Why Is Neem Oil Banned In UK?

Why Is Neem Oil Banned In UK?

Neem oil can be used for consumption and as well as for applying on the skin. However, when it comes to the consumption of neem oil, it has been found out that it is potentially toxic and can cause several problems. Read further to know why neem oil banned in UK.

Most people would wonder how come neem oil is hazardous for human beings. In the United Kingdom, it is because of their effects on the human organs they have been banned. However, Neem oil has got its drawbacks along with other chemicals and pesticides. 

Exposure to neem oil can cause serious problems, and it could even lead to the death of a person. So, before choosing to consume fats like these, you need to make sure that whether it is safe for you or not. 

Even if an oil other than neem oil you have been using and you feel some health-related problems because of it, you should immediately stop consuming them. Neem oil banned in the UK, but Canada had also decided to stop because of some import and export problems. 

Neem oil is banned in the UK as a pesticide. Along with neem oil, the UK has also banned several other chemicals and pesticides that have proved fatal for human beings. In the United Kingdom, neem oil was used by applying a tablespoon into 5ml of water. The water would be used to spray for pests such as Aphids, Whiteflies, Snails, and many more. 

Neem Oil Health Hazarding Effects 

When you hear the sound neem oil, you might think that it has so many benefits, but you might be wrong. As per some research conducted in the United Kingdom, people have found that the above statement to be false. 

Exposure to neem oil could lead to infertility in women, or ultimately it could even lead to abortion. Women who are planning to get pregnant soon must know about these things. If you are from a country where this type of neem oil is still in use, you should be careful about that. 

Even in children, if exposure to this type of neem oil could cause severe damage to their liver. As mentioned earlier, neem oil consumption is potentially toxic, which is nothing new after the research. 

On the other hand, some people had felt some irritating when neem oil had been in contact with the eyes. There is a component in neem oil called Azadirachtin which can cause annoying effects on your eyes and as well as on inside the stomach. 

Places like Oregon have also banned neem oil because they found malathion, chlorpyrifos, and permethrin. Some of the common effects found after neem oil uses are as the following:

  • Vomiting, seizures, metabolic acidosis on a 73-year old male.
  • In children, there has been found Reye’s-like syndrome.
  • Kidney failure, severe brain ischemia in kids and young children.
  • It might affect one’s liver. 

Neem Other Uses & Benefits

Neem tree has got so many uses and benefits. The neem tree is also considered a holy tree. The bark of the tree, leaves, seeds, roots, fruit, flowers are all used for one kind of use or another. People suffering from several types of diseases like skin diseases, diabetes, eye disorders can benefit from using products made out of neem trees.

Using neem is safe for most adults, but when they are taken in large doses, then it could be dangerous. It will harm the kidneys and also the liver. Therefore, before using neem products, one should be precautious and know about the warnings. 

Some of the uses and effectiveness of neem are as the following:

  • Used to treat dental plague
  • Works as an insect repellent
  • It helps heal stomach problems like ulcers
  • People with breathing conditions can benefit from it
  • Even used to treat head lice

You should know that neem oil is only banned as a pesticide in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, neem products are sold in the United Kingdom at different concentrations. Therefore, whenever you purchase a neem product, you should check the instructions written on the package. 


Neem oil might be banned in the United Kingdom, but there are substitutes available. One of the replacements for neem oil is rosemary oil which is quite efficient. The rosemary oil also has got a pleasant smell to it. Farmers have also approved the product because of its incredible ability to repel pests. However, one should know that not all types of rosemary oils are the same. Therefore, you need to check before purchasing such types of products. 

Some people have tried hacks like mixing vegetable oil with soap as a pesticide. However, there might be other types of solutions to problems like these.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is neem oil harmful to human beings?

Ans: Yes, neem oil is harmful to human beings because it is toxic and can cause several problems once it is exposed. 

  1. Does neem oil go bad?

Ans: Once purchased, neem oil must be used within one year from opening. When mixed with water, then that batch should be used within 8 hours. 

  1. Is neem oil legal in the United Kingdom?

Ans: Neem oil is illegal because they have been banned in the United Kingdom. Neem oil is only banned as a pesticide in the UK.

  1. Is neem oil banned in Canada?

Ans: Neem oil has not been approved in Canada by the Pesticide Department, and it remains banned in the country. 

  1. What are the effects of neem oil?

Ans: Once someone is exposed to neem oil, he could experience seizures, metabolic acidosis, failure of the kidneys, and severe brain ischemia. Even young kids can suffer from liver problems. 

Why Is Neem Oil Banned In UK?

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