What Size should a French Cleat be?

What Size should a French Cleat be?

If you are a person who is going to shift to a new place or is building a French cleat for your current residence, then this one’s for you. A French cleat is called so because they are made by frenching or making thin lines in them. Another reason for calling it a French cleat is that some people believe it originated in France. 

Who wouldn’t want to own a French cleat? They are so helpful in hanging anything and everything. Be it something tiny and lightweight or something very sturdy and heavy, massive; French cleats just got you! You can also turn your pretty artwork on them. You can also hang shelves, mirrors, and a lot more on them. So, let us now explore how you can make a French cleat. 

Best wood for a French cleat

Plywood is the best wood for French cleats because it is not much more expensive than other kinds of wood. However, it is better not to use MDF as there are chances of weakening due to heat and other climate-related changes. 

However, it is also very sturdy, thereby letting you hang whatever you want, irrespective of how heavy it will be. But it is significant for you to use good quality plywood. It should have high density and can hold a lot of weight. Their surface is also better when compared to that of low-quality plywood. The low-quality plywood is more likely to ditch you as they have low density. They can also have splinters or warps. 

What size should a French cleat be made of? 

If you want to be sure of your French cleats holding heavyweight, you need to place them at a 45-degree angle. When you cut them in thicker pieces of third-fourth inches rather than one-fourth inches, then you can add more weight to your French cleat without any hesitation. You don’t need to put up many French cleats if you want to hang things only around 100 pounds. Only a single French cleat is enough for it. However, if the furniture or a shelf is cumbersome, then you can add more French cleats. 

How to make French cleats? 

To make a French cleat, you first need to accumulate all the things required to make it. You will need a table saw, the best wood for French cleat, plywood, screws, tape, glue, and wall anchors. Then, it would be best if you cut the plywood using a table saw. If you are using the saw for the first time, it is essential to read and watch videos about how to use it properly. You can also take the help of a more experienced person if you are a beginner. 

You can either use wall anchors or studs, whatever is more available and accessible to you. Through the utilization of studs, you are required to figure out how you will place it so that it will function properly. Then you need to do the marking for the drill holes and drill the holes. Finally, you can hang whatever you want to turn on the cleats after attaching the cleat to the studs or the anchors. It is how you can make French cleats. 

French Cleat Wall for your garage or a wood workshop

If you have the personality traits of Monica Geller from the show Friends, then you would want all your tools and weapons adequately organized and kept hanging on the wall. In such cases, you can dedicate an entire wall to the French cleats and turn all our shelves and furniture on this French cleat wall. 

It is restricted to a garage or a wood workshop and any other kinds of shops such as boutiques, hotels, and different types of workshops. It looks immaculate as there is no furniture scattered all around the house or office. And it is also a pocket-friendly idea where you are not required to buy furniture or shelves to keep everything. 

You can hang it. If there is no balcony in your house, you can also turn the plants on this French cleat wall. It will be a perfect work-from-home space for you to cut off all the negativity. Green plants will also soothe your corporate frustration. It will also benefit your health. 

Advantages of the French cleat 

The best part of the French cleat is that you cannot see the mounting. It seems as if the furniture is floating, giving you extra space to keep things below it. But had you kept the table on the ground, it would have led to the accumulation of dirt under it and less space available to you. So you would be trapped in a vicious cycle of buying more furniture to keep your things which you could have easily observed under the hanging table. 

The exciting part is more savings, more space, and a cleaner house without any issues with pests. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option in your small home, then French cleats will be at your rescue. No doubt, it will require you to put in one-time efforts, but then you will be relieved for the rest of your life. Also, it will be easier for the movers and packers to lift furniture from a height rather than a floor during the shifting of the house. 

These are some of the advantages of the French cleat. 

Disadvantages of a French cleat

If you are a beginner, you are required to be very careful while using the table saw. There are also chances of you getting hurt. If you are not precise with measurements, it won’t be very sturdy, and your furniture might fall off and break if it is fragile. Making a French cleat is a time-consuming and energy-consuming task. You would also be required to make small investments in buying table saw and other materials. 


We hope that we cleared all your doubts surrounding the French cleats. The better and more precise the size of a French cleat, the sturdier it will be. Therefore, make sure to take the help of an experienced woodworker if you are a beginner. 

What Size should a French Cleat be?

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