Does Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags and Bottles?

Does Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags and Bottles?

Walmart stores are places where thousands of Americans visit daily for their essentials. With all these people in the store coming in and out, they would also bring with them plastic and other such waste. Read more Does Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags and Bottles?

But Walmart’s policies for such plastic bottles or bags are ideal since they usually opt for recycling the items that they can. Walmart has taken measures to ensure that the waste in the recycling bins can get recycled and help the environment.

Why Is There A Need For Recycling?

Being environmentally conscious is something that we hear about a lot these days, but it is still rare to see in action. Many people make contributions towards the environment as much as they can, which is essential these days. Read more Does Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags and Bottles?

Recycling is one small step that many firms can take to help protect the environment from non-biodegradable waste. Recycling items like plastic is essential since it is something that we all use so frequently in our daily lives.

So recycling is an essential activity to do, especially for huge firms like Walmart that deal with tons of plastic waste. By doing so, they can help not only save the environment but also raise awareness in the customers to do the same.

How Does Walmart Sort Plastic Items?

When you visit your nearest Walmart store, you would notice that besides the regular trash can is the recycling trash can too. They would have the recycling symbol on them that you can easily recognize from a distance.

Such bins are how Walmart stores collect plastic waste from the many customers that visit them. You can spot such bins in all the stores across the United States and customers utilize them to throw plastic or recyclable items.

It is also a shared responsibility of the consumers to utilize the recycling bin and sort out the recyclable items. With these efforts of both the firm and the customers in place, Walmart does recycle many plastic items throughout the year.

What Does Walmart Do With Plastic Bags And Bottles?

Walmart has installed multiple recycling bins in their stores in all states, as we explained above. But these bins only receive the plastic waste in them, and the further process has many other steps too.

These are only some steps taken by Walmart to recycle the plastic they receive and aid the environment in no set order. Here is what Walmart does with the plastic bags or bottles they get in the recycling bins:

  • The waste gets thrown into the recycling bins by the customers. The bins are distinguishable and come with instructions so that the customers do not have a hard time using them. Then the customers can dispose of the plastic items that they don’t require. 
  • The bins get emptied after a period regularly and the waste reaches a recycling plant near the store. There this waste gets sorted interns of the material and gets separated into various categories. Once separated the waste gets prepared for the next step in the recycling process.
  • The waste gets melted together, with the batches getting processed separately for each type of plastic. Once the plastic gets melted together, it is formed into usable raw material for items like a recycled plastic bag or recycled string. These materials are the raw material for recycled plastic items in other industries.
  • These recycled plastic raw materials become ready to get shipped to other industries. They could get shipped anywhere in the country to make recycled items from the raw material.
  • Walmart additionally utilizes reusable bags these days to reduce the plastic waste produced by them in the first place. It is ideal since these bags help reduce the amount of plastic that needs to get recycled.


Walmart is undoubtedly one of America’s largest stores that most Americans frequent to buy many things. Being such an influential and large firm, they also have some responsibilities towards the environment.

It is why Walmart takes many measures to care for the environment by recycling plastic goods. They have taken many steps, and a sling as the public also helps with this step, Walmart can help bring change by recycling plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Walmart have recycling bins in their stores?

Yes, Walmart has recycling bins in their stores spread all across the states. These recycling bins are usually kept close to the regular bins so that the customers can utilize them to dispose of plastic items.

  1. What happens to the plastic items that are in the recycling bins at Walmart?

The plastic items that go into the recycling bin at Walmart get sent to a recycling facility nearby. After that, these items get sorted by their material and then recycled in the plant to create recycled plastic.

  1. Is it necessary for Walmart to recycle all plastic items they get?

Walmart doesn’t need to recycle plastic items, but it is more of an initiative and responsibility. Being so influential in the country, they have to set an ideal example for the people and work towards environment-friendly methods.

Does Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags and Bottles?

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