Does Paul Wall still make Grillz?

Paul Wall is popularly recognized for two things: Southern Hip Hop rap and making luxurious grills. Wall and his business partner Dang, who met the Houston rap idol while working at a local flea market, made elegant grills under the Grillz umbrella for everyone, from celebrities like; Kanye West to Nelly, since 1998. Read about […]

#SaveSmall: Emi Grannis Jewelry Is The Perfect Way To Ring In The Season

Welcome to this small column produced by the Bob Cut intern staff. We posted to our social media giving brands, artists, and small business free space to promote whatever they need in a time where the federal government and the local levels won’t offer relief though expecting small businesses to close. So enjoy the promotions […]

Gilded Irony: Artists Decorate Streets With Gold

In a recent ploy at protesting the ever-rising cost of living in the Bay Area, artists Erik Schmitt and Nick Bushman have taken credit for a shiny new form of vandalism: turning objects on the street gold.   23-karat gold, to be specific. Schmitt and Bushman teamed up for this project they call “Gilded Cities”, […]

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