What does Amazon do with Returns?

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Currently, Amazon is one of the biggest online stores in the United States and the world. With its Amazon prime delivery system, the consumer shopping experience has become fulfilling and effective. Not just that, you can purchase items online and after not being satisfied with it, can return them within a stipulated time. You do not need to find receipts or the owner to report. With few clicks, you can return your package in no time. Read more What does Amazon do with Returns?

But what happens to the items we return? Do they go back to the sellers or end up going to the waste? Well, let’s find out.

What does Amazon do with return items?

All the items returned due to customer dissatisfaction end up in Amazon Warehouse or to e-commerce liquidation retailers. From that point, the products are sold to an online liquidating site such as Direct Liquidation and Liquidation.com. However, not all products go through this process. Some go back to the original seller. So all the items that customers didn’t like or changed their mind about later are called Gently used items. They end up in Amazon Warehouse and further sold from there. The rest also sold in bulk to Liquidation company which eventually sells them through their website.

Amazon Return Policy

Amazon explicitly provides all the information regarding Amazon’s return policy. All the items such as clothing, electronics, home decor, beauty, etc., unless specifically marked as not returnable can be returned by the customer. For products such as refrigerators, Air conditioners, tablets, or smartphones, Amazon may schedule a technician meeting. The matter will be resolved with the technician’s evaluation report. 

However, few things need to be kept in mind while initiating the return of Amazon-bought items. They are:

  • The product must not be damaged by the consumer
  • You must return the same product that was shipped by Amazon
  • Product is return in original condition that is Mrp Tag, user manual, warranty card, etc.

There is a specific time limit in which the items must return. Consumers must check it out before buying the product.  In case, the seller has the same product available, it can replace it as well

Which is successful: Amazon or Target?

In terms of net worth, Amazon surely takes the lead with a current market at $1.64T while the target has a total of $94.56B. But both the venture has a basic difference. Target is an offline shopping complex while Amazon is a place to buy stuff online. In the coming years, the discounts offered on products at Target and on Amazon are getting smaller and smaller. But if we speak in numbers then yes Amazon is a bigger venture than Target. Amazon ranks in the top 5 in the United States while Target is at number 8.

How to become an Amazon seller?

You can become a seller on Amazon by providing a minimum of $0.99 every time you sell a product. This plan is for individuals. For professionals, you will have to spend $39.99 per month regardless of how many times you sell the items during that month. On top of that Amazon also collect a  referral fee on each sale. After that consider your selling strategy that is Reseller or Brand owners. Create an Amazon seller account, add your products, create product listing details, and that’s it. Now just Attracting customers by giving an advertisement on Amazon. With Amazon prime facility the product will be reached within 2-3 days to your customers.

Can you return software on Amazon?

If you want to return your software and video games then they can be refunded within 30 days.  If the software or video is activated, used, or missing parts then a 100% restocking fee will be charged. 


Amazon is a great place to buy and sell products. It’s cheap and effective. However many times we do receive stuff that is damaged or we don’t require anymore. So amazon provides a hassle-free easy return policy. Just apply for a return & everything related to it will be in a digital form. From returning the item to initiating a refund, you won’t need to do anything special. Just make sure not to damage the product and always read the return policy of the product you are purchasing.


Q. Why Amazon liquidates its returned products?

It is far easier to liquidate and sell the product than to return them back to the owner and re-sell it again. It saves not only labor but time as well.

Q. Do Amazon sellers receive discounts or Benefits?

No. You don’t receive any special perks or discounts. 

Q. Is Amazon prime free?

Only 30 days trial is free. After that, you will have to purchase the subscription for $12.99 per month or $119 per year.

What does Amazon do with Returns?

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