Best Science Puns

Best Science Puns

Science is like a mystery for those who don’t understand the science behind it! Funny? Absolutely Yes. Read more about Best Science Puns.

Science isn’t always about chemical reactions, mechanics, elaborative diagrams of a cell that is indeed invisible. 

Theoretically, it’s serious stuff, but practically it’s not. Or maybe it’s the other way round. 

Let’s make science more interesting and pump humor out of it. Scientists and Psychologists are also studying the science behind humor and its effect on the body. Why not experiment with science and make it humorous? 

So, pick up your lab coat, protective eye shield, facemask, and be cautious, as the science puns might be explosive. 

These science puns are kid and students friendly. Just chill for a while. And don’t worry, your scientist’s mind is still intact.

Biology Puns

  1. No matter how popular they get, Antibodies will never go viral.
  1. Why did the biologist stop talking to the physicist? 

They had no chemistry.

  1. Define Biology and Sociology?

If a newborn baby is identical to his father, it is Biology. If he looks like his neighbor, it is Sociology.

  1. A Biology professor grew human vocal cords from stem cells in the laboratory, the result is speaking itself.
  1. Biology is the only science where multiplication and division mean the same.
  1. What is most commonly found in a cell?

A criminal


  1. Why was the Marine Biologist so happy?

He found his Porpoise.

  1. What do you call the head of a biology gang?

The Nucleus

  1. It might look like I’m not doing anything, but at the cellular level, I’m engaged and busy.
  1. What might a fish with no eyes be called? A


  1.  If heart and cigarette were a couple
Best Science Puns
  1. Scientists have just found the gene for shyness. 

It could be discovered much earlier had it not been hiding behind two other genes.

  1. Why did the mushroom go to the party?

Because he was a Fun-Gi.

  1. How’s empathy to a plant look like?
Best Science Puns
  1. My biology teacher told me- looks don’t matter. It’s what inside that’s everything that counts.
  1. What did the biologist’s brother say to her after she dropped a container on his toe?
  • Mitosis
  1. How much room do fungi need to grow?

As mushroom as possible.

  1. Two blood cells met and fell in love. But alas, it was all in vein.
  1. What did the judge ask the dentist in the court?

Do you swear the tooth, the whole teeth, and nothing but the teeth?

  1. Why did the queen go to the dentist?

To get crowns over her teeth

  1. Why do we call them Dental X-rays and not tooth pics?

Why do we call them tooth fairies and not grim reapers?

  1. What do you call a dinosaur that maintains its teeth carefully?

A Flossiraptor

  1. You must be a Preventricular contraction because you make my heart skip a beat.
  1. You must be a Pulmonary Embolism because you take my breath away.
  1.  You must be a Pleural effusion because you made me breathless by your presence.
  1. I would make a skeleton joke but you wouldn’t find it very Humerus.
  1.  All mushrooms are edible, but some are edible only once.
  1.  All Biologists take Cellfies.
  1. I think I’m failing my marine biology class?

Because My score is below C level.

  1. If I’m lost in the translation process inside a cell, ask my RNA.
  1. This too cell pass.
  1. I am powered by coffee and mitochondria.
  1. The day mitochondria changed the title from “The Powerhouse of the cell” to “the ATP Synthesis by Oxidative Phosphorylation” was a terrific day.
  1. Why do Biologists like voyage?

It makes them more cultured.

  1. What kinds of pants do Biologists wear?

Designer Genes.

  1. What a question a flea has to ask itself?

Should I walk or take a dog.

  1. The Biologist was very much particular about his culture

Despite any event, he would always look after it with all his care.

  1. My biology teacher teaches me how humans have different genetic codes for each skin color, that is why our skin tone can be of many different shades. 

That’s funny. I thought humans came in only two colors.

  1. Brain to Stomach- I don’t care if you’re hungry. I want freaking serotonin.
  1. Serotonin and Dopamine- Technically the only two things you enjoy.
  1. Brain- I’m not gross. I’m just macroscopic.
  1. Do you know what gets on my nerves?


  1. The Brain is the most important organ in the body- according to the Brain.
  1. What message did the brain deliver during its retirement day?

Thanks for the reminiscences. 

  1. It takes a divine machine to create this amazing thing- ‘Brain.’  And decades of sadistic neuroscientists to name every lump, fold, crease, and wrinkle.
  1. What did the first neuron say to the other neuron?

I’m excited.

Physics Puns

  1. My head herts from the frequency of these puns.
  1. A bond contains metal and non-metal. How Ionic!
  1. A neutron walks into a bar and asks for a beer. After having it, he says, “How much for the beer?” The bartender replies, “For you, no charge.”
  1. Gravity is such a downer.
  1. My physics professor once told me that I have got the potential. The next moment he threw me off the roof.
  1. A photon enters a hotel and is asked by the waiter if he could help him with his luggage. The photon remarks, “No, I am traveling light.”
  1. My friend said to me,” It Hertz when people increase the frequency of Physics jokes.”
  1. You matter a lot. But once you multiply yourself with the speed of light squared, then you become energy. 
  1. How do you measure Joule per second?


  1. Two atoms roaming a lane. One of them said,” I think I have lost one electron.” 

The other one said,” Are you sure?” The first one,” I’m positive”. 

  1. Physics puns are no jokes. It’s a relatively dark matter.
  1. There is a seminar on time travel which will happen two months ago.
  1. The reason for me being lethargic is that I have too much potential energy. So, I procrastinate.
  1. When your mom says you have more potential. But you imagine yourself to be more kinematic.
  1. Everything happens for a reason, which is Physics.
  1. I don’t trip. I do random gravity checks.
  1. Velociraptor= Distraptor/Timeraptor
  1. Ice cube- ‘I was water before I was cool.’
  1. Where would you imagine a lightning bolt proposes to his girlfriend?

On cloud nine.

  1. Inertia has acquired a new theory. But the problem is it isn’t gaining momentum.
  1. Why is Schrodinger’s cat depressed?
Best Science Puns
  1. Physics is that branch of science where you study extensive and complex formulae to explain why the ball rolls.
  1. Physicists, ‘Please don’t observe coffee machines.  It will alter quantum states.’
  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Life is as simple as Physics. 
  1. Newton’s first law of motion ‘A body at rest wants to remain at rest.’
  1. Remember, ‘With great power comes great current squared times resistance.’
  1. What do we want?


When do we want it?

That doesn’t matter.

  1. What’s a physicist’s favorite snack?

A Gram Cracker

  1. What did Donald Duck say in his physics class?

‘Quark, Quark, Quark.’

  1. How did the solar system take medication?


  1. Sirius also known as The Dog Star, is moving closer to earth at the rate of nine miles per second. This means we could be in Sirius trouble one day.
  1. One day on Mercury lasts for 1,408 hours. The same as one Monday on earth.
  1. Why are quantum physicists so bad pitchers?

Because if they find the position, they can’t find the momentum. If they gain momentum, they can’t find the position. 

  1. What is an Astronomer’s favorite thing on the keyboard?

The spacebar.

  1. What did scientists do for the problem of bad breath?


  1. What did Benjamin Franklin write in his notebook after he discovered electricity?

I’m shocked.

  1. I read an interesting book on anti-gravity.

And I just can’t put it down.

  1. When the astronomy department discovered that their most favorite scientist didn’t get the Nobel prize, they decided to host a party for him. They all gifted him with a constellation prize.
  1. What happened to the neutron who get arrested?

He was arrested without charge.

  1. Why did Werner Heisenberg abhor driving cars?

Because he got lost every time, he looks at the speedometer.

  1. How did NASA organize a party?

They Planet.

  1. Not all astrophysicists are serious. Some are really Feynman guys.
  1. What happens inside a black hole, stays forever in a black hole.
  1. A star asks a dietician,’ how to lose weight?’

Dietician, “start eating light.” 

  1. I love the way the earth rotates. It really made my day.
  1. Between the time it was discovered to the time it was unclassified to being a planet, Pluto didn’t make one complete revolution around the sun.
  1. A day on Jupiter’s moon lasts less than 5 hours. The same as Saturdays and Sundays on earth.
  1. People who don’t recycle, disappoint captain planet.
  1. Do scientists who study the Sun have a flare for the research.

Chemistry Puns

  1. When you drop a block of gold on your foot.

Foot cries ‘Au.’

  1. What do you call a selfish acid with ego?


  1. I make bad chemistry puns, but only periodically.
  1. You might be composed of Copper and Tellurium because you’re CuTe.
  1. There are no best chemistry jokes left. Because the good ones Argon. 
  1. Do you want to hear a chemistry joke?


  1. A chemistry lab is like a mess-up party. Some drop the acids while some drop the bases.
  1. The only difference between chemistry and cooking is to know when to not lick the spoon.
  1. The element ‘Thorium’ derives from a Norse God. 
  1. What do you call a tooth in a glass of water?

One molar solution.

  1. Nickel ‘Ni’ and Cadmium ‘Cd’ have been charged in a battery case.
  1. What tests are the best choice for chemistry students?

Mole-tiple choice test.

  1. If organic chemistry could speak up
Best Science Puns
  1. Argon walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Get out. We don’t permit noble gases to come here.” Argon doesn’t react.
  1. Solid, Liquid, and Gas- they all matter.
  1. If you aren’t part of the solution, then you are definitely part of the precipitate.
  1. Which fruit contains one barium and two sodium?


  1. I’m fascinated by water’s gaseous form because it mist-ifies me.
  1. Why are chemists remarkable at resolving problems?

Because they have all the solutions.

  1. Person1, “Did you hear oxygen and magnesium are engaged?”

Person2, “OMG!”

  1. What do you call a person who can eat sugar with each hand?


  1. I was about to tell you a pun on sodium, but Na.
  1. The tea is so hot that it denatures my proteins.
  1. I admire chemistry jokes the most because they’re funny.

He He He

  1. Making amazing chemistry ouns, instead of learning periodic table is like-


  1. According to Chemistry, Alcohol is a solution.
  1. I might be a great chemistry scholar, but I won’t Bohr you.
  1. What does a clown in prison call as?


  1. Once salt made a pun and it went sodium funny.
  1. I don’t Zinc so that all good chemistry puns Argon.
  1. I Zinc it’s better that you take all your bad chemistry puns and Barium.
  1. Ah- The element of surprise.
  1. What did you do with your decomposed stuff?

I Barium.

  1. SH- The element of silence.
  1. When I came late to school and interrupt the teacher in between, she replied, “RuSH.”
  1. The element of success- FOCuS
  1. The element of creativity- GeNiUS
  1. I might seem NErDy, but that too periodically.
  1. She might be made of Beryllium, Gold, and Titanium as per her stunning beauty.
  1. The atomic symbol for confusion- Um
  1. Primary constituents of sarcasm- SArCaSm
  1. Organic chemistry is a tough subject. I guess people who study it deeply have got Alkynes of troubles.
  1. I borrowed sodium hypobromite from my lab partner. He replied, “Na Br O.”
  1. I can’t trust atoms. They just make up everything. Be cautious of them.
  1. ‘You shouldn’t drink water while studying. As concentration decreases on increasing the amount of water.’ Chemistry says.
  1. Marie Curie’s husband to her, “Mary, you look more radiant each day.”
  1.  Nothing lost in oblivion. Old chemists turn into inorganic.
  1. Don’t cheat in the exam. I’ve got my ion you.
  1. What’s that fish called which consists of two sodium atoms?

2 Na

Botany Puns- Best Science Puns

  1. Sage’s advice to the plants ‘Enjoy sunshine while you live. You’ll all end up in recipes.’
  1. Thyme, “Aloe, how are you?’

Aloe, “Long thyme no see!”

  1. Do you have any thyme to drop me? I need to get there tree o’ clock.
  1. Did you hear about a plant that never grows? It was a bud omen.
  1. What did the flower do when she was asked for the challenge?

She rose to the event.

  1. How does a flower whistle?

By using its tulips.

  1. How can a plant offer you a job proposal?

Take it or leaf it.

  1. What happens to a flower when it blushes?

It turns rosy.

Best Science Puns
  1. What do you call flowers who are Best friends?


  1. Which is your favorite novel?

The Great gats-bee.

  1. A botanist gave a bouquet of roses to his wife and said, “To the woman who rose me right.”
  1. The worst part when you dropped your cactus plant is when you caught it.
  1. What did the father tomato say to the baby tomato?


  1. What did you get when you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

Pumpkin Pie.

  1. Hulk is a good gardener because he has got green hands and fingers.
  1. What did one cactus plant say to the other?

You’re looking so pricky and sharp.

  1. I rejected a job as a gardener because the celery was meager.
  1. I don’t often turnip at parties.
  1. Piece of advice for all the gardeners-

‘Flourish peas of mind,

Lettuce be grateful for sunshine,

Squash selfishness,

Turnip to aid your fellows,

Devote thyme for your closed ones.’

  1. I had the dream of the beautiful herb garden I had when I was a child. Good thymes.
  1. Oh my God! Have a look at these pumpkins.
  1. Houseplants are so useful and plantastic!
  1. Never stop beleafing in yourself. Your thyme will change definitely.
  1. You taught me gardening so well. I’m so grapeful to you.
  1. Don’t wear perfumes in the garden if you don’t want to be pollinated by bees.

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Reporter, “Are you concerned with the increasing artificial intelligence?”

Philosopher, “No. I’m concerned with the decreasing real intelligence.”

  1. 1st Telemarketing Employee, “Do you think AI will take our job?”

The second employee, “I hope they do.”

  1. Artificial Intelligence cannot match natural stupidity.
  1. I was about to write an angry post on Facebook regarding its emotional manipulation study, but then the happy cat pictures there calm me down. 
  1. Why did the robot go back to robot school?

Because his skills were getting rusty.

  1. Career advice in the 2050s be like- Would you want to become a robot?
  1. Boss to his employees, “Work hard else I’ll fire you for Alexa.”
  1. Artificial Intelligence is a remarkable thing. Today I told my computer that it’s my birthday, to which it said that I need to upgrade myself.
  1. What’s the major difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

If it’s written in Python, it would probably be Machine learning. If it’s written in PowerPoint, it’s Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Our Data Analysts professionals can’t read your minds. It’s totally up to you whether you’re hiring us. Despite we knew in advance it’s the same decision you’d make.
  1. Programmer, “With my programming excellence, I can’t be in dearth of a job anytime.”

Breaking News, “AI has learned to code.”

Science Puns For Kids- Best Science Puns

  1. A palm tree is the only tree that can be enclosed in your hands.
  1. Bee’s hair is sticky because he used honeycomb while brushing hair.
  1. How can you be sure that Saturn is married more than once?

Because he has many rings.

  1. Astronauts use parking meteors to park their spaceships.
  1. A Seagull never flies over a bay but only a sea, otherwise it would be called a Bay gull.
  1.  A butterfly is a fly that is found in your butter.
  1. Mickey Mouse visited space to meet Pluto.
  1. Astronaut’s favorite book is The Comet book.
  1. Skeleton says ‘Bone Appetite’ before he eats.
  1. What does the baby corn question her mother?

Where is the popcorn?

  1. Computers’ favorite snacks are chips.
  1. A scientist takes out his doorbell because he wants a No-Bell prize.
  1. The skeleton dejected the thought of going to the party because it had no Body to go with.
  1. The skeleton didn’t cross the river because it had no guts.
  1. What does Zzub mean?

A bee that is flying backward.

  1. What’s more disgusting than seeing a worm in your apple?

Finding half a worm inside.

  1. Oceans have wavy hair.
  1. You can differentiate whether a tree is a Dogwood tree or not by its bark.
  1. Trees get on the internet by the login.
  1. You can cut the sea in half by using a see-saw.
  1. How does a moon cut its hair?

Eclipse it.

  1. R.I.P Boiling point. You’ll become mist soon.
Best Science Puns

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