Amazon Teacher Discount

Amazon Teacher Discount

Amazon International is a multinational company that mainly focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, etc. Amazon Prime is a subscription service that Amazon offers to its customers for a fee. Prime members are given certain additional benefits and access to amazon’s streaming media platform, amazon’s music, and the fastest delivery services. Jeff Bezos owns the international corporation which is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Read more about Amazon Teacher Discount.

Amazon has a revenue of almost two hundred billion dollars now, and is one among the Big Five companies in the United States along with Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. The lockdown has brought a drastic increase in the number of prime subscribers in Amazon. Since the competition is high in each of their platforms the company has introduced certain subscription plan discounts to allure subscribers which have benefits for both.

Amazon Prime Subscription  

Various subscription plans are available for Prime subscription that starts from $ 12.99 per month and $ 99 per year. Amazon Prime members are in almost all countries. Most of their subscribers are from The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, India, France, Germany, etc. The Covid 19 lockdown had a drastic growth in the number of subscribers. In addition to the monthly and yearly plan amazon provides a subscription for three months and six months as well. With a Prime subscription, the subscriber is entering into a world of unlimited opportunities in each field of entertainment. A Prime subscription not only takes you into purchase benefits but also into the world where technology helps in the popularity of pleasure and peace.

Amazon Prime Subscription Plans

The lowest Amazon Prime plan is $ 8.99 monthly, this plan only gives access to Amazon Prime Video none of the other benefits are not given in this subscription plan. With the Prime subscription for $ 12.99 per month, the subscribers can access all the benefits of a Prime member such as access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Amazon Photo storage, Kindle, and fast delivery. The annual subscription plan of $ 119 yearly also gives all the perks of a Prime member. Amazon also has an EBT or Medicaid plan of $ 5.99 per month and students plan for $ 6.49 per month or $ 59 annually. Amazon has several prime memberships offered to entice customers to join the platform. Prime member has access to a wide variety of movies, music, web series, and quick delivery services.

Teachers discount plan

Many platforms are not introducing subscribing benefits. It is at this time that Amazon offers Prime membership discounts for both teachers and students. Entertainment makes every person live. Life is meaningless without enjoyment. Films, web series, music, and other forms of entertainment provide an escape from reality. The lockdown and the less social interaction have worse affected the students and the introduction to a new platform all of a sudden has affected the teachers as well. This is the reason why Amazon has introduced discounts for teachers and students.

Amazon wants to help the teachers in shaping the next generation. After signing up for a free account in Amazon Business for education that includes business-only pricing incentives and flexible payment options to expand your budget even more. Prime members have faster delivery services. This membership also helps in getting free e-books. With the Kindle, they can also hear it with the help of an audiobook. The amazon e-book for education program helps in the immediate access to educational study materials for students. AWS or Amazon Web Service Educate is a worldwide initiative to give schools access to cloud-based services. 

Amazon offers discounts for students also. Amazon offers students discounts also for them to afford prime membership. Amazon Education Publishing is a platform that helps in publishing for those teachers who want to publish their learning materials. This platform helps to publish or sell things like e-books, books, audiobooks, etc to the students directly. Amazon also has a free trial for thirty days which helps us to familiarise ourselves with their prime account facilities.

Amazon Inspire is a platform for teachers where they could meet each other and share their resources and ideas. It also helps them to connect with thousands of other teachers. Amazon Business for Education to set an ideal administrative account to track the educational purchases for the school.


Amazon services are beneficial for both students and teachers. Amazon helps a lot in shaping the future and the next generation. Other than Prime membership the initiatives like Amazon Business for Education, Amazon Inspire, Education Publishing, AWS program, etc are helpful for teachers. It helps them to not only expand their budget plans but also helps them to share their knowledge and connect with other teachers. In this lockdown time, the initiatives put forward by Amazon are truly commendable. The discounts given to both teachers and students are helpful to them.  

Amazon Teacher Discount

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