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Loyalty Program of Pizza Hut

Introduction One of the most famous American multinational restaurant companies Pizza hut is a franchise headquartered in Texas United States. It is famous for selling the popular Italian dish pizzas. Besides pizza, it also has multiple options on the menu such as bread-sticks, desserts, and pasta. A customer loyalty program is a scheme that keeps the […]

Loyalty Program of Kate Quinn

For to know “Loyalty Program of Kate Quinn” read the article completely. Kate Quinn was established in 2006. In the beginning, the company sold high-end boutiques across the US and worldwide. The company followed the tactics of designing and producing seasonal collections four times a year. The company is prominent for selling high-quality brands, soft […]

UBER Loyalty Programs-Know More

Among many market strategies used by companies and organizations for increased revenue, Loyalty programs are one such to increase revenue by retaining their existing customers. By making an account with the company its customers can utilize the program through which they would be rewarded with certain benefits after each purchase. These perks usually involve discounts […]

About Voyager Loyalty Program

Introduction Voyager is a multinational Company that began in 1984. It was founded by Bill Becker, Aleen Stein, John Turell and Robert Stein. The company deals with contemporary films and a collection of video homes that are on Laserdisc. Loyalty programs are a way to attract and encourage customers to purchase products in various stores […]

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