How Does Samsung Health App Measure Steps?

How Does Samsung Health Measure Steps


There are bound questions we keep asking, as the world is fascinating with its innovation. This article is for those curious minds who love inventions and innovations, and we are digging deep into answering your questions. Samsung health app uses sensors like accelerometers, pedometers, altimeters, and GPS that are inbuilt in our phones to reckon the movement and acceleration of our body to measure a step.

The above mentioned is one of the several ways. If you wish to know in detail, keep reading to infuse some knowledge.

How Does An App On The Phone Track The Steps

Understanding how the Samsung health app tracks the steps is essential to understand the viable backend work.

A phone has few inbuilt things named “GPS receiver,” “accelerometers,” and “altimeter,” which are the one among the several ways that contribute to counting the steps. So let’s get about the three terms’ contribution.

  • GPS receiver tracks distance that lets the individual know how far they have walked by counting the steps.
  • Accelerometers in the phone help to measure the acceleration. 

An accelerometer is used to measure steps in Samsung Health.

  • Accelerometer functions as acceleration or negative acceleration that speeds up and stops every time the phone makes a moment. 
  • The software stack operating system analyzes and notices the rhythmic patterns of our body by using accessible data in the phone to conclude that they are steps.
  • The operating system analyzes the pattern and ultimately counts the distance of the steps. 
  • Altimeters presented in the app measure the minor changes in the steps taken, which differentiates when the legs move from one floor to another to cater to the number of floors the legs have moved up or down. 

In technical terms, the steps are the accelerometers and the noticed rhythmic patterns of a walk or run.

Other ways to figure out the steps include connecting the phone to cloud services or the web. Devices, when moved on the web(field), can track the steps of a person. 

The Samsung health app uses a pedometer to track your steps.

When using a pedometer, how does Samsung health keep track of your steps?

The portable design of the pedometer counts the steps taken by a person by detecting the gesture of the legs or hips. The pedometer present in the phone’s backend measures every step. Our phone has this inbuilt feature in the app itself. To find how this feature contributes, open the app and tap the ‘Home tab.’ Then, tap on the ‘steps widget’ to view all the recorded steps. 

You don’t have to invest in another device to get Samsung health to count steps. Instead, just put the phone into your pocket and let the app do its work in counting the steps. 

Additional Features of the Samsung Health App

Samsung Galaxy devices have the pre-installed Samsung health app. Click on the Samsung apps folder to find the ‘Samsung Health App.’ If you can’t find the app pre-installed, you can install it from the play store or galaxy app store. 

After creating a profile in the app, click on’ Me Tab’ to get started by filling in your details (age, gender, weight, and height). 

‘Me Tab’ is like a personal assistant to track and remind you of all of your health activities. ‘Me Tab’ is a breakdown of various trackers like weight management, step counts, etc. It is a widget to get a glance at the recorded document of your previous activities. You can find the ‘Me Tab’ on the main page.

There is a leader board that allows you to check ‘how you are doing’ versus others. Also, a terrific app to have healthy competition among your peers.

Another tab named “Ask An Expert” allows you to schedule an appointment with a doctor online.

Underneath the ask an expert tab, layers of articles/documents cover stories, news, or anything regarding health. 

On the top right-hand side, you have various options under the setting—’manage items’ where you can manage all your items related to health. This setting is nothing but an extended managing tool to control the activities on the main page.

To pick one item as an instance, you will get all the information about your weight on this options page.

With the Samsung health app, you can also track how many floors you have climbed, your water intake, caffeine levels, heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, and sleep. 

Samsung health app also has varied exercise trackers that comprise cycling trackers, hiking, leg extensions, leg presses, plank, push-ups, sit-ups, swimming, treadmill, weight machines, and exercise bike tracker. You can enable it anytime if you wish to work on any of these exercises, and those enabled exercises will appear on the main page.

And sports trackers including Badminton, and Baseball. It also has ballet dance and ballroom dancing options. You can add anything from this tab to the main tab to stalk your development.

Samsung Health App Accuracy in Measuring Steps

You must have wondered how artificial intelligence can count how many steps I am taking. Although this world is moving ahead with technology, we cannot 100% rely on it for accuracy. As humans, relatively technology and artificial intelligence also can make a blunder while providing the outcomes. 

The Samsung health app uses a GPS receiver; the distance traced using the GPS receiver is as accurate as the GPS navigator of the digital maps. The app uses the GPS sensor to measure the rhythmic moments to calculate the distance traveled to measure the steps. 

The only extortion of the ‘GPS receiver’ could be the margin of error while inferring the distance.

When it comes to the accuracy of the pedometer of the Samsung health app, it is not very accurate as it can vividly render any motion of the body, reckoning it as a step. 

The accelerometer can capture any moment and infer as a step. For example, a movement in a bus or while transporting—these moments sum up like the Samsung health app steps.

The altimeter is there to detect the minor alterations taken to differentiate it from the other forms of movement. But this detection is inaccurate or will not work while in an elevator as it can distinguish this movement as a step. 


Now that we have a health monitor just a touch away using the Samsung app for various activities. It is also equipped to start your ultimate fitness journey with this track coach—’Samsung Health App’.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is there a pedometer in the Samsung health app?

Yes, the Samsung health app uses a pedometer.

  • Can we schedule an appointment with doctors online on the Samsung health app?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment with doctors online on the Samsung health app.

  • Are there other exercise options to track apart from counting steps?

There are other exercise options on the Samsung health app, like cycling, hiking, swimming, etc., to track.

How Does Samsung Health App Measure Steps?

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