How to Write the Perfect Sprinkle Invitation?

Best sprinkle invitations wording

What do you think about a perfect sprinkle invitation for baby? Well, we are here to help you write the invites that your guests would love!

A baby sprinkle is a less fancy yet very intimate and unique way to welcome another child. An event where loved ones gather and sprinkle their love while the family doesn’t have to bear the load of a huge party!

There can be many creative ways for different sprinkles to write an invitation, be it a boy sprinkle or a girl or a gender reveal sprinkle, a bring something to remember sprinkle, or even a shower of diapers sprinkle; we got it all covered!

Baby sprinkle invitation wording for a boy –

Blue is your color because a baby boy is on the way! Help the guests know the essential sprinkle facts and top it off with some blue-colored shoe openers in miniature, all in the invitation itself. 

  • The second boy is on his way into the world! So gather with us to sprinkle loads of love on the mommy and her munchkin-to-be.
  • Oh, my baby boy! Guess what? Our new little man is coming soon!
  • Forget the golf game and all the lions to tame! Instead, our new man needs a crib, changing table, and a cradle!
  • A mister is on his way. Can we make some hay!

Baby sprinkle invitation wording for a girl-

When it’s time for a new princess to come into the world, her welcome should be the style she and her mommy deserve! So be it the pink splash or a tea macaroon meet or a beach party with virgin margaritas, use these simple yet warm openers for a baby sprinkle for a girl invitation.

  • Accompany us to welcome the little queen because she is coming to win your hearts with her smile!
  • We believe in pink! So does the mommy to be; we want you to paint it pink with us!
  • Make way for another star! she is on her way to us, and we need your blessings. 
  • Our little girlie is on her way to charm you, mommy-to-bebless us with your presence!

Co-ed baby Sprinkle invitations –

Why should ladies have all the fun? Since it takes both the parents and all the aunts and uncles, in short, the whole family to raise kids, use this co-ed sprinkle invite to ask all your family and friends to share their joy because “the more, the merrier.”

  • A new king is on the way, so we are dining, and it won’t be a treat without you, so raise a toast to our new addition.
  • Since we’re expecting again! We hope you join us for burgers and bibs.
  • Not just the ladies, the gentleman also makes some noise because a baby is coming!
  • Making another baby was a task, and raising it would be heavy! So we are chilling on the beach for a day and taking the steam off. Would you bring some virgin margaritas and some cool moves? 

Bringing something that reminds the baby of your Sprinkle invitation – 

Greeting cards are lovely, but what would be more memorable? Something that reminds the baby of your existence should make. Use swing-a-souvenir wording on the baby Sprinkle invitation to let the guests know they can skip the card while in exchange for a Memento!

  • Gift card for Souvenir –  we want the baby to remember you by something!
  • The baby needs some good memories; help us create some with you! 
  • Bring the munchkin a part of you because cards are so essential! 

Gender reveal sprinkle invitation –

Finding out if it’s a boy or a girl is usually a big deal. While some parents celebrate with the doctor, others make it a magical surprise for family and friends. Slime to cake fillings to balloons or even a fun guess game, it can be anything. Following are some lines you need for a gender reveal sprinkle invitation.

  • With another surprise on our way, join us to find out the wardrobe color blue or pink or both! 
  • Boy or girl, we’ll soon know, it could be Aladdin or Jasmine what it could be? So join us to find out! 
  • ”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I Wonder What You Are.” We are wondering too! Let’s find out together, deal?

Shower, The Baby with diapers, Sprinkle invite –

What does the baby on the way need the most? – diapers, baby sprinkles are a great event to collect all the diapers you can for the pooper coming. Use these openers to invite people on a diaper’s baby sprinkle.

If you bring diapers at a great price, you may receive them; they will send you lots of love and wishes!

Shower the baby with some diapers because we are about to become some poop wipers!

Bring a little extra from your heart, and an unpacked packet of diapers should be a great start!

Other creative ideas

According to us, the baby sprinkles, even though a minor event, is as essential as a baby shower. Don’t let someone tell you otherwise! You can invite your guests with card clue games, or it can be a trivia card invite. Think outside the box because the baby coming deserves a blast of a party, and so does the mommy-to-be! Use puns and idioms, play with words, and make it fun.

To conclude;

Adding to a growing family usually means baby’s parents would need a hand in fulfilling baby’s requirements. Sometimes the money isn’t enough for a shower so a sprinkle is your aid. Rather than having a big shower, sprinkle might save you a lot of money so why not? The invitation is the first charm of the party so keep it simple yet effective.

Frequently asked questions

Q1) How to invite people to a virtual baby Sprinkle?

Ans. When writing the virtual baby Sprinkle invitation use phrases like come let’s celebrate the arrival of a new star or life never been cuter make sure you mention the date and time of the event

Q2) What is the right time to send a Sprinkle invite?

Ans. The typical baby Shark takes place around the 6th 7th month to the invitation should be sent at least a month before hand because many guests might forget if you send them before.

Q3) How do you say Ladies Only in a Sprinkle invite?

Ans. Write a formal sentence inviting the ladies to your event if its formal like you are cordially invited to a woman’s only party or you are invited to a ladies dinner party and for casual invites right ladies night out come celebrate

Q4) Whose name first goes on the baby Sprinkle invitation?

Ans. The invitation firstly should clearly state the name of the guest of honour mom-to-be e a both the parents the host also should be mentioned with the best contact for reservations

Q5) Should you put registry on baby Sprinkle invitation?

Ans. While it’s not considered rude to put registry on baby Sprinkle invite, it could seem to suggest that getting a gift is as necessary as inviting your guests to the event.

How to Write the Perfect Sprinkle Invitation?

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