What is a Super Target?

We use a varied range of items and equipment in our day-to-day lives. However, we cannot go without using some things, for instance, small items like a toothbrush, a comb, a clock, or if we talk about the bigger picture, food. We need groceries almost every day of our lives, and it would be of […]

Modern Citizen: Minimal Elegance For Young Professionals By Young Professionals

Instead of searching high and low for a fashion-forward, refined brand with an affordable price point, Jessica Lee decided to start her own women’s fashion and lifestyle brand. Pleasing stylish young professionals–including herself–is the company’s mission and purpose. In 2014, when digital-first brands (mainly those without brick-and-mortar spaces) were emerging and covering niche demands, Stanford […]

Off The Menu: Dolores Outpost To Open In Well… Dolores, Surprised?

Kombucha on tap and other sorted amenities, Dolores Outpost is certain to become one hell of a chic spot. A spot that once was to buy cigarettes and 40s, is now the home of a very chic outpost that sells various kombucha on tap and mochi muffins to go. Seriously though, we had mochi muffins […]

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