How Long Does It Take For Walmart To Ship?

How Long Does It Take For Walmart To Ship?

Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail company that operates its supermarts and grocery stores worldwide. It was Sam Walton’s vision and mission which has made the company so massive. Walmart is continuously trying to beat its competitors Amazon, eBay, and Target, which are the leaders in the segment. Read more about How Long Does It Take For Walmart To Ship.

Amazon, since its commencement, was home delivering the packages to its customers. In contrast, Walmart had grocery stores at various locations, where they sell almost everything. Walmart is one preferred chain where customers can purchase their daily needs and items, but that was not enough. To compete with other companies, Walmart had to go with the trend. For that, they launched the online shopping platform Through its various logistic partners and services, Amazon guarantees the fastest delivery; similarly, it is a question about how long Walmart takes to ship its product? The shipping time depends on when the order is placed, the delivery location, the product category, and much more.

Walmart Shipping Time

The time at which an order is placed is a significant factor that decides the shipment time. The customer can expect a standard delivery whenever an order is placed before 2 PM on weekdays. Walmart also provides its customer with fast delivery at an additional price of $10 per shipment. Availing of the benefit, Walmart guarantee to deliver the order the same or the next day. Similar to the prime membership of Amazon, Walmart also has a plus (+) membership, which guarantees the fastest delivery possible. The subscription cost for Walmart plus is $98 per year and $12.95 per month. 

Walmart and its Logistic Partners

Though it is one of the well-known brands among customers, Walmart couldn’t compete with Amazon in delivery speed and reliability. Amazon has its delivery logistic chain and USPS working for them, so the delivery is one of the fastest. In contrast, Walmart uses third-party logistics partners such as FedEx and UPS to carry out their deliveries. The third party entering the delivery business for Walmart made the shipment delayed. Moreover, the warehouses of delivery centers held by Walmart are significantly less in number to Amazon. Logistic partners are one of the significant reasons for Walmart to its delayed shipment.

Can the customer get a faster shipment? 

Walmart has categorized its items into free two-day delivery and items that aren’t eligible for two-day delivery. Orders are shipped according to the price of the items, and if the order is about $35 and more, standard shipping takes around three to five days. If the order happens to be less than $35, a shipping fee of $5.99 is charged on most of the order, which confirms free two-day Walmart shipping. 

Walmart 2 day delivery

Walmart had to compete and give services as good as Amazon. So, it started its two-day delivery, which is similar to Amazon’s prime. The Walmart two delivery benefits guarantee nationwide delivery within two days, with no additional charges. All those products which qualify for this delivery get added to a two-day delivery category. Walmart is becoming the most preferred marketplace for sellers and retailers to sell the products after eBay; its two-day delivery uplifted Walmart. It is found that the two-day delivery tag is generally given to expensive items. 

How can the seller maintain a two-day delivery tag? 

It becomes all the responsibility to gain and maintain the two-day delivery tag as it is the seller who has to fulfill all the requirements by Walmart for its two-day delivery. Sellers can maintain the tag in two ways, one is self-fulfillment, and the other is deliverr fulfillment. 

  1. Self-fulfillment two-day tag

If the seller has achieved the category of self-fulfillment two-day tag, they must maintain a zero-day lag in the shipment. They should maintain a record of around 95% of successful shipping and delivery, and the cancel rate should be less than 1.5%. Once the seller applies for the category, Walmart crosschecks all the desired requirements. 

  1. Deliverr Fulfillment

Deliverr, too is an American e-commerce company. They collaborate with companies like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. The fulfillment helps the sellers and retailers to get two-day delivery nationwide coverage. The seller already approved by the deliverr can provide customers with fast two-day delivery and two-day shipping tags. 

Both types of fulfillment have their own merits and demerits, based on control, cost, and technology. 


Walmart is one of the e-commerce giants which has successfully served its customers since 1962. They try to compete with Amazon in every aspect, including fast delivery. Usually, Walmart tries to ship its products as soon as possible, but it gets delayed because of fewer logistics partners, warehouses, and technology. To compensate for the problem, Walmart started two-day shipping rebranded and named Walmart two-day delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is the primary logistics partner of Walmart? 

FedEx is the leading logistic partner for Walmart. 

  1. What are the two fulfillment strategies opted by Walmart sellers? 

Self-fulfillment and fulfillment by deliverr are two strategies opted for by sellers. 

  1. What is the price of express delivery? 

If the customer wants their delivery earlier than the specified time, they can choose express delivery, which costs $10 above existing delivery fees. 

How Long Does It Take For Walmart To Ship?

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