Why Does My Car’s AC Compressor Keep Turning On and Off?

Why Does My Car’s AC Compressor Keep Turning On and Off?

Getting a car of your own and driving it down the road is an incredible experience. But your car requires constant maintenance and care for it to function properly. One of the worst problems that you can encounter on a hot summer day is the AC not working. Read more about Is your car’s AC compressor automatically turning on and off?

The car can be unbearable to sit in which is why the air conditioning should be optimal at all times. 

Is your car’s AC compressor automatically turning on and off?

It might be time to get it checked.

Maintenance of your car mandates that you do not miss any appointments and always make sure you are following all the rules that pertain to car maintenance. But even then, some issues can persist. Issues like the car’s AC compressor turning on and off are something you cannot prepare for so it is useful to keep checking the air conditioning unit under the hood time and again. 

 These are the issues that might be causing this problem.  

  1. A bad compressor
  2. Bad Cooling fans
  3. The refrigerant might be leaking
  4. Electrical problems
  5. Clogged or Broken condenser

Let us explore each issue one by one.

A Bad Compressor

The compressor is responsible for moving your air conditioner. The compressor makes sure all the refrigerant is moving through the system so that cool air can move through the car. A bad compressor would mean the refrigerant is not circulated well and thus the car does not cool effectively. The compressor turning bad would also involve it turning on and off on its own accord. 

The reason behind that can be due to it being not in enough use. Either you are not driving as frequently as you should or you are not turning the air conditioning on while driving. If the compressor lies unused for a long time, it can cause the system to malfunction when started after the time of disuse. This can be resolved by making use of your AC on full blast at least a couple of times a month no matter the season. This will not prevent the compressor from going bad but will extend its life significantly. 

Bad Cooling Fans

The AC compressor is related to the other parts of the air conditioning unit as well. If you are not expecting to cool, it is probably because the fans are not functioning as they are supposed to. You can visually inspect if the cooling fans are broken. 

This can be because of the debris from the road. The only way to fix it so that it does not impact the compressor’s performance is by replacing it as soon as you find the issue. Electrical issues can also cause this problem to occur so have it inspected by a professional while you are at it. 

The Refrigerant Might be Leaking

The compressor can be turned on and off on its own accord if there is a leak in the air conditioning unit which is causing the refrigerant to leak. As the owner, a leak is something you can probably see but not pinpoint the location. 

The AC unit hose connections are the most vulnerable parts that spot the most leaks. Have it inspected by a mechanic so that you can ensure that the air conditioning unit and the compressor keep functioning as they are supposed to. 

Electrical Problems

No one wants to encounter any electrical issues in their car. But some problems can occur which can cause the compressor to turn on and off on its own accord. The wires and connections need to be checked and mended accordingly. If this happens, go to your nearest mechanic and have the issue fixed. 

The Condenser is the Problem

It is the role of the condenser to keep cooling the refrigerant over continued use when it gets heated. The condenser utilizes the airflow from the road for the cooling process. The air conditioning unit is at a chance of malfunctioning if the condenser is damaged by the debris floating in. The condenser is usually located in the front in most cars so it is visible if you take a look under the hood. 

If the condenser is not clogged, there is a fair chance that it may be broken. A broken condenser will not only mean getting warm air when you want cool air, but it can also lead to the failure of the entire air conditioning unit altogether. Either you can spot the damage through inspection or you can directly take your car to the mechanic to have the issue fixed if it is detected. 

The Takeaway

If the AC compressor turns on and off on its own, either there is a problem with the compressor itself or some other issue like electrical failure or problems with other equipment may be causing it to malfunction. Once you encounter any problem, immediately take your car to a licensed professional who will fix what is broken or replace it, and your air conditioning unit will begin working as it is supposed to. Just remember to maintain it later on. 

Why Does My Car’s AC Compressor Keep Turning On and Off?

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