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From Treasurefest to Better Feels—This Weekend is as Bright as the Bay Area Weather

We’re in the last weekend of May and man, how time has flown. It feels like yesterday we were trying to figure out our Zoom accounts, how does a breakout room work, how does OBS works (for our streamers reading). But now, we’re at a mastery level and the style and sophistication of everyone’s streaming […]

Celebrate the Human Spirit Through Dance, Wellness, Culture This Weekend

The sun is shining, the air is clear, and there is plenty going on in this magical city of ours. What I love most about the Bay Area is that we still know how to have a good time even in the face of adversity. Now, when we celebrate, we also perform acts of philanthropy; […]

Kites, Pictures, and Music—Oh My! Your Weekend Guide is Full of Events To Attend

It feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel, trying to break through—if you squint your eyes, you can almost see it. With our city slowly starting to open back up, I can’t help but imagine and fantasize about all the parties and outings with friends and the friends I haven’t met […]

This Weekend Grab a Rosé Cocktail and Get Cultured With Documentaries and Art Shows Alike

I have to admit; it has been a roller coaster of emotions and feelings since we first started to SIP. Some days have been easy, and some days quite honestly have been tough. But I still look forward to the weekend, even though it may not mean the same thing it used to – there […]

If You’ve Ever Wanted To Laugh So Hard Or Attend The “Best Dance Party”, Now’s Your Time This Weekend

Looking for bright spots during this time has been easy—our communities have stepped up, and we have all pulled together while staying apart. Event organizers have worked hard to keep us entertained while trying to keep their businesses and industry alive, and for that, I know we are all thankful. This weekend the party continues […]

The Weekend Is All About Seeing The Sunnier Side of Life Through Meditation And Digital Nature Walks

The Bay keeps trucking along. Don’t tell us that we’re canceled, we will always find a way to keep the motion in the ocean. In times like these we always turn to nature, creatives and healers. They provide the joy, the calm, the escape–and they always seem to express how we are feeling in ways […]

Ganja Yoga, Tarot Workshops, and More This Weekend In The Bay Area

Virtual is the new reality and taking the dog out for a walk has become a moment of joy. We by nature are social creatures and not even a pandemic can stop us from connecting and sharing the human experience. As our new normal sets in, online experiences and events are becoming more important, allowing […]

The Weekend Is Full Of Art, Comedy, and Music: Here’s Your Virtual Weekend Agenda

This weekend is a great reminder of the resiliency of our Bay Area communities. It’s been over 20 days since we have all been at home, and some of us have started talking to plants and hiding in the bathroom to get some space—but we persist. We keep creating and we keep showing up. So […]

It’s Outside Lands Weekend But There Is More Stuff Happening Too

Don’t be tardy to the party, cause it’s Outside Lands weekend!  Outside Lands is San Francisco’s own Coachella, with way better foods and a lack of lukewarm overpriced water bottles being sold to escape the desert heat. Instead, Karl the Fog usually crashes the party, so bring a hoodie and enjoy the show. Elsewhere in […]

Brews, Boats, And Florals For A Weekend Out

This weekend is all about boats, brews, and sweet tunes. Good thing they go well with breezy summer weather! I got a nautical themed pashmina afghan When: Saturday, June 21st, 1 P.M. – 3 P.M. Where: Lake Merritt Boating Center Why: The only thing better than boats are free boats. Even better: free parking on […]

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