Can you see who redeemed an amazon gift card?

Can you see who redeemed an amazon gift card?


Everyone loves shopping. Due to the covid pandemic, online shopping is on its pick. Every day there are millions and billions of people purchase products online. It is an efficient and time-saving way to buy products with one click from home. there are so many websites for online shopping but Amazon is one of the world’s largest online shopping website. They are known for their trustworthy services. It is the best place where you get a variety of things at affordable rates. They always give special offers for their customers. One of their plans is ‘Amazon Gift Card’. You can purchase it at any amount and give it to your loved ones. You can purchase any number of gift cards. Read more Can you see who redeemed an amazon gift card?

   In this era of information and the internet, so many frauds are seen every day. Every year amazon gets lots of complaints. It is a big company and committed to the privacy of its users. They ensure that your data is safe. They have a database for all information of users. Your personal information is not shared with anyone. They are ensuring that there is no violation of privacy rules.

   So, if you give Gift Card to someone and if you want to know who redeemed it, then Amazon will not provide you any information about it. You have to ask the person who redeemed it directly; otherwise, there is no way to know about the transactions (as they have privacy norms).

     Once the card is registered to the owner’s name and email address and phone number, then the transactions are made by the owner’s bank account and it is only visible to the owner of the account. Only the owner knows about the transactions and the purchases history. 

     This privacy terms and conditions are helpful to amazon as well as to the users because it prevents the problems that are caused due to publicly available information. If these regulations are not present then anyone can find out your purchase history. Only the owner of the account has access to the account. You must remember the below rules:

  • Amazon don’t take responsibility of stolen card, so if your card is stolen and transactions are done by it then you have to call the customer care and close your account. 
  • If you observed your card is already used or it is damaged, all you do first is to see the back of the pack and try to see the code and if there are scratches on it, firstly inform the retailer otherwise you lose your money. You have to contact amazon and tell them this so that they can take the required actions. 
  • If you found out that some amount is missing from your account then try to memorize where did you use it, and if in any case, you didn’t do a transaction then you have to call the Amazon customer care center. 
  • You must know the amount present in your gift cards.
  • Always remember where you put your physical gift cards and don’t put it anywhere because anyone can misuse it.


     Amazon is not taking any responsibility for stolen, misused gift cards. If you see any suspicious activity with your card, you must contact the Amazon customer care center. Always use it via amazon’s official website. 

Frequently asked questions:

1. How can I get the information about my gift card transactions?

Ans.   Log in to your account and click on the gift cards tab you will get information about your transactions and orders.

2. If I get a used card then what should I do?

Ans.   Firstly, open the card and tell the retailer about the issue. Remember you have to open it in front of retailer otherwise if you open it at home and then you find out it is used and then go to retailor then retailor think that you are lying. 

3. How to take legal action against scammers?

Ans.   You can contact organizations like the federal trade commission and do a police complaint. You can email them the whole thing or go physically to the police station. They communicate it with amazon and amazon takes steps towards scammer. After some procedure, they can reach the scammer.

4. Should I give it to my colleges? 

Ans.    Yes, you can give it to them. In fact, you can give it to anyone, you wish to give. But ensure the things that the person doesn’t misuse.

5. How do I keep my gift card safe?

Ans.   You have to ensure to whom you are giving it and don’t give it to an untrustworthy person. It is good to have a digital gift card over a physical gift card because a physical gift card can be lost but a digital one does not.

Can you see who redeemed an amazon gift card?

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