What does eating cake mean sexually?

What does eating cake mean sexually?

With time, humans have developed several ways of conveying a particular meaning without using the actual words which might sound problematic in public. These words are often known as euphemistic words used in places of inappropriate or blunt words to soften them. Read more to find out the euphemistic meaning of Eating cake.

One such expression of euphemism is “Eating cake.” Eating cake in a normal layman’s language is quite simple but its euphemistic meaning refers to sexual intercourse on the beach. Instead of saying sex on the beach humans often refer to the following euphemism for conveying the same meaning. The word cake is also used to refer to a girl’s buttocks and thus having a nice cake means having a nice butt. The word is often used while flirting with someone to convey complex meaning with simple slang.

When did the euphemism become popular?

This particular euphemism “eating a cake” was first used by the DNCE band in their 2015 debut single titled “Cake by the Ocean.” The literal meaning of the phrase is having “sex at the ocean.” Since then the phrase has been popularly used as a euphemism for its meaning. Using this phrase in the song was all due to coincide.

The DNCE band that debuted in 2015 signed a contract with Republic Records to release their first single “Cake by the Ocean.” The original name of the song was decided to be “Sex on the Beach” which is a classic tropical alcoholic cocktail.

The original producers of the song were Swedish while the singers were American and Korean. The Swedish producers got confused between the drink name and said that they wanted “Cake by the Ocean” instead of “Sex on the Beach.”  This misunderstanding led to the change in the original title of the song as the singers wrote the song from there. So today the song is named “Cake by the Ocean” rather than “Sex on the Beach.” All of this happened due to a simple misunderstanding and later became the band’s inside joke.

Since then many rappers and songwriters have used the word cake and the phrase in their songs. The word gained popularity and is prominently used today while flirting and sexting.

Why is a cake compared to a woman’s ass?

A cake is used as slang to refer to a nice ass. It helps convey complex meaning with easy language. The comparison is done due to cakes resembling a woman’s ass and to avoid the use of inappropriate words.

The song – Cake by the Ocean.

The actual meaning of the song was revealed by Joe Jonas in an interview. Due to their misunderstandings, the song was finally named Cake by the Beach due to its funky and unique style which perfectly represents the band. The song can have different meanings for different people. Some may see it as eating actual cakes by the ocean, some might see it as having sex by the ocean while some might see it as a party anthem for their beach vacations.

There are a lot of facts associated with the song-

  • The song is a debut single of the band meaning it’s their first song ever.
  • The song secured 44th rank in the Billboards and. became the most loved song of 2016.
  • There are a lot of cakes seen throughout the music videos and even suggestions of differ t cake flavors which might taste good while you’re on the beach. 
  • The song highlights vanilla, confetti, chocolate, and red velvet cakes throughout the music video.
  • The lyrics are quite insane, to be honest, and have different references to cakes.

DNCE band

The band is led by Joe Jonas and is an American Korean band that debuted in the year 2015 with their song “Cake by the Ocean”. The band signed a contract with Republic Records. It is a dance and rock-focused band with Joe Jonas as their vocalist, Jack Lawless as a drummer, Cold Whittle as a bassist and keyboard artist, and JinJoo Lee as a guitarist. The band has its origins in California, Los Angeles and their songs have impressed the American people a lot. Their first single Cake by the Ocean was ranked 44th on Billboard in 2016 and was given a Teen Choice Award for Choice Party Song. 

Some other songs launched by the band include –

  • Kissing Strangers- 2016
  • Blown- 2016
  • Toothbrush- 2016
  • Body Moves- 2016
  • TV in the Morning- 2018

The band was functional from 2016- 2019. In 2019 the band decided to go on a hiatus and hasn’t returned yet.

List of songs that have hidden sexual meanings-

  • Hailee Stenfiled – Love Myself. 

It is empowering that motivates women and young girls to love their bodies. But in certain verses, the song highlights female pleasure as well.

  • One Direction- Live while you’re Young

The song has lines that talk about getting it tonight.

  • Fifth Harmony- Work from Home

The song has various places where it highlights having sex at home, by mentioning making the bed an ocean.

  • Madonna- Like a Prayer

The song talks about male pleasure and is sexual even though the lyrics are quite simple.

Other Euphemistic phrases related to cake, desserts.

  • Cakehole – Slang for one’s mouth. It is sometimes also referred to as  “To shut someone’s pie hole.”
  • Frosting the cake- Refers to male ejaculation.
  • Icing the cake- When a man has successfully satisfied a woman.
  • Cheesecake- It is often compared to a female’s body, looks, and refers to a seductive woman.
  • Fruitcake- Slang used to refer to either gay men or the LGBT community people. 
  • Whoopie Cakes- Slang for a female’s buttocks.


Such slang and euphemism do make our life easy. They help while flirting as well can be used in front of kids to protect one’s privacy. 

There is a lot of slang that has been popularized by Gen Z’s. Tik Tok is full of such slang words like-  Period, Flex, Lit, Karen, No cap, and Tea. These slangs are cool and help convey the right meaning to the right person.

With the generational shift, it is important to be updated to fit in.

What does eating cake mean sexually?

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