Is Berry College a Dry Campus?

Is Berry College a Dry Campus?

College life plays an important role in anyone’s life. It helps one to learn & develop new aspects of the real world, provide exposure and accentuate the chance of making your path. It is crucial to ask yourself, what type of college life do you want? Do you want the right sort of people around you? In teenager words, college life is the time to be adventurous, fun, enjoy, and learn all together. Who wants a boring college life, right? Because it is the time to explore both the places and people. Do you want to leave your hometown to find yourself out there? Read more to find out Is Berry College a Dry Campus?

These questions themselves can fill your heart with enthusiasm. And so, with the big responsibilities of your career, people take note of the fun side of it too. The friend circle, the hangouts & parties, and the late-night endeavors. All of these are extremely exciting when for the first time you go alone and live your life. Today’s generation of people are ready for everything and want to try everything. One aspect that anyone may foresee while entering college is booze. Yes, it can be intimidating for some, but people do drink responsibly in college. 

Disclaimer: The consumption of alcohol in underage is not encouraged. Drink responsibly. And avoid drink and drive.

A college is a place packed with youngsters filled with zeal and creativity. This is the phase where you transit from teenage to adulthood, where you learn, thrive, and survive. Some days you may fail but then again you stand up. College life is not a place to give up, but be brave enough to fly high. If you are looking for a liberal arts college in the US, a good place is BERRY COLLEGE, situated in the Mount Berry community adjacent to Rome, Georgia. Read further to know Is Berry College a Dry Campus?

Berry College

The Berry College is a private liberal arts college in Rome, Georgia, and ranked #3 in the best value school in the south in the United States. Instituted in 1902 by Martha Berry and now standing as an independent and coeducational college. The goal of the Berry or Boys Industrial School (as it was known earlier), was to provide educational opportunities to poor rural children in the south. The college embraces the Christian principles of inclusivity and service. And they welcome and respect people of all religions. 

Berry has one of the world’s largest campuses i.e 27,000 acres. Having the beauty of physical architecture and offering countless options for outdoor recreations and opportunities.

As discussed in the excitement of college above, let’s get into the campus of Berry. What on-campus and off-campus activities you can have? And answer the big question, Is Berry College a Dry Campus?

The Answer

Yes, Berry is a dry campus. Though it is a quick 90-minute drive from Atlanta yet located in the rolling mountains of northwest Georgia is not the desired location for importing booze.

For those who are wondering, what does dry campus mean? Dry meaning the absence of alcoholic beverages. Thus, a dry campus simply means, you won’t be able to find or get any alcohol on the campus. As the campus is huge including fields, forests, and lavender mountains, there is so much to explore. 

Berry can be a great experience for you if you like small classes and tight schedules. The overall campus life can be graded well. The surrounding is beautiful, the people provide a homely feel, and the food tastes good. Off-campus there are plenty of places like clubs and cafes where students enjoy themselves. Students do have activities to have fun, get involved, and participate but it is not ‘that much happening’. 


Indeed, Berry college is magnificent and efficient in its education. And the campus is huge, to begin with. But the students who want to enjoy and have fun with their friends, hang out and chill. That is likely ‘to have a Greek life’ is not recommended to join Berry. Greek life is the engagement and enchantment of social networks, and most teenagers offer it by spending time with each other. And we have found Berry College doesn’t provide it. Berry is a prestigious college for an up-and-coming liberal arts college, however, may have a dull environment for some people who are extroverts and enjoy the essence of making connections with people. 


1. What SAT score is required to enter Berry College?

It is good news, Berry doesn’t require a certain SAT score but they prefer to see at least 1120 in your SAT score, which increases the chance of consideration. 

2. Is Berry a good College?

Yes, Berry is a good college. It has earned a good ranking i.e #4 in Regional Universities South, #3 in best-valued school in the southern US, and #1 in the nation’s up-and-coming colleges. By proving an excellent experience in studies, programs, and educational facilities.

Is Berry College a Dry Campus?

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