Where does Ikea Ship From?

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If the corona pandemic has been beneficial to anyone, it is the digital market. Including the new commercial small businesses, the growth of the digital market increased rapidly in the pandemic. Read more about Where does Ikea Ship From?.

Ikea has been in the spotlight for providing good quality furniture at affordable prices. And from small to huge pieces of furniture all are available at Ikea. So, whatever you want you can get it here. And among all international companies, IKEA has emerged to up its game in the reopening of lockdown. Thereafter, Ikea’s online channel came across billions of visitors and increased the online retail sales by 73%. 

Now, the question is from where does Ikea ship delivery so fast? How much does the delivery cost, will it cost a fortune? And does Ikea offer assembly? Further, we will be going to talk about these matters and focus on the shipping procedure of Ikea.

What is Ikea?

Ikea is one of the largest furniture stores all over the world. Ikea’s goal has been set to create a better every day by providing the best of a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at affordable prices. Ikea was founded in 1943 in Sweden and since 2008 has been in great business. 

Ikea has earned its place in the market for its modernist designs and focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly approach. Ikea has plans for everything, it is a window to the future. The company is cost and energy-efficient, to production, transport, and shipping everything is planned under operation management

Now, you may wonder how Ikea manages everything? How does Ikea provide shipping with much ease? Even to customers in outer states, where there are no company stores. Because Ikea serves as the best for shipping and delivery. The shipping time is less and packages arrive in the best conditions, so how do they do it?

Where does Ikea ship from?

With the huge online exposure Ikea got recently, a load of work and orders increased immensely. And for which Ikea was ready. 

The company has acquired many locations as in-store complexes and warehouses that drives the shipping process easier. If you are ordering from Ikea online, the products you purchased will be sought in the nearest stock-holding location for you and then delivered to you. With recent growth, Ikea has made new plans of using warehouses as distribution centers which is a hassle-free way of shipping products. 

The global expansion of Ikea includes almost 59 countries and is planning to cover more ground by 2025. To name a few we have;

  • Europe – Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, etc.
  • Asia – India, China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, etc.
  • Australia
  • North America – Mexico, Dominican Republic, United States, etc.
  • Africa – Egypt, Morocco

And many more to go on. The company has planned to open stores in New Zealand, the Philippines, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, and Oman soon. 

It is to note, that Ikea ships online orders only from stored locations or warehouses, the local Ikea store isn’t involved in any online market. But if you go and purchase an item from the store, they will deliver the same to your house. 

The charges and cost for both shipping, assembly differ widely depending upon the size of the products. The main system of Ikea highlights managing its shipping through two distributions, one DPD delivery service for smaller orders and the second Ikea’s own distribution process for large deliveries that are fulfilled within 14 days. 


Ikea is a trusted global brand now, which never disappoints. With the execution of distribution centers and warehouses, Ikea ships all over the globe. The system is smart and efficient to fulfill both small and large orders. The company tries to offer the best customer service and make sure whenever you are at Ikea you have a good experience.

The service of Ikea is as great as its name stands. They provide the facility to deliver your purchased items to your house safely. And in the US even if there isn’t an Ikea store in your state, yet they can deliver products to your doorstep. The creation of distribution centers, from where mostly the items are delivered and is maintained all over America. Thus, Ikea has a quick delivery service. 


1. How does Ikea manage its delivery?

The specialty of Ikea is its distribution system for shipping products. The company has 33 different furniture giants’ distribution centers and 11 customer distribution centers from which they operate the orders efficiently.

2. How much time does it take to get delivery by Ikea?

According to your location, the delivery time can vary. The locations near Ikea’s warehouses or distribution centers can receive the delivery within 1-2 days or there is a 4-hour delivery window that you can set. The cost of delivery will get reflected at the time of checkout.

3. Does Ikea have free delivery?

No. Ikea has grown to be a multinational business but does not offer free delivery at this time. The reason can be simple that different furniture has a different cost of shipping, and not many items are profitable when they are delivered without charges.

Where does Ikea Ship From?

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