Is amore Italian or French?

Is amore Italian or French?

Do you ever come across phrases like amor mio or ti amo? And it intrigued you. These are not common English words. However, after reading this article, you will be among the crowd that understands words like amore, amour, or amorare. Is amore Italian or French?

Amore is an Italian phrase that implies’ love’. This word is used in many languages. Amour has the same meaning as amore; it’s just spelled differently in French.

As the craze for learning multiple languages is increasing, words like Ciao, Si, ballare, deja vu, cliché, safari, cigar, etc. became very common. Everyone doesn’t know about these words and may get confused. So, here we are to feed your curiosity with some language coaching.

Amore is Italian, whereas amour is French.

Wait a minute. Don’t get confused. The word amore is Italian, which means ‘love’ in English. Similarly, amour is a French word with the same meaning. English has accepted different words from different languages, and most of us are unaware of the origin of those foreign words.

This article is to answer the queries of those curious beings. We’ll try to present other similar words, their meanings and origins, and many other curiosities that might take shelter in your mind.

What does amore mean?

In Italian, amore is the word for “love”. Interestingly, the word amore can be used in many languages with a few variations in spelling and pronunciation. However, the meaning remains the same, which is, “love” or “affection”.

For instance, in French, “amore” is spelled as “amour” and its pronunciation is also similar. Here, the meaning of amour is love.

Similarly, in Spanish, love is Amar”, which means “love”. In Portuguese, love is Amar.

Love in different languages.

Some languages use different words for love. It’ll be interesting to learn about different terms used for love. Let’s look at them closely. The first word is’ ‘Pyaar ’or’ Mohabbat ‘, which means love in Hindi. ‘Ishq is love in the Urdu language. In Dutch, ‘liefde’ conveys love.

How do you use amore?

Nospeltwe learned its meaning, it’ll be a good language development exercise to practice the use of Amore in sentences. To express love for husband/wife/ boyfriend. 

Amore is used in expressing love to girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife. That means you can’t use amore to express love for your family members or friends, etc. When amore is used to imply a joke, that is an exception.

Whereas in English, you can use the word love for almost everyone. The meaning of love can be understood as per the context.  Sometimes, we also address a stranger as love. For instance, if you end up bumping into a stranger, you can ask “are you all right, love?” and it won’t be strange, but if you use amore in the same way, then it will be incorrect.

Other Italian words that are used in similar contexts are:

Amore is not suitable for the sentences, using correct words is crucial. So, here are some other words that we can use to establish better communication.

Tper bene, mi piace.

She looks like a good girl. I like her.

To express your romantic feelings in Italian, it would be something like “Ti Amo”, which means “I love you”.

If you love someone very much and want to express it in Italian, you can. It’ll go like “ti amo di morire”. Which means “I love you to death” or I love you like crazy. Phrases like “ti Voglio bene”, “ti adoro” are used to develop a romantic interest or crush in someone. These phrases imply I want good for you and I adore you respectively.

Whereas phrases like Amo Mio zio, Iadorabley uncle, emphasize deep feelings for that family member. However, it is not that much used.

 If you have an interest or passion in some activity you can use words like amorare, piaciare, or adorare. Adorable and amorare are like love, but for the less intense interest in something we use, piacre.

Mi piace guardare la Formula 1.

This conveys that I like looking at Formula 1 (moderate interest, hobby).

Grammar of amore

To use amore in plural form, the ‘e’ at the last is replaced by an ‘i’, which makes it’ amori’. As far as its use is concerned, amori is used to address multiple affairs or talk about multiple people for whom you have similar feelings, such as your children.

Let’s look at examples to understand them better.

Non- ho mai dimenticaatto I miei amori passati.

This implies that I still remember my bygone romances.

Second is, Siete i miei amori, i miei tesori, vi amo tanto!

This means you are my love, my treasure. I love you very much.

Here, words like storie d’amore, storie amorose, or just storie also have similar meanings. Read the following examples to understand the words better.

He was involved in multiple love stories/romantic relationships during his youth days. translates it in Italian to, Ha avuto un sacco di storie amorose quando era giovane.

Amore is a masculine noun, and while using it as a verb it becomes Amare meaning “to love”.

Words that are from other languages but are also used in English.

Déjà vu spiritrestoration says it’s a French word that means “already seen.”

Perse-it’s an Italian word meaning by itself.

Ballet is a French word used for a performance dance type. It originated in the course of the Italian Renaissance.

According to, café comes from the French language. At a café, tea, coffee, and some baked refreshments are served.

Genre is from the Latin word genus. It means a style of movies, literature, etc.

Rendezvous originated from the French word rendez-vous. This term can mean a planned meeting at a particular place.

Fest-it’s an original German word meaning firm, firmly, etc.

Kindergarten is an original German word.

Glitch-this term comes from German glitches (to slip) or Yiddish glitches (to slide or skid). It means a minor malfunction or bug.

Macho comes in Spanish and Portuguese. This term implies exaggerated masculinity or traditional manly behavior in someone.

Plaza is a Spanish language word that means square.

Karaoke – This term originated from the Japanese. It is a form of entertainment where people take part in singing a song aloud.

The Ninja originated from Japan. A ninja is a person skilled at ninjutsu (Japanese martial arts). informs us that the moped is from the German language.

Paparazzi is the Italian language word. Paparazzi are the freelancers who click and sell the pictures of celebrities. 

Studies related to multiple language learning.

One piece of research from the University of Washington suggests that a person who lives in an area where people use multiple languages can also identify words from languages that he or she hasn’t heard before.


Amore was an Italian word with a slight similarity in spelling and pronunciation to other languages (amour, amor, Amar, etc). This article presented the use of amore in sentences and different contexts. To enhance our vocabulary and exercise our linguistic brain muscles, it is good that we keep learning different languages.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What does the term “Casanova” mean?

According to the Merriam-webster dictionary definition, a Casanova is a man known for seducing women and having many lovers.

“He has a terrible reputation as a Casanova”, is the use of Casanova in a sentence.

Q.2 How to compliment someone you are beautiful in French?

To compliment someone on their beauty, you can say “tu es belle.” Here, tu es means you are, and belle implies beautiful.

Q.3 What is an amoretto?

Amoretto is from Italian and means “love affair, cupid,” etc.

Q.4 What is your amour?

In French, mon amour means my love.

Q.5 How to say my love in Italian?

You can say “amore mio” to imply my love in Italian.

Is amore Italian or French?

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