Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce

Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce

Food being an important course for our survival, also have the power to connect with your brain, leaving serotonin and making you happy. Among the many soul-satisfying foods, there are buffalo wings. What better place to find buffalo wings than Buffalo wild wings? And since sauces are said to be the essence of Buffalo Wild Wings, here are the different sauces Buffalo Wild Wings provide. Read more Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce.

Different Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces

Honey BBQ

Honey Barbeque Sauce is probably the most popular sauce among the many others in service in Buffalo Wild Wings.

As the name suggests, this sauce betrays honey to be its prime flavor along with a hint of spice and smokiness, which are authentic for a perfect barbeque sauce.

This sauce is perfect for people with low spice tolerance and goes well with the wings and salads.

You can get this sauce for as cheap as 5.99$, making it budget-friendly.

Sweet BBQ

Another variety in the Buffalo Wild Wings BBQ sauce range is sweet BBQ.

It is a delicious mixture of sweetness and smokey flavor from the barbeque with a very mild hint of spice.

This won’t constitute a good sauce for spice lovers though if you know what I mean.


Now, this sauce right here can be the perfect fit for barbeque and spice lovers. It has the smokey flavor, well needed for a BBQ sauce along with the comfortable spice, suitable for everyone. Although the Hot BBQ sauce may not be the best, it’s still worth giving a try.

Teriyaki Sauce

Buffalo Wild Wings provide this Japanese teriyaki sauce with their savory taste to the sauce, which according to some tastes better on its own

The ginger, citrus, garlic, and sesame keep the authentic teriyaki flavor, giving it the perfect amount of sweetness and savoriness. 

It is worth giving this sauce a try; after all, what could go wrong with soy sauce!

Asian Zing

Asian Zing is said to be the most delicious sauce out of the others.

This sauce gives credit to its name, providing before you the luscious sauce with well complementing Asian flavors and spices.

Like every other Asian food, this sauce has a tang of spice to it along with some sweetness. This may not be suitable for people with low spice tolerance.

Chipotle BBQ Seasoning

The smokiness from the spicy chipotle goes well along with the honey and smokiness of the barbeque sauce, making it the perfect fit for the wings.

This sauce is again not advised for persons with low spice tolerance.

Mango Habanero

The sweetness of mango goes compliments the heat of the spicy habanero, giving you the tangy blast of flavors you never knew you needed.

Parmesan Garlic

The good blending flavors of parmesan cheese and garlic in the force of a sauce, what’s not to like?

This not too spicy sauce can be the perfect fit for you, edible by every kind of person, and what’s more? This sauce goes along with every dish of your liking.


Like the name, the sauce has a mild spice flavor, fitting for everyone—even ones with no spice tolerance, another safe choice for you.


The medium could be your safest choice if you don’t like taking risks and experimenting with your food.

This thick-textured sauce, along with a little tang of spice, balanced out with the other ingredients, will never make you regret your decision.


This fourth hottest sauce on the list is a perfect mix of spice and a little bit of sweetness, along with having its appetizing flavor.


The Wild sauce is said to be the second spiciest sauce in Buffalo Wild Wings. Apart from being a favorite among spice lovers, this sauce also has an amazing vinegary flavor of its own.


As the name sounds, this Blazing hot sauce is the spiciest sauce on the menu. Made with ghost peppers and its measurement up to 350,000 units on the Scoville scale, this sauce will serve the best for spice lovers. Though expecting any other appetizing flavor from this sauce won’t do you any good.

Thai Curry

This delightful sauce made with coconut, spices, sweet chilies, and Thai curry can always uplift your mood, making you feel energetic.

Lemon Pepper

This sour sauce made with lemon, black pepper, and butter pops up in your mouth, leaving you wanting more.

And what’s more? This sauce isn’t even that spicy, making it fit for everyone.

Caribbean Jerk

This Jamaican-originated tangy sauce mixed with the perfect amount of ginger and cinnamon increases the flavor of your wings, leaving you craving for more.

Spicy Garlic

This spicy garlic sauce has kind of an overpowering vinegary taste to it, along with some heat and garlic.

Salt And Vinegar

Just like salt and vinegar chips, salt and vinegar will prove to be a beneficial addition to your wings. The saltiness from the salt and the sourness from the vinegar will mix. Classics can never go bad, and we all know that.

Dessert Heat

Tantamount to the name, this hot sauce contains habanera, serrano, and a smokey flavor. Even though this sauce has flavor, some claim this sauce to be too salty for their liking.

Bourbon Honey Mustard

Though the name may sound scary, this sauce has just the right amount of bourbon, mustard, and tanginess from the vinegar.

This out-of-the-box sauce may just become your favorite sauce; you just need to give it a try.

Buffalo Seasoning

This classic sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings has a medium level of spice along with cayenne peppers and garlic. The flavors go well together, and you know the word classic can never let you down, especially not in Buffalo Wild Wings.


These were the sixteen sauces you can find in Buffalo Wild wings, along with the five dry rubs. You can always trust the authentic Buffalo Wild Wings to never disappoint you with their menu and the soul-soothing food.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many sauces does Buffalo Wild Wings have?

Buffalo Wild Wings provide sixteen delicious sauces, each one of which goes well with everything on the menu.

2) Does it cost extra money if we order extra side sauces?

You can get the side sauces for as cheap as 0.60$.

Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce

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