What Does Wine, Matcha, and Running Have In Common? A Full Weekend Guide

Every few years, Britain’s royal family gives us another opportunity to actively not give a shit about one of their weddings. It’s about that time again, so here’s a list of cooler shit to do than watch Meghan Markle defect from Team America.  Give your out of towner friends something to see When: Saturday May […]

San Francisco’s First Matcha Cafe is Here, and We’re in Love!

Matcha Cafe Maiko opened its doors just a few weeks ago in Japantown and has already taken the SF insta-scene by storm.   But judging from the hordes of people lining up for a peep, that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. We got the chance to chat with owner Chris Chin to […]

The Master Matcha Guide: How This Powerful Green Powder Gained Its Grassy Roots In Bay Area Food

When I was first introduced to the world of matcha green tea, I was taken aback. A caffeinated beverage that didn’t stir up my overly active heart and made me feel incredibly zen—it was a whole new world for sure. Enter Wenter Shyu: co-founder of Bay Area’s favorite Mochi Muffin and Third Culture Bakery. A […]

How I Became An Accidental Barista And Why I Loved It

Now that I know the difference between soy and rice milk, I’ll never make jokes about the two again. And just like our last “How I Became” story, I fell into this position out of friendship and a curiosity to try. For those who saw me, I was guest barista’ing for my friends over at […]

Buy This Now: Tea People’s New Matcha Powder Is Oh So Chic

The Matcha Powder by Tea People, photo courtesy of Tea People When there is whisk, there is a way and this new Tea People matcha, we absolutely crave. We were on the edge of our seat when Tea People, announced their newest high-grade matcha packs on all their social. Made at ceremonial grade quality, we […]

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