Does the dollar store have mason jars?

Does the dollar store have mason jars?

Mason jars have a wide range of applications. Many people, including you, would have been wondering whether dollar stores have mason jars. 

Dollar stores do have mason jars. So, this increases the chance of you finding mason jars in the dollar store nearer to your home. Besides, dollar stores provide the facility of online delivery. Therefore, you can select mason jars of your choice sitting at the comfort of your home, even from a store that may not be nearer to your address. If you fail to get the mason jars of your choice from your favorite dollar store, you can always do a quick internet search. Besides, you can get recommendations for dollar stores selling mason jars from your friends. 

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Mason jars from dollar stores 

 Not only do dollar stores have mason jars, but these also come in great varieties. They provide mason jars in different sizes and colors. Moreover, mason jars are available with varying shades of the lid. But, dollar stores commonly sell mason jars with silver and golden-colored lids. You may purchase mason jars from dollar stores in bulk. They sell mason jars in packages containing more than one item.  

Besides, you will be amazed to know the variations of Mason jar lids. Apart from color variations, these are also available with rubber seals. Dollar tree will impress you with their Mason jar collections. So, dollar stores have got you covered even if you behave like a picky shopper. 

Popular dollar stores selling mason jars 

Dollar tree, a popular dollar store, sells varieties of daily essential stuff, including mason jars. Then there’s Jar Store which is one of the biggest distributors of glass jars. North Americans are pretty aware of this name. If you are still unaware, you can check their collection of mason jars and other glass jars. 

Dollar general is another popular name selling mason jars. However, apart from dollar stores, there are garage sales, Facebook sales, and small local businesses which can provide mason jars at affordable prices. 

Will I get varieties of mason jars in dollar stores?

Dollar stores may not be as glamourous as supermarkets selling pricier jars. But, dollar stores will never fail to amaze you with their collection. They are available in different sizes suitable for your storage uses. Dollar tree sells varieties of mason jars. Sixteen ounces mason jars are one of the commonly shopped items from the store. Dollar tree takes their love for mason jars a notch higher by selling Mason jar-shaped colorful stickers. 

They have got mason jars with quirky phrases printed on the outer side. For example, some are labeled as “wedding fund,” while some have “fishing” printed on the outer side. You can use these as tip jars for special occasions. 

Dollar general sells even ceramic mason jars for decorative purposes. In addition, jar store provides more variety on shapes and sizes of mason jars. 

What is the price range of mason jars in dollar stores?

Dollar Tree offers a mason jar for one dollar. But, if you are buying in packs, the prices get higher depending on the number of pots in the box. Jar Store gives you mason jars at less than one dollar. However, these may not be as durable as the costly ones. Jar store charges $ 0.59 to $ 0.96 for a single mason jar. But, these come in packs and price multiplies. It sells boxes of mason jars with two-piece lids charging $ 1.05 per jar. 

Embossed mason jars will lighten up your wallet by $ 1.05. Mason jars of smaller volume may have lower prices. Compared to the dollar tree and Jar store, general dollar charges more for a single mason jar. However, it offers more variety- even it has tumbler mason jars. 

What can you do with mason jars purchased from the dollar store (or anywhere)?

Since you have been pondering whether dollar stores have mason jars, you may end up with mason jars occupying the empty spaces in your home in no time. However, even if you buy few jars, you should know how you can use them. Mason jars are seriously like the “potatoes” of the food world, which can be used for everything and anything.  

You can get crafty with mason jars. These make great tools for portraying your artistic or craft skills. They make very cool “glow in the dark” lamps. These are also suitable for making candles. Suppose you have a Pinterest account and affinity for buying mason jars. In that case, the next thing your family will see is you eating salads or smoothies straight out of a mason jar. If you are not familiar with what I am saying, do get a Pinterest account and search for uses of mason jars.  

However, it is not obligatory to get innovative with mason jars. They can always be used for storing spices, food, and stationery. In addition, you can use these for storing dry foods or overnight meals like overnight oats. 


Dollar stores certainly provide mason jars. You can fetch the mason jar of your dreams from your nearest store. Besides, mason jars are available in different shapes, sizes, and other varieties. Therefore, you will have no problem selecting mason jars suited for your needs. Plus, many stores offer sorts of mason jars. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you always get a Mason jar of your preference?

 You may not get mason jars of your choice all time. The store may run out of stock. You can stay updated by subscribing to their email. They send emails based on your browsing and shopping preferences. 

Can you always get jars from your selected dollar store?

 You may not always get jars from the dollar store of your choice. For example, the stock may end before your arrival, or the store may delay updating its mason jars stock. In addition, during the present pandemic scenario, stores may have a tough time regulating their inventory. You can stay updated by tracking their websites or subscribing to emails. 

Does the dollar store have mason jars?

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