Petsmart Hotel- Rooms available at Petsmart hotel

Petsmart Hotel

Petsmart is an America-based chain of pet stores that sells pet-based products. The Petsmart chain of pet stores has over 1000 locations. In the USA, the Petsmart Company has been a real leader in pet care and food for many years. It has a huge stock of goods and gives a large variety of services for pets. Read more about Petsmart Hotel. The company offers a wide variety of products and services, including:

•An online store for dog and cat food selection of treats, toys, and collars for both dogs and cats




Petsmart believes in providing the best experience to our pets that’s why they also have Petsmart hotels. They provide great comfort to both the pets and their owners.

The hotels

The Petsmart Hotel offers the ability to easily bring your pet with you during your travels. However, it is not a typical boarding setup. It is more like a hotel for pets where while away from home they are treated as valued guests. The hotel can accommodate up to five dogs or cats at one time, but there are no large kennels available at most PetSmart hotels. Each pet can have its own suite complete with an outside patio area for plenty of fresh air and exercise. They are a one-stop shop that brings customers the convenience of in-store services. The comfort of suite-like rooms is designed in a way to ensure both pets and owners get plenty of rest. The employees there are pleasant and helpful; they try to give the best possible service. The rooms are comfortable, clean, and safe for pets. They have great food at the restaurant which the prices are reasonable.


PetsHotel isn’t presently to be had in all PetSmart shops. There are presently 70 PetsHotel available in PetSmart shops in 24 states. As for the scale of the PetsHotel, they may be everywhere from 5000-7000 feet, and commonly incorporate around 120 atrium rooms, 25 suites, 12-14 kitty cottages, and 4 playrooms for pets. Also, PetsHotel can normally have over 150 animals at complete potential and feature around 25 associates to the animals. 

Guests get hold of round-the-clock care with the aid of using puppy care experts skilled with the precise care necessities of puppies and cats. A veterinarian is on-name 24 hours consistent with day and every puppy’s everyday sports are documented. Security is taken severely on the PetsHotel. The lodge is staffed 24 hours consistent with the day, so visitors are continually supervised. Guests have their desire of rooms, relying on their size, the scale of the own circle of relatives (with a couple of family members staying inside the identical room), and the quantity of pampering preferred. PetsHotel gives Atrium rooms in addition to suites and luxury applications with greater amenities. . Every visitor is given an ID card. There are also television sets for pets. 


For dogs, overnight rates start at about $15 for the half-day camp and around $41 for suite accommodation. For cats, it’s around $20 for an overnight cat lodge. If you have pets in the same room, you can claim a nightly deduction of up to $5 per night. PetSmart charges a fee for additional services, such as $11 for a bath and $9 for a nail clipper. Daycare ranges around $15.

Rooms available at Petsmart hotel

Below are some types of the hotel that Petsmart generally provide 

Atrium Dog Room – The perfect room for the dogs, the Atrium Dog Room provides a super comfortable bed, as well as plenty of room for them to move around freely. 

Suit – The highest level accommodation available for dogs, these rooms are of a very high standard. The rooms have an exceptional amount of space and lots of furniture that is perfect for a dog, such as a comfortable bed, a special bed, and even a TV with shows that are curated for dogs. 

Doggy Day Camp – Provides an area where dogs can easily play and have an interaction with each other. All dogs needed to through a high-quality screening process for the safety of other dogs for the group play. 

Cat Cottage – The perfect selection for cats staying at the Petsmart Pet Hotel, it will be hard to find a more suitable room for cats. They can enjoy spaces furnished with television in which to concentrate. They also enjoy playtime and interaction with the Petsmart hotel staff and can even share rooms with cats from the same family.

The Conclusion

Pet hotels are very important for the owners. It is the place where pets can be taken care of when you are away from home for work or any other reason. The pet hotel takes care of your pet in a way that you want to take care of it.

A pet hotel is a great alternative for boarding your pets, especially when you are on vacation. A pet hotel allows an individual to have his/her pet stay in a friendly environment, with expert caretakers. The concept of the pet hotel is not new and it has been around for quite some time now. It has become more popular as it provides convenience to people who travel frequently or those who just want to bring their pets with them without needing to hire another person for this purpose.

Some FAQs

Q – Why the need for pet hotels?

Pet hotels are a great alternative when you can’t take your pet with you on vacation. If you’re like most pet owners, it’s very difficult to leave your beloved dog or cat behind at home when you travel.

Q- What is the cost of pet boarding?

It starts at $15 and goes all the way up to $40.

Q-Are my pet safe?

Yes, Petsmart hotel is very serious about their security and have high-quality protocols.

Q- Are pet hotels limited only to Dogs?

No, you can have all your pets in a cozy pet hotel.

Petsmart Hotel- Rooms available at Petsmart hotel

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