legion of honor

Symbols of Actual Life: The Legion of Honor Redefines Art for the Masses

This means much more than just a smattering of massive, gorgeous canvases… It often strikes me quite plainly, the contrasts of this city. The modern innovation mixed with history, the buzz of youth coexisting with the hum of the long established, the profound wealth just a street over from poverty. This juxtaposition of two extremities […]

The Legion of Honor Breathes Life into Casanova’s Europe

“The man of the world is wholly a mask. What he is, is nothing. What he appears to be, is everything.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote these words in the mid-eighteenth century, yet anyone alive in modern society would find it difficult to dispute their truth still today. The allure of mischief, fantasy, and other-worldly celebrity are […]

We Meet Again: Klimt and Rodin at the Legion of Honor

No need to leave your own city to see some of the world’s most revered, masterful art this fall. The Legion of Honor has got your back. The museum’s new exhibition, Klimt & Rodin: An Artistic Encounter, brings together two of the most beloved artists in one unforgettable collection. Gustav Klimt, the Austrian artist behind […]

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