’ll be getting the freshest platings of food every time. How can you say no to that? // 1408 Clement St, Outer Richmond,

Photo courtesy of The Wishing Well WorkshopPhoto courtesy of The Wishing Well Workshop

Photo courtesy of The Wishing Well Workshop

The Wishing Well Workshop

Calling all artists who live in the Richmond district, The Wishing Well Workshop is a haven for makers of all sorts. The store started as a dream to keep creative people supplied and prepared to take on a world that is becoming increasingly technology dependent. On the retail side of the shop, Wishing Well Workshop sells a curated selection of art supplies, whimsical hand made craft gifts, and the creations of local artists. Their products focus on the importance of keeping in touch with the creative spirit. // 252 Clement St, Inner Richmond,

Photo courtesy of Park LifePhoto courtesy of Park Life

Photo courtesy of Park Life

Park Life

A perfect home-ware haven, this creative outpost furthers their exploration of art with a constantly rotating selection of books and posters. They feature hard to find, limited edition, and unique items that include; books (art, type, design, photography, etc.), modern design objects, prints, paper goods, t-shirts, home-wares, jewelry, artist multiples, original art and more. You could get easily lost down the rabbit hole. // 220 Clement St, Inner Richmond,

Photo courtesy of Violet’sPhoto courtesy of Violet’s

Photo courtesy of Violet’s


Nestled in the charming corner of Clement St. and 24th Ave, Violet’s flaunts a fresh seafood raw bar, late night eats and ingredient-driven craft cocktails. This urban, design-forward approach to the old-fashioned concept of a tavern is the idea of Boris Nemchenok, Brandon Gillis and Chef Dante Cecchini. Intending to pursue the basic principle of a tavern, a comfortable place for community gathering and relaxing, Violet’s offers something that neighbors and wanderers alike can easily love. Past the curved walnut bar, dark blue leather banquettes, specially designed peacock marbled wallpaper and Capiz oyster shell chandelier, one will find that Violet’s has been perfected down to the details. // 2301 Clement St, Outer Richmond,

Photo via TimeOut SFPhoto via TimeOut SF

Photo via TimeOut SF

Balboa Theatre

A real community player, Balboa Theater stands tall through the tests of time. On opening day, Mr. [Samuel H.] Levin stated: “In building theaters nearest the home it is my aim to provide entertainment for them of a standard worthy of family patronage. In the New Balboa, as in all my theaters, I seek to supply the comforts and intimate surroundings associated with the higher ideals of home life.” This theater keeps cinema alive with homing up-and-coming, private showings for movie buffs, and everything in between. You’ll experience longtime independent cinema with a mix of Hollywood blockbusters, indie fare & special screenings. // 3630 Balboa St, Outer Richmond,

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Photo via Pinterest

Aroma Tea Shop

Owner’s Ying Wu and Haymen Da Luz have scoured loose leaf tea from all reachable parts of Asia to bring SF. Their quaint little shop in the Inner Richmond is wall to wall stocked with a huge variety, it may take a minute to familiarize yourself. If you’re looking for the proper accessories to deep steep, they also offer one-of-a-kind tools as well. Happy steeping. // 302 6th Ave, Inner Richmond,

Photo via The Xocolate Bar.Photo via The Xocolate Bar.

Photo via The Xocolate Bar.

Jade’s Chocolate

Viva la chocolate — this small but bountiful chocolate factory is bursting at the seams with new and exciting chocolate recipes that the Bay Area isn’t ready for. Infusing raw teas and spices into their recipes, Jades becomes the go-to bellwether for all things sweet and innovative, just ask our friends over at Tea People who pair their flights with a sweet square by Jade’s herself. // 4207 Geary Blvd, Inner Richmond,

// Written by the Bob Cut Editors, photos sourced from the businesses. Want more Insider Guides to San Francisco? Click here. Did we miss your fave spot in the Richmond District? Write in and clue us in.

Insider’s Guide: 24 Hours in The Richmond District

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