What is a Super Target?


We use a varied range of items and equipment in our day-to-day lives. However, we cannot go without using some things, for instance, small items like a toothbrush, a comb, a clock, or if we talk about the bigger picture, food. We need groceries almost every day of our lives, and it would be of great convenience if we could find all these necessities in one spot. It is where Super Targets come for the rescue, and these stores have added a lot of ease to our lives. Read more about What is a Super Target?

What is a Super Target Store?

A Super Target store is a “super,” or in simple words, a mammoth version of a Target store. It has a much larger capacity than a customary Target store, which immediately hints at a more excellent accommodation of product stocks. It stores hold a more comprehensive range of various kinds of products to meet customers’ quests. These stores have a dedicated grocery section, a deli counter, offering varieties of meat for buyers to pick and choose according to their taste. They also have a bakery that sells fresh delicacies baked on the spot, apart from the garments section for all genders, ages, and household items. The organized segmenting of all the units inside the store makes it very accessible and stress-free to go shopping without wasting any time. Talking about the area, It stands on about 175,000 square feet of space or more, according to reports, while a conventional Target store usually has an area of something close to 130,000 square feet.

Where are Super Target found?

Super Target stores have become very popular in recent times, and roughly speaking, about 239 Super Target stores have been opened in various states. 

  • The most significant store is set up in Hoover, Alabama, over an area of approximately 4.5 acres (around 191,000 square feet), housing a wide range of commodities. The smallest among the Target stores is found in Chicago, with about 12,800 square feet.
  • Super Target stores in Illinois are found in Algonquin, Mundelein, Broadview, and Hillside regions.
  • In Florida, one would find Super Target stores in many places like the Oakleaf Town Centre, Clearwater Mall, Sodo Shopping Centre, Royal Palm Beach, Northwood’s Centre, and Gateway Market Centre.
  • Along with all the places mentioned above, Super Targets are found in many more parts of the United States, like Texas, Virginia, Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Tennessee, Kansas, and Indiana.

When did Super Target Stores come into being?

We cannot skip the general Target stores when talking about Super Targets since both have a very close relationship. Target stores were the first to come up, followed by the enhanced Super Targets, regarding size and availability of a broader spectrum of products.

The first Target discount store was established in Roseville, Minnesota, on 1st May 1962. Since then, the corporation has worked toward expansion, and improvisation, changes in the architectural structure, bettering the quality of the merchandise to provide a better shopping experience to customers. In addition, the authorized logo of “Target” – the bullseye has also undergone improvisation from time to time. 

The need for a more extensive area and a one-stop solution for all the population’s requirements resulted in the opening of the first Target Greatland in September 1990 in Apple Valley, Minnesota. It was much larger than the usual Target stores, and it had an increased number of billing counters, larger aisles, a pharmacy, a food court, and an enhanced number of checkout lanes.

The Target Greatland soon transformed into Super Target, a superstore, or supermarket, as they are popularly known around the globe. The first Super Target opened in Omaha, in Nebraska, in the year 1995, expanding on the lines of Greatland, with the inclusion of a grocery division.

Difference between a Target Store and a Super Target Store

Not many differences can be stated between Targets and Super Targets, save for the fact that in a Super Target, almost every necessary product is found under one roof, be it garments, household items, grocery, meat, kitchen tools, or stationery. In addition, everything is accessible at a reasonable price. On the other hand, a Target store cannot accommodate a wide variety of items collectively due to its shortage of space, even though they have always been a great source of cheap and quality products.


Super Target stores came into being in 1995, even though in 2015, they were renamed, pushing them back to being simply “Target,” with the declaration “Big or small, our stores have one thing in common: they’re all Target.”

People could not have thought of a single shop holding a distinct section for every little requisite back in time. But, irrespective of the name, one thing is for sure: these supercentres have changed the overall shopping experience.

What is a Super Target?

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