What are the best Apple Puns?

Best Apple Puns

There are so many reasons why people eat fruits, one of which is that they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It is a huge part of our diet which helps us stay healthy. This is backed up by a popular pun – an apple a day keeps the doctor away. The humorous use of words or phrases to suggest multiple meanings is called a pun. Some people would describe puns as an intelligent joke, and this is because you have to crack it first to get the intended meaning. It is a figure of speech, that can also be called a paronomasia, which involves the play of words to suggest different meanings. Apple, is a common fruit, that almost everyone loves to eat, especially when made into pies. So, making apple puns should be as exciting as making pies out of them!

30 Best Apple Puns That Apple-eye To The Word ‘Apple’ in Sentences

Apple is a popular fruit rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber (pectin), and vitamins. There are so many benefits and recipes to the apple fruit, so you can imagine how many puns we can juice out of the same fruit. You’re welcome to join us as we peel out our apple puns.

  • Absolutely

I apple-solutely love this outfit!

I have apple-solute faith in her ability to get the job done. 

Apple-solute power corrupts apple-solutely.

  • Happen

I won’t let anything apple-n to you. 

Hey, stop crying and tell me what apple-ned. 

She twisted around to see what was apple-ning.

  • Apologize

I apple-logize for my mistake and any inconvenience I might have caused. 

Kara’s stubborn boyfriend never apple-logizes especially when he knows he is wrong. 

She was so apple-logetic about forgetting my birthday that it was almost embarrassing. 

Please accept my apple-logies for not being able to attend your wedding rehearsal dinner.

  • Application

Kevin told his wife to withdraw her apple-ication. 

We interviewed 40 qualified apple-icants for the job. 

The offer is only apple-icable to bookings for double rooms.

The couple came to a decision mutually and apple-licably.

  • Absurd

Instead of completing your assignment, you come up with apple-surd excuses. 

The painting pieces were sold for an apple-surdly high price.

  • Apocalypse

With global warming accelerating, an environmental apple-calypse is bound to occur. 

Due to the fear of an apple-calyptic event, many people started building underground shelters and saving nonperishable food for the event. 

I think Karen is an Apple-calypst, she loves to predict doomsday.

  • Pullover

He was wearing apple-over to hide his long, thin neck. 

I have apple-over in my backpack in case I get cold.

  • Applause

The audience burst into a wild apple-ause. 

The audience rose to apple-aud the speaker. 

The speaker was apple-auded for the motivational speech he made. 

  • Happily

And they lived apple-ly ever after. 

Nowadays, most folks would choose money over apple-iness.

  • Appealing

One of the most apple-aling things about America is Superbowl Sundays!

Oliver made an apple-al to the people of Star City to stay calm.

The bans placed on the closure of borders by the government are apple-alable.

  • Pineapple

Look at you, looking pretty. If you were a fruit, I’d call you a fine apple. 

  • Apollo

The Greek god of arts, prophecy, medicine, and light is called Apple-llo. 

  • Appalling

All Ashley knows how to do is tell lies, her behavior is considered apple-alling to her circle of friends.

She was apple-alled by the brutality of the crime.

  • Appeared

The spirit of the Lord apple-ared to me in the dream like a vision.

They apple-ar very disappointedly. 

The sun disapple-ared as suddenly as it apple-ared.

She loves apple-aring on Television. 

Cardi B always makes a grand apple-arance in her shows.

  • Apparently

Apple-rently, you consider my love for you a joke. 

Her unhappiness was apple-rent to everyone. 

The newspaper reports have created the apple-rency that Taylor Smith had used multiple false names and accounts.

  • Apparition

Last night, I could’ve sworn that I saw an apple-rition around 1 AM, but it was only Ray playing a prank on me. 

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes yesterday when I saw an apple-rition, even as an apple-ritionist (Apparitionist – someone who believes in apparitions).

  • Bully

Apple-ully is someone who uses force, coercion, abuse, hurtful teasing, or threat to aggressively intimidate or dominate others. 

  • Appointment

I have a late 6 pm apple-ointment with one of America’s top ten film directors, Woody Allen. 

You may apple-oint a proxy to vote for you. 

The governor apple-ointed Chase to the most esteemed position on her cabinet as a show of trust and honor. 

An apple-ointee is a person who is apple-ointed to apple-osition (a position). 

  • Approach

There are many things to consider as you apple-roach retirement. 

Tyler Perry is an apple-roachable person. 

At 60, it should be known to government officials that they are now apple-roaching retirement.

  • Appreciate

I would apple-reciate it if everyone would be willing to give it a try and answer the questions.

Benny shows little or no apple-reciation for good art. 

There is no apple-reciable change to the payient’s condition. 

Beyonce’s talent in the industry is not fully apple-reciated. 

Sally walked away from her father angrily, not fully apple-reciating his efforts.

  • Apprehend

The police have failed to apple-rehend the culprits. 

The criminals were apple-rehended by the police yesterday. 

The child couldn’t quite apple-rehend the idea of going to school every day, making the first few weeks difficult. 

Sarah was finally apple-rehending what we were apple-rehended for.

  • Apprentice

Jacob served as an apple-rentice to Laban for 14 years before he was granted his release. 

He served a one-year apple-renticeship before being qualified as a doctor.

  • Apt

He is apple-t to ignoring matters he considers irrelevant. 

Motivational speakers on Twitter are known for saying your attitude in life will determine your altitude in life, and not your apple-titude.

  • Apartment

The people who live in the apple-rtment downstairs from us know how to party real hard every weekend. 

The child was born two years apple-art. 

  • Abscess

On his journey, he was upset from his carriage, and the accident caused an internal apple-scess which was never cured.

  • A proverb

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away is apple-roverb that is very straightforward and literal in meaning. 

  • A pool

There is apple-ool going on in the office.

  • Abruptly

She turned apple-ruptly and left the room. 

The bus came to an apple-rupt halt.

  • Apparatus

Andy leapt over and knocked down the apple-ratus. 

  • Absent

Roy has been apple-sent from school severally.

She apple-sentmindedly left her umbrella in the house. 

More Best Apple Puns With Apple Related Words

There are so many puns to form with apples by replacing some words with the word apples. However, there are many more that could also be formed from apples and apple products such as pies, Apple brand, sauce, cider, and so on. Take a look at our list of Apple puns while enjoying your apple pie.

  • Cider

Jerry was laid off at the juice extraction company last month because he was selling in-cider information to competitors. 

Kelvin was given a choice to choose between an apple and a pawpaw for his fruit presentation, he went for the pawpaw which made it a messy presentation. He was the de-cider of his fate. 

Ciderman with his superhuman strength saves good apples from bad apples in 

the city. Such a hero!

When the apple tried to understand what the other fruits were laughing about, he was lost because it’s an in-cider joke. 

Apples tried to run along with cider friend, orange. 

Anna always keeps an apple in a cider purse to snack on during the day. 

Apples felt like an out-cider when the other fruits called a meeting without inviting him. 

The hacker spilled some apple juice on my laptop, and now it has a cider attack.

Maya looked everywhere for her apple juice not knowing it was the right be-cider.

  • Peel

Apple puns are so hilarious, they make me peel good. 

I like the look and peel of the iPhone 12. 

John peels apples does not have enough juice in them as much as he would like.

Apples know how ap-peeling she looks and in fact call herself a fine-apple.

The other fruits allowed one final ap-peel after listening to the apple’s side of the story.

Doris is such an ap-peeling aunt, she helps me slice my fruits into pieces every night and makes them into a salad. 

Michael rested his head against a peeler as he drank his apple juice.

  • Core

What did the good apple say to the bad apple? You’re rotten to the core!

I was sued to core-t because I was wrongly accused of stealing apples from the 

apple seller at the roadside, which is completely untrue.

The statement the other fruits made at the fruits festival with their dressing struck a core-d deep within Apple and made her green with envy.

Ruminant animals such as cattle or sheep love to chew the core-d, especially with apples.

At the fruit festival, apples told the other fruits a core-tionary tale that they may have heard before.

Apples couldn’t play with the other fruits be-cores she fell sick.

Eddie picked up an apple from the bowl of fruits with his left hand, tossed it up in the air, and core-t it with his right hand.

Professor Leslie loves to take the core-s of the nutritional benefits of apples.

The core-us of the new song was stuck in my head all day.

You are core-dially invited to our wedding ceremony.

 Anna’s shaky tooth fell out as soon as she bit into the apple, it was pretty hardcore.

  • Red

Denise told her children to get red-y to go apple picking with her.

I love to eat red apples, and I like the fact that they are so juicy and red-ily available at any grocery store.

Have you read Harry Porter’s latest book on baking apple pies?

The green apples were reddened by the sun.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and apples can be red too.

What did Anna say to her younger sister when she caught her crying and her eyes red? You’re the apple of my eyes.

Pavel is well-red when it comes to apples and their species.

  • Tree

The triplets’ mum told three of them to go to pick apples in the backyard.

Kevin likes to cuddle his pillow while he sleeps, just like his dad. After all, the Apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

You can not judge a tree by its bark, but you can judge it by its fruits.

Maya tried to plant an apple tree without planting seeds, so her efforts were fruitless.

The pine tree fell in love with an Apple tree and they gave birth to a pineapple.

The most tremendous way to spend my day is by picking apples.

There is a lot of chemistree between Apple juice and pine apple juice.

  • Apples

You’re the apple of my pie

If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, then two apples a day should keep the doctor out of his job.

Elsie and I went apple picking early this morning, and the remaining apples on the tree were sad because they were left hanging.

The Big Apple is the most popular city in the United States, unlike Minneapolis.

Apple just released the latest laptop series but the reviews were not quite favorable. People seem to be having trouble installing windows.

Other Random Apple puns

  • My best fruits are apples and watermelon, and I think they make a great pear!
  • There is a bright cider of life, you just need to look harder
  • Anna was told to act out Eve’s part at the garden of Eden, but she was reluctant to eat the apple because it was Adam’s apple.
  • Do you know apples can communicate with each other through their pie-phones?
  • There are different type and species of apples but a pine apple is not one of them
  • What did the apple tree tell the mango tree? Leaf me alone
  • What did the apple say to the pecan pie? You are nuts!
  • Kevin saw different lines on the jug containing the apple juice but he found no punch line on it.
  • How can you kick the doctor out of his house? Plant an apple tree at his backyard
  • Apples came late to the meeting with other fruits because he was stuck in a traffic jam.
  • Stacy was pining to eat an apple all day, but her mother gave her a pine apple instead.
  • Dave is an appleholic! He takes so much apples juice all day.
  • What did the mango say to the apple at the gym? You have hard cores.
  • The cameo apple gave a brief statement on how to grow apples.
  • Pamela’s teeth became sweet when she bit into the Fuji apple
  • Apples could not hold his gaze with Lady Alice for too long because he was smitten
  • Do you know why apples love to roam about to odd places at odd hours? This is because it is the Statue of Liberty’s best fruit.
  • My friend, Apple and I love to star gaze back in the day, and our favorite constellation was the gala stars.
  • I don’t need coffee to stay alert in the mornings, all I need is apples and meat. Get me a beacon and I’ll be great!
  • Roses are red, apples are too, if you were an apple, I would always pick you
  • See! There are apples on the Christmas tree, and I know what to call them. Pine apples!
  • When life give you lemons, make lemonade. When life give you apples, make lots of Apple juice!
  • The twins love to play rough whenever they eat apples that they are nicknamed wild apples in the neighborhood.
  • Peter is such a cry baby when he doesn’t get his way and all you need to do is give him an apple to make him happy because he goes bananas for apples.
  • Donald is American as an apple pie
  • The case of Julian and his friends can be likened to the saying of, ‘one bad apple spoils the barrel.’
  • The Apple truck driver is not a very big man, in fact he is all skin and bones.
  • The fruit company is guided by two core principles in other to succeed and they are; An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and drink enough water daily or apple juice.
  • I find eating red apples apple-easure that I can’t describe.
  • The other fruits realized that beauty is in the pie of the beholder when apples came to the fruits event in stunning red.
  • The apples high up the tree has a bird’s pie view of the orchard
  • Mango, bananas and apples were scared out of their mind when they realized that they were in the pie of the storm.
  • In the blink of a pie, mum made delicious apple sauce out of those juicy apples.
  • It’s funny how apples and pineapple don’t seem to see pie to pie.
  • What did the baby apple say to mother apple? I seed your point of view
  • What movie does baby apple love to watch with his grandma? Granny Smith
  • Applebee’s is my favorite go-to apples restaurant.
  • Lizzy stuck an apple in a shell and called it a crab apple
  • When apples died, apple-bearers held up the coffin during the funeral
  • What did blueberries say to the apple? I love you berry much
  • Apples and pears make a pearfect core
  • The Apple pun I made last night at the bar made quite a stir and I’d like to apple-logise for that.
  • I feel so blessed to have amazing apples around me, especially because I personally picked them. My friends are awesome.
  • What did Granny say to her husband? You know I would pick you again and again, babe. I love you to the core
  • How did you manage to make these amazing pies? They are amazing right? That’s because I picked the best apples for it
  • I’d love to go to the apple orchards for vacation this fall
  • Anna’s husband loves to roam around the kitchen every Thanksgiving and when Anna called him out on it, he said he was looking for the apple of his pie.
  • Dad makes terrible apple puns during Thanksgiving, I think I should start making those puns myself, orchard I?
  • The lady at the supermarket-bought all the delicious-looking apples in the basket, I was so smitten at the sight.
  • The dress apples wore to the fruits gala made her look like a tart.

There are many more puns to be made with the apple fruits and other apple-related words. With the ideas listed above, you can be more creative and form your own puns that are just as apple-solutely hilarious as the ones above. These puns could be used in sentences, captions, text messages, pun competitions, pun images, and even on social media. Some other apple-related words that could be used in making apple puns include; sauce, vinegar, pome, fall, orchard, crab apple, turkey, petal, Appletree, raisin, nectarine, peach, melon, berry, pippin, citrus fruit, apricot, golden, delicious, blossom, fruity, fruitless, cherry, drupe, appletini, orchardist, fruitwn, Microsoft, iPhone, chips, appleade, Apple seed, Apple mush, Apple mustard, dessert apple, Apple fritter, Malay apple, crunchy, sweet, toffee apple, red, honey crisp, nuts, caramel, Apple cake, Apple butter, Apple fries, peas, fruit bowl, mayapple, macintoshes, pear, candy, iOS, fruiter, horse apple, plumcot, twig, cider, rotten, russet, Apple strudel, males, and so many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Puns be used?

Puns are used to create a humorous effect whether in writing or in speech. It could be words that sound alike (homophones) or words that are closely related. However, it is possible to make lame pun jokes that bring about a groaning effects in people. The key to making great puns is to be creative.

  • Is the game appropriate for everyone?

This is dependent on who and where you play with. Everyone loves a good laugh, and it is possible to squeeze in a great pun in the middle of a presentation at work but you need to be mindful of the tone and read your environment well before making a pun so as to avoid making a fool of yourself 

What are the best Apple Puns?

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