Does Paul Wall still make Grillz?

Does Paul Wall still make Grillz?

Paul Wall is popularly recognized for two things: Southern Hip Hop rap and making luxurious grills. Wall and his business partner Dang, who met the Houston rap idol while working at a local flea market, made elegant grills under the Grillz umbrella for everyone, from celebrities like; Kanye West to Nelly, since 1998. Read about Does Paul Wall still make Grillz?

Motivated by Johnny Dang and his inherent skill to frame complex decorated grills, After Paul partnered up with Nelly for the bang hit “Grillz” in 2005, there was a million percent increase in Grillz business after the song was released. The music was like a commercial advertisement for him and his partner Johnny Dang to make grills. 

Does Paul Wall still make Grillz?

Yes, Paul Wall is still making Grillz. Possibly at the start, Paul Wall was just an artistic image in the realm of Grillz, a front and brand to go with a returning style. However, as many celebrities embraced the Grillz craze, it became impossible for Paul Wall to quit. 

Paul Wall has delivered Grillz to celebrities like Ludacris, Meek Mill, Nelly, Chris Brown, B.O.B, and 2 Chainz. 

Among his lyrics in one of his songs has come to be nearly predictive with its literalness. For example, when he rapped that his teeth are intriguing, giving everyone coolness, he should be addressed as George Foreman because he is selling everyone Grillz, as he is still making and selling Grillz even today.

History of Grillz trend

Grillz have made some modern prominent Rapper’s teeth expensive due to more than the rap creations that accompany them.

However, rappers are recognized for their grillz-filled teeth. Plein is the one attributed with starting the Grillz trend with hip hop musicians in the 80’s. The artists of the time usually went with gold teeth or reinforced some gems. Since then, teeth Grillz has improved tremendously and displayed by folks outside hip hop and music. It is recorded that Eddie Plein now charges at least $100 per tooth to craft custom mouth grills.

Five top expensive Grillz

 These are the rappers having the most costly teeth:

1) Lil Wayne recounts that his set of grill teeth was $150,000. 

2) Paul Well-crafted grills loaded with bling. The designs begin at the cost of $65 per tooth. His grills are created with your selection of gold and diamonds in assorted colors. He has stated publicly that his own set of teeth was worth over $20,000. However, he has been snapped wearing a $30,000 teeth set, putting him in a draw with T-Pain.

Vocalist and musician T-Pain rock a set crafted with a pave design of yellow diamonds. His sparklers are said to cost him over $30,000.

3) Made by Paul Wall, John Lil has a set of grills designed with diamonds and platinum. His custom set is worth $50,000. His grills are so stunning he was nicknamed King of da Grillz in a 2009 scales list.

4) Grills designed by Paul Wall are that of Kelis and Nas rocking matching sets worth $36,000 each to commemorate their engagement. 

5) Flashy sets of shining Grillz are for everyone; numerous corporations sell Grillz to the public with sale prices beginning as low as $27 per set and increasing cost considerably. 

The reason behind “Why grill is popular among artists.”

Folks already in the Hip Hop circle, it is nothing private that Grillz is in vogue in many bands lately. Famous artists and celebrities from Diddy to Madonna are recognized for wearing grills. 

Grillz is popular among many artists because it is viewed as a fashion opinion and a unique way to portray yourself. It is also a means to display your riches and importance for the affluent and famous by adding some additional bling to your teeth.

Benefits of wearing Grillz ( Gold teeth)

Opposite to traditional sentiments, having grills is not often for aesthetic motives. Gold is recognized as an excellent metal for having a healthy tooth. The gold tooth is precisely a gold cap that covers the natural teeth. Gold teeth are essential to coat a decaying tooth or if the tooth is broken, stained, or experienced a root canal. The cap used consists of porcelain or gold.

Summary/ Conclusion

Paul Wall is a famous hip-hop rapper and Grillz maker who is still making Grillz. His Grillz business breakthrough occurred after the song’s release. He co-sang with Nell, titled Grillz. Grillz is very popular among artists and is increasingly trending among the general public too.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How many Grillz does Paul Wall have?
  • Paul Wall always has 20 different sets of Grillz.
  1. What is the side effect of having grills? 
  • It should be pointed out that grills have side effects, such as inflicting cavities and gum infection when not appropriately taken care of.
Does Paul Wall still make Grillz?

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