Which astrological sign commits suicide the most?

Which astrological sign commits suicide the most?

Each person has a different way of reacting to a situation. While the environment and surroundings significantly influence this, the zodiac sign also affects how they respond to a particular situation. 

Despite astrology being dropped off as one of the sciences, almost every person reading about their zodiac signs can reflect their personality in what they read. Some studies showed that people belonging to a particular zodiac sign are more prone to committing suicide. Read on to find which astrological sign commits suicide the most. 

Which astrological sign commits suicide the most?

The zodiac sign which is most likely to die by suicide is Pisces. This can be backed up by statistical data where most suicides in several countries were of people with Pisces as their star sign. People belonging to the Pisces star sign are attracted to self-undoing as they can see the world objectively. 

They cannot detach or distance themselves from their surroundings. They feel everything so closely, absorbing everyone’s feelings like a sponge. Being sensitive, they don’t have someone to confide in their feelings. This makes people of Pisces drown in pain and agony while detaching from people and processing everything they feel. 

In addition to this, people of Pisces sign give in to people quickly, leading to some ups and downs experiences. It is also claimed that people belonging to the sign have a “tortured soul” within them. People belonging to the sign are more prone to depression.

What Causes Depression in Each Zodiac Sign? 

Depression and severe mental health disorders cause anxiety and a feeling of worthlessness. This makes the individuals question their existence. According to astrologers, depression is associated with the zodiac signs, with each sign susceptible to it differently. Let us look at the causes of depression in each zodiac sign in the order of their existence. 


People belonging to this zodiac sign are primarily impatient and competitive. They constantly crave attention and throw tantrums when they don’t receive it. In addition to this, people of this zodiac sign are workaholics, often putting them in stressful situations. Depression in Aries is rare but likely. 


People belonging to this zodiac sign are admirers of romance, food, and beautiful things. They want to be surrounded by life’s finest offerings and often exhibit stubbornness, loyalty, and dependability. With these traits, Taurus people are more likely to be depressed when they don’t get what they expect and deserve. 


Geminis prefer to be busy. People of Gemini are the most curious of all the signs. They have at least two personalities residing inside them all the time. They can flip between their moods and interests swiftly. People belonging to this zodiac sign prefer to wander all the time, just like air. This attribute makes it less likely for Geminis to develop depression, except for heartbreak. 


People having Cancer as their zodiac sign go through many mood cycles. They are loyal and susceptible individuals who are more inclined towards their mothers. These attributes put them at a higher risk of developing depression. 


Also known as a sign of drama, people having Leo as their zodiac sign are leaders from birth who need appreciation from time to time. People belonging to this zodiac sign have two extremes and get things their way by hook or crook. If things don’t go as planned, they are good with moving on tactics. All these traits make the development of depression a rare sight. 


Virgos love the outdoors and are always excited to travel. Though people belonging to this zodiac sign appear innocent on the outside, they are very good at analyzing and never miss details. Virgos overthink and are very critical of themselves. Though the zodiac sign doesn’t fall into depression easily, they are likely to suffer if they accidentally hurt people from their inner circles. 


Libras are very much organized, who love art and a harmonious environment. They are often caught up with work, which leaves them with no time for themselves. People of this sign can’t stand unjust things. They usually get depressed as they go mad deciding whether something is right or wrong. 


Scorpios are mysterious beings who are wholly devoted to their loved ones. They are badass to people who cross over them. People of this zodiac sign are so influential that it is highly impossible to leave their presence unnoticed. They can quickly get obsessed and devastated if their secrets go out, leading to heartbreaks and depression.  


People belonging to this zodiac sign are full of positive energy and confidence. They are free-spirited individuals who are more into traveling and exploring. Being a sign of happiness, it is a rare sight to see people of this zodiac sign suffer from depression. However, if they do get depressed, they have an innate ability to fight negativity and come out of depression by changing their destination. 


Capricorns are the most devoted hard workers of all the twelve zodiac signs. They are entirely devoted to their loved ones. They are old souls who believe in traditions. While going through tough times, individuals with this sign get moody and don’t allow even their closest people to come near them. This trait of combating any challenging situation all alone puts them into depression. But being strong individuals, they can resurrect out of it in no time. 


Individuals having Aquarius as their zodiac sign hate it when people tell them they are wrong. They possess their unique way of dealing with things and can be both team players and individualists simultaneously. People of this zodiac sign have clearly set goals and possess the ability to rationalize everything, making them highly unlikely to develop depression. 


It should be noted that the analysis mentioned above is entirely based upon the basic personality traits of people belonging to different zodiac signs. People’s traumatic experiences can also influence them to take the extreme step, whatever zodiac sign they belong to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Astrological Sign has the highest frequency of suicide by hanging?

People belonging to the star sign Virgo are considered more likely to commit suicide by hanging, with Sagittarius and Scorpio showing the slightest signs of death by hanging.  

Which Astrological Sign is considered as craziest?

People belonging to the zodiac sign Gemini are considered the most volatile and the craziest. People of the sign are known for their split personality and go from 0 to 100 in seconds. 

Which Zodiac Sign is more prone to mental illness?

Fire signs comprising Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo are considered to have impulse control issues, followed by water signs containing Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. On the other hand, Earth Signs comprising Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo appear to be well-grounded. 

Which Astrological sign is most common among serial killers?

According to the statistic, nearly 55 serial killers have Capricorn zodiac signs common, making Capricorn the most common zodiac sign among serial killers, followed by Leo and Sagittarius. People belonging to the Capricorn zodiac sign aim for total power and control, the lack of which will make them resort to the most notorious killings.  

What are the most dangerous zodiac signs, according to the FBI?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation analyzed the criminal data and released a list of the most dangerous zodiac signs. According to the analysis, cancer zodiac signs are considered the most dangerous criminals, followed by Libras. The latter has the most criminal record compared to other zodiac signs.  

Which astrological sign commits suicide the most?

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