UBER Loyalty Programs-Know More

Among many market strategies used by companies and organizations for increased revenue, Loyalty programs are one such to increase revenue by retaining their existing customers. By making an account with the company its customers can utilize the program through which they would be rewarded with certain benefits after each purchase. These perks usually involve discounts […]

“Studies” Show A Higher Collision Rate For Ride-Share Driving in the USA

Because it’s easier to blame technology that pushed new agendas rather than save former driving services. Earlier this week, researchers at the University of Chicago released a preliminary draft of an upcoming report suggesting that ride-hailing apps like San Francisco-based Lyft and Uber may lead to more accidents on American roads. A few caveats are […]

Comedic Timing—Uber Drivers in SF Who Don’t Commit Crimes But Cause Insatiable Humor

We all make mistakes but some are funnier than others. This little mess (found on Hoodline) was an Uber story that got more of a comedic laugh than a citation but still sub-came to somewhat malicious commenters. On the corner of Church and Market near the Safeway stairs, an Uber driver who said, “to be […]

Why Is Getting Your Shit Back From Uber A Soap Opera: Let’s Talk How & Why This Happens

Photo via the Transit Center of America We’ve all gotten way drunker than we wanted too, called an Uber, and unfortunately have left items in said Uber. What do you do? I, who use ride sharing apps frequently, haven’t ever been privy to the idea of losing my personal items in someone’s vehicle. I triple […]

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