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Heading Outdoors? Do It For The ‘Gram at These 3 Gorgeous Spots

In case your Instagram, stories, or other social media needed some greenery (or if you actually wanted a new hike), take moment before X-mas and get your butt outside. We don’t want to write a whole explainer of why you should go—these spots for a quick holiday hike are more than why. 1. Bernal Heights […]

The Garden of E-Waste is a Chilling Testament to 21st Century Innovation

We love our tech, it’s never not with us in some capacity. Whether it’s attached to the hip, your wrist, or even in your ear. For artist Jean Shin, commissioned by the Asian Art Museum, her solo exhibition reassesses the role obsolete technology can play in our desire to find meaningful connections—both with the natural […]

Curtain Call: The Tales of Desperaux is a Family-Friendly Affair With Cross-Generational Appeal

From the first song — including a prologue, a love letter to librarians and storytelling — it was clear you that, by sheer talent alone, the Pig Pen Co. Theatre production would appeal to any age demographic in attendance. The tale is one that’s, say, been told in some manner more than a few times: […]

An Ode to San Francisco’s Hella Pretty Side Walks

As memoirist Cheryl Strayed often says, “put yourself in the way of beauty.” Or, in our case—just walk alongside it. Our seven-by-seven slice of concrete and conifers is bursting with beauty. Be it man-made or natural occurring, you can’t spend a day in The city and not bump into or stumble upon something beguiling. But […]

SFMOMA Gives Us An Insight into The Famed Sea Ranch

Lovers of good home design or design in general, this Sea Ranch exhibition has your name written all over it. The Sea Ranch community, located on a 10-mile stretch of coast in Sonoma County, was a striking, yet not entirely successful, response to the urban sprawl that sparked shortly after World War II. Conceived in 1964 by […]

Hollywood comes to San Francisco and the de Young Museum with Photographer Steve Kahn

The de Young museum will showcase Steve Kahn’s “The Hollywood Suites”, a conceptual photographic series depicting Los Angeles’s social hemorrhaging throughout the 1970’s. Steve Kahn did what artistically inclined individuals tend to do in midst of the societal disintegration; make sense of absurdity through experimental art making. The product of his creative investigations became a […]

We Are Currently Obsessed with Artist Lutz Hornischer’s Reclaimed Wood Sculptures

If you’re wondering about the piece above, it use to be a dilapidated fence in North Berkeley. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” could not ring more true for Berkeley-based sculptor and artist Lutz Hornischer, who fashions sustainable/reclaimed wood into modern and beautiful designs. Everything from beautiful wall art to free standing wood pieces, […]

We Meet Again: Klimt and Rodin at the Legion of Honor

No need to leave your own city to see some of the world’s most revered, masterful art this fall. The Legion of Honor has got your back. The museum’s new exhibition, Klimt & Rodin: An Artistic Encounter, brings together two of the most beloved artists in one unforgettable collection. Gustav Klimt, the Austrian artist behind […]

Art In Color: A Light Installation Is Coming Next Month To The Castro

And it honors Harvey Milk in the most extravagant way possible. To honor our first openly gay elected official, Illuminate The Arts and Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza will unveil two light displays honoring the LGBT icon next month to commemorate the 40th anniversary Harvey Milk’s election to the Board of Supervisors. In a way to beautify the […]

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