Is amore Italian or French?

Do you ever come across phrases like amor mio or ti amo? And it intrigued you. These are not common English words. However, after reading this article, you will be among the crowd that understands words like amore, amour, or amorare. Is amore Italian or French? Amore is an Italian phrase that implies’ love’. This […]

Which is Correct Thaw or Unthaw?

We often get perplexed about which word to use. This occurs a lot when it comes to words that sound or spell the same. Two such words are thaw or unthaw. This article will differentiate between the two and look into the correct usage of these words and whether they are correct words or not. […]

What does the number 22 mean in love?

In this blog, we will discuss the significance of the number 22 in love and how it signifies understanding, compatibility, compassion, and soul connection. How amazing it is that a small number holds such a great significance to turn the world into an abode of love. Know about the meaning of the number 22 mean […]

What does the poem ‘The Highwayman’ mean?

Alfred Noyes’ poem ‘The Highwayman’ is a narrative epic that explores the themes of love, loss, and sacrifice. It has been immensely popular ever since its publication due to the universality of its themes. It details the meeting, death, and eventual reunion of a highwayman and an inn keeper’s daughter named Bess. Meaning Of The […]

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