Difference Between a 51 and 51r Battery

Introduction Car batteries are difficult to choose. Sometimes it happens that the battery you need is not available in the market. What we always want is to get a similar battery for our car. It is difficult to find a similar battery to the previous one. While buying a battery for the car, the company, […]

What Size should a French Cleat be?

If you are a person who is going to shift to a new place or is building a French cleat for your current residence, then this one’s for you. A French cleat is called so because they are made by frenching or making thin lines in them. Another reason for calling it a French cleat […]

How much does a rental car cost for a week?

Are you planning to hire a car but are unsure about the cost? You will learn how the cost is determined depending on the different variables including pick-up and drop-off locations, time and duration of the journey, and many more. The average weekly rate of a rental car is often determined by the car’s size […]

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