Mcdonald’s Breakfast Hours and Breakfast Menu

Mcdonald’s Breakfast Hours and Breakfast Menu

In recent times, with the increase in pace and preferences in lifestyle, people are often looking to grab a bite on their way home. Since it is impractical to carry heavy food around on your commute, people prefer fast food. Food that is portable and does not create a mess. Read more Mcdonald’s Breakfast Hours and Breakfast Menu.

Widely synonymous with fast food, McDonald’s offers a huge range of portable bites and finger food. Along with that, they also offer a nutritious and delicious breakfast menu in the early hours, ensuring that all their customers start the day right.

If you’re an early bird or someone who has to work early, this article will assist you to know the breakfast hours and the extensive menu of McDonald’s.

Mcdonald’s Breakfast Hours 

The breakfast hours at McDonald’s depend entirely on the state. Restaurants in some states may operate 24-7, in such cases, the breakfast menu commences at 5 am and ends at 11 am. Normal McDonald’s restaurants start their breakfast menu at 7 am and stop serving by 11 am.

Earlier, the restaurant used to stop serving its breakfast menu at 10:30 am. The timings have increased by 30 minutes due to the consumer’s demand and increase in popularity. 

Mcdonald’s Breakfast Menu 

As mentioned earlier, the breakfast menu of McDonald’s consists of various healthy and tastebud stimulating options, so even the most health-conscious people can enjoy. Below are the most acclaimed and customer-approved items in the McDonald’s breakfast menu.

  • Bacon, Cheese and Egg Biscuit

This delicacy is made from warm sizzling butter, which is brushed on the burger, contains thick, smoked, and soft bacon along with essential American cheese slices to complete the meal, all of this for $3.19.

  • Egg McMuffin 

Branded as an excellent protein source, a freshly cracked high-quality egg is placed on top of the soft and fluffy English muffin. The muffin is then brushed with butter and induced with Canadian smoked bacon and American sliced cheese, all for $2.79. The Muffin is best enjoyed with Roast Coffee, also offered by McDonald’s. 

  • Sausage Burrito 

The Sausage Burrito brings all the spices and flavors of this Mexican delicacy together with an American twist. It is filled with freshly prepared scrambled eggs, pork, and some veggies including onion and green chilies. It is a new addition to the breakfast menu but it has become the most in-demand item from the menu. The Sausage Burrito costs $1.30.

  • Fruit and Maple Oatmeal

If you’re health-conscious and want only the best and nutritious food, then McDonald’s has you covered with their all-new Fruit and Maple Oatmeal. The oatmeal consists of delicious and fresh sliced apples, mixed with a blend of cranberry raisins and oatmeal, with fresh cream added to the mix. The Fruit and Maple Oatmeal is priced at $1.99. 

  • Sausages and Hotcakes

Some people may prefer the classic American breakfast of Sausages and Hotcakes. McDonald’s offers 3 brown hotcakes, with a spread of butter and topped with sweet maple syrup. Along with this, a patty of Sausage is given to complete the meal. This delicious meal costs $3.69.

  • Hash Browns

If you are looking for finger-sized portable food, then Hash Browns are the right choice for you. The Browns are crispy and the taste is amplified with every bite you take, all the sauces and sides only make them better. They are toasty on the outer side and fluffy and soft on the inner side, a total of 9 pieces are offered in one serving. The Hash Browns cost $1.09. 

  • Bacon, Egg, and Cheese McGriddles 

The McGriddles from McDonald’s contains soft and fluffy griddle cakes topped with the delicious taste of maple. The McGriddles also contain smoked bacon and melty American cheese on the bottom of a fluffy and folded egg. One bite of McGriddles is enough to make you a fan of it, all of this cheesy and tasty goodness for $2.55.

  • Sausage Biscuit with Egg

The Sausage and Egg biscuit from McDonald’s includes a flay and hot biscuit patty, which is bruised with low-fat butter along with McDonald’s folded egg. Also included is a hot and sizzling patty of pork sausage. This is the perfect option for people looking for a tasty yet portable breakfast. The McDonald’s Sausage and Egg biscuit cost just $1.19.

The above menu is just the cream of the crop, along with these items, there are various other options in the McDonald’s breakfast menu.


The Breakfast hours of McDonald’s are 6 am to 11 am, the widespread demand and love for the breakfast items made them increase the timing for 30 more minutes. The breakfast menu at McDonald’s is not only extensive but it also features great and affordable fast food which is not only enjoyable but health-conscious at the same time. It is filled with enough protein and carbohydrates to keep you energized throughout your action-packed day. McDonald’s assures the best to their consumers by helping them start their day right. 

Mcdonald’s Breakfast Hours and Breakfast Menu

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