Which astrological sign commits suicide the most?

Each person has a different way of reacting to a situation. While the environment and surroundings significantly influence this, the zodiac sign also affects how they respond to a particular situation.  Despite astrology being dropped off as one of the sciences, almost every person reading about their zodiac signs can reflect their personality in what […]

What is 333 Numerology?

Do you constantly see the number 333? What does this mean? Well, it could be just a combination of some numbers and nothing else. Or sometimes it could mean something important to someone.  So where does all of this come from?  In simple terms studying these combinations of numbers and implying conclusions based on the […]

Left Eye Twitching Spiritual Meaning

Eye twitching is one of the most common occurring phenomena. Many of us experience it at least once in our lifetime. These things indicate that something terrible maybe happened to you. This mainly shows that you must have a break from your daily routine of work, but as you all know, there are so many […]

Can Astrology Be Our Modern Day Pocket Bible? Thoughts About Daily Horoscopes

Coming into my late twenties, you’d think that I would have it all figured out. You would think. Often if not all the time, I go to the people who know me the most. My mother, my immediate friends, even a therapist to talk through what I’m feeling in the deepest core of my gut. […]

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