What is an Ikea Family Card?

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Travelling is fun, but moving to a whole new place, not for a short period is a hassle. Moving out of a place and shifting to a whole new one is inevitable, especially when you are an adult. Be it when you are moving out of your parents’ house, or you got a job in a different place, or you don’t like the current place and want to make changes in your life, and so on. Read more What is an Ikea Family Card?

Moving and shifting to a new place comes along with new responsibilities and duties. Helping you is a checklist, written down are the things you have but you got to move, and the things you have to buy anew. 

Much of the time when we move out of a place, we crave new furniture, taking up space for “the things you have to buy anew”. It could be anything; Something as huge as a king-sized bed or as small as a chair. But, the furniture market, comes to your rescue, since it has so much to offer to its customers. Among the many, the one name that stands out is IKEA. 

What is Ikea?

The name sounds unusual, right? We might as well tell you that IKEA is a name formed with the initials of its founder’s personal information. The I and K are the initials of the founder’s name, i.e. Ingvar Kamprad, the E stands for the farm he grew up in, i.e. Elmtaryd, and lastly, the A stands for the nearby village, i.e. Agunnaryd. 

IKEA is a retail industry that sells “ready to assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories”. In addition, it also offers other goods and home services such as a virtual call with an expert, product suggestions so you could choose the right one for you, and so on. It was founded in Sweden, but currently has its headquarters in Netherland, and it has been the largest furniture retailer since 2008 in the world. 

IKEA is a multinational conglomerate. As of 2021, IKEA stores are available in 445 different locations, worldwide. The United States alone has 52 IKEA stores as of October 7, 2021. California stands alone as the location with the most number of IKEA stores with 8 locations, making it 15% of all the IKEA stores in the United States.  

Why is Ikea Popular?

The founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad writes, “IKEA has always been driven by the goal to create a better everyday life for many people by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that many people will be able to afford them” and indeed, the reviews tell it is true. 

The “ready to sale” furniture by IKEA has always been appreciated. One article states, “at the heart of IKEA’s success is value: You know what you are going to get when you shop at IKEA” and mind you, such reviews do not come easy.

Low Prices at Ikea?

In terms of its “affordable price”, we can say its low cost is one of the major reasons why it is so popular. The customers prefer IKEA over the others because its costs are “half the price” of other competitors. In addition, the overall prices cover the transportation costs as well. 

IKEA’s founder once revealed that they have introduced the “flat packing” strategy, in which the “customers purchase their furniture in pieces and assemble it themselves”. This helps them in cutting the costs and keeping the prices low. 

Discounts at Ikea

Even the low costs at which they sell their goods can be very expensive for some if not many. Here, one must wonder about the discounts offered at IKEA. Don’t worry, we have something that could save you from this trouble!

Ikea Family

IKEA provides a few ways to offer you a discount, and joining the IKEA family is one of them. Just like you offer many things to your family selflessly, so does IKEA, but maybe not completely selflessly. IKEA family is a membership for its customers. It is a lifelong loyalty card, very common to what other retailers offer to their customers. Once you join the IKEA family membership, you receive discounts and goods at exclusive prices. 

How To Get an Ikea Family Card?

The IKEA family card is offered in every location with IKEA stores. With the IKEA family membership, you can save money, time, and most of all, some trouble.

Any customer above the age of 18 can join the IKEA family for free, either online or by visiting the IKEA store close to them. Thus, it costs nothing but your time. 

Through the internet, any customer can visit the official website of the IKEA family, sign up there, as in making an account. And that’s it! You can edit your personal details anytime by just logging in on the same website. Moreover, you can update the location of the store and the means of communication that you prefer. 

These days, owing to covid-19, the IKEA family card can be provided to the member through digital mode. They can either get it emailed or SMSed to them. They can even get it printed temporarily. 

However, if you fail to find your digital IKEA family card, you can always call their customer care number. 

Discounts through Ikea Card

Other than the season offers, with the IKEA family card, the family members can get other discounts on various other products.

Through a family card, the customers get an “exclusive member discount”. These discounts are only on selected items. You can always know which product has an exclusive member discount thanks to an “IKEA family price” label in blue color. 

For instance, a coffee table worth $173 may be sold to a family member at $134.

There are other benefits of joining the IKEA family.

Ikea Magazine

IKEA publishes and sells a printed magazine, named IKEA FAMILY LIVE. This magazine is in addition to the card and the catalog. The magazine is printed four times per year and only the family members get this magazine delivered to them on their doorsteps, that too, for free!

Special Treatment

Believe it or not, the family members get special treatment when they visit stores, and sometimes even online too. If you are a member, the stores may offer you a drink when you visit them.

The family members also get offers on products and services from IKEA cafes and restaurants.

Free Workshops

The IKEA stores also organize workshops for the members with family cards from time to time. Even though the idea was to organize them in person, with covid-19 the workshops have gone online. 

The aim of these workshops is to help the customers learn about home furnishing and improve their home and, with that, their life at home. 

Here we end this article with all the information about the IKEA family card. Hope this was helpful to you in a way and convinced you a little to join the IKEA family. 

Nonetheless, happy shopping!

What is an Ikea Family Card?

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